Interior Design Influencers

Interior Design Influencers

– Have you ever wondered
how other designers establish themselves? Or where this industry is even headed? At Interior Design Influencers, we’re investigating those same things. We conduct interviews and
share industry insight to help influencers expand
their impact and their income. I’m Michelle, and welcome to
our community of influencers. My first experience
with industry disruption was in the late ’90s at
a Fortune 10 company. At that time, we were marketing
a revolutionary concept, trying to convince businesses
to explore e-business and online buying. From marketing strategy
at top tech companies to leading visions for grass
roots community projects, I’ve experienced the power
of online marketplace. I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it, and I’m watching it transform
the interior design industry. The industry’s getting hit from all sides, from smart tools, virtual design software, and assistive apps, to the bright future of 3D accessory printing. It’s a fast paced world. Even Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are all driving buying behavior. So join us as we explore
design industry insights and help you expand your
influence and income. Subscribe, and check
out one of our videos.

24 thoughts on “Interior Design Influencers

  1. What a great concept! I know with your extraordinary skillsets, you are the perfect person to implement this to exceptional success.

  2. This is an amazing and helpful idea! Thankful for Interior Design Influencers for taking the plunge and doing the work for us. Excited to dive into their other videos!

  3. What a great concept! With all of the changes and interest we are currently seeing in the industry of ID, this seems both needed and helpful. Would love to learn more!

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