Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | RBD Stillwaters | 4 BHK Villa Interiors

Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | RBD Stillwaters | 4 BHK Villa Interiors

Hi Jessie, Hi Dennis! The whole house looks great once it’s done. So how does it feel like living in a Furdo
designed home? Oh we didn’t expect this house to turn out
this good. It looks brilliant. It’s two people living here or six people
living here. So you’ve to cater to both the requirements. I think it was a very different requirement
for us to start with. Do you remember the design conversation that
we initially had? Yeah, I think we just wanted to have pen,
uncluttered spaces and lot of open conversation spaces also throughout the house. It’s a three storied house right, and a
lot of conversation spaces throughout the house that had different requirements. Every floor has a different requirement here. Yes it is. The design is impeccable. You know, our wavelengths matched impeccably. So whatever we’ve actually dreamed for us
as our first home as been captured here. They were game to experiment. e intact did an onyx bar able for them. Like you know, backlit, it was fun. And the kitchen part ere we turned it a little
bit and broke it a little bit. It was a fun design process. Santhsosh, how does it feel to finally see
3D to actual? Yes it took a lot of agencies to come together. Even clients were a part of the process of
implementation , it was really fun actually. One thing i personally liked implementing
were the lights. Firstly, complementing the great taste of
design and implementing that, putting it in the right place. I think our star was the 3 day job e did in
the staircase. Light which comes down spiraling down all
3 storeys. That was really fun to do. You get to see what you spent on. Ultimately that’s what matters right. I think I love the way everything has turned
out. So Dennis you are saying that this is your
first home. When speak of the home you envisioned and
the home you’re living in right now, what do you have to say about that. We went o umpteen number of of designers before
that and nobody could capture that essence of what we wanted. But then you guys have actually done it and
you’ve done an excellent job at it. I think the 3D helped It’s actually the
same as what you showed. Talking about the open spaces, like the fact
ow we designed he living room completely open. Broke open the general division between the
kitchen or the dining. Visually made this space much larger than
it is. Similarly on the top floor, we’re thinking
how to maximise that space and we also converted that into a walk-in wardrobe, that’s turned
out really nice. Now your master bedroom is really large and
nice. Talking about every room which part of the
house is your favorite Dennis? For me it’s essentially the TV room. that clubbed with the recliner, is a lounge
space. When my wife is not around I can laze around
there. And anyone who walks into the house cannot
miss the Chelsea flag hanging in the first floor living room. I mean it was our first, our own space at
I got. So you want your dear things to reflect it. We got the flag done and e wall to match the
flag. All-in-all it feels like home. What is your favorite part of the house Jessie? The walk-in wardrobe and the kitchen I think
the kitchen is done really really well. I think even the ,aster bedroom is very innovative. The room in front though it’s small room
it looks different the way it is designed. I think we used a lot of whites because didn’t
want the room to look smaller. On the whole really, really good job done
guys, both of you. You’ve been in this space for 60 days now. You guys have delivered it. A lot of people are coming up with their dream
homes or first homes. Good job done. No risk in recommending.

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  2. hi, lovely interiors. For budget purposes, how much would similar theme of interiors cost for a villa of 3,592 sqft independent villa with 4 bedrooms (2 floors). The villa is located in Bangalore. You may email me details on [email protected] Mani

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