Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | SJR Pavilion | 3BHK

Interior Design in Bangalore: FURDO DESIGN | SJR Pavilion | 3BHK

How do you feel living in this Furdo designed
home? It’s awesome I love it. This is what I wanted and I got it. It’s nice that they asked me how much we
want, what are the things you want, what are the things you want incorporated, what are
the old stuff which you are carrying from your old home, what you have in the new home,
all these stuff had to be integrated. So based on that they had given me 2 – 3 designs. During the site visit itself you told me that
wanted a wall where you can display your Tanjore paintings. Yes, yes. I love paintings and all that so we had to
come up with the theme wall to display those Tanjore paintings. So they decided to put this wall which is
the centre. My husband wanted a very bright kitchen and
I wanted a very neutral one. We got some equilibrium over there. I got the neutrals on the top and he got the
bright color at the bottom. Master bedroom is quite interesting actually. The flooring is brown, the bed is brown, and
there’s a sit-out window where you can sit and read a book or something. Already half of it is brown so we had maintain
it so I wanted a neutral shade along with the bookshelf and TV unit s that’s come
out really lovely. The kids room, I wanted everything to be completely
functional. It’s not just the aesthetics. I didn’t choose any wardrobes because the
sliders were above and all the toys and bookshelf were at the bottom and they have easy access
to it. And we have a ball rack. The pooja – the whole house is a different
thing but the pooja is extremely connected to my family. They don’t mind me changing anything else
but the pooja had to be extremely, totally beautiful. The execution team – I didn’t have to follow
up much everything was done beautifully by the execution team. Ramya, I really loved working with you with
all the inputs that you had shared I could clearly make it out. And I really love the house. It’s been a beautiful journey with Furdo
and I wouldn’t mind recommending it to anyone else. Thank you so much Ramya. Thank you.

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