Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN: Salarpuria Senorita | 3BHK | Bangalore

Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN: Salarpuria Senorita | 3BHK | Bangalore

How is it ma’am to live in this Furdo designed
house? When we bought our home and the interior design
started, it went on for awhile and things were happening. Once it was completed, it’s totally amazing. I would like to thank Sathya first because
she only did all the designing. Helping us, saying take this ma’am, choose
this one, this will help us a lot to get this type of outcome. We are very happy with it. Ok thank you ma’am. How was it Vivek, for you? I can say it was a long journey which we came
through right, and it is really good. Because I feel the outcome is really good,
no doubt about that. Whatever hiccups we had earlier, but yeah
the outcome is very good. So the design phase was all fine? Yeah it was all fine only. How we talked about it and how we came up
with each and everything in the design part, it is really good. I think that’s the crucial part. People would come here and monitor it all
the time. We need not come here from office. They only used to do. That was very helpful for us. The way I enter into my house, from starting
till end, I like my house. No doubt about it. Each and everything, like the way it starts
and comes to the living area, how we designed all these stencils and all these things, the
colors that we chose, which is complementing the neutral tone, it’s
really good, no doubt about that. And coming to the TV panel, lot of things
we talked about it right, like how it will be, lot of iterations we came across right,
but the outcome was very good. So how’s the pooja unit? do you like it? It is very spacious, though it looks compact,
it is very spacious and we can put things wherever we want, it can be kept accordingly. So regarding the stencils, that are there
near the shoe rack and the living area, so it was like we just started with the bamboo
stencil right, so how do you like that? It is good, no doubt about that. It is, we found iit different. When we entered the house during the site
visit, initial site visit, we found there were no windows. At that time itself we discussed that if we
put a window here, that will reflect the light wherever it is, it will reflect the light and make the room
look even more spacious, light, well lit and all that. So that’s the reason closer to it we had
a pendant light and we had this mirror to highlight the space We randomly told you guys that ok, this is
what we wanted. But we didn’t know how the things would
come out right, But initial design and all, you guys came
up with a really nice thought about it, I think the design part and all it’s really
good and more on that, why I actually wanted to go for Furdo basically, is the quality
which you guys deliver. That is a good thing. The quality matters a lot because, that is
why it will last long, quality and the service delivered. The discussion that we had today, even I,
the minute I entered the house loved the furniture and the curtains, I love how it looked overall,
and the lighting, the false ceiling, everything compliments each other and I love the home. Thanks a lot, thank you.

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  2. Hi , i am interested in getting the interiors done of my newly purchased 3bhk flat 1600sqft dimension. Can you give me the total cost of it.

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