Interior Design | Living Room Makeover and More Home Decor Ideas

Interior Design | Living Room Makeover and More Home Decor Ideas

It was my favorite day, decorating day,
and I’ve got all the details to show you. Stay tuned. So real quick, before I jump into this
design project, I wanted to say the purpose of these videos is to help you
find some really good ideas that you can implement in your own home. We all have
different lifestyles, different budgets, even different design styles. My passion
is to help you create a home you love. Alright let’s jump into this fun
decorating day. We started with decorating the foyer. We
brought in a console and I could use an open console because we weren’t going to
put a lamp on top and didn’t have to worry about cords showing. Next, we hung
some of my very favorite botanical prints and then we accessorized the top
of the console. A little bit of greenery, a tray with some trinkets, and three
candlesticks was all that was needed on top of this console. Next, we focused on
the eat-in kitchen. We really needed to add warmth and softness to the space.
So, I call it softening the hard lines and how you do that is with fabric,
lighting, and accessories. Take a look at the difference. Now this is a tight space so I had to
find a console that was really narrow but could still have a lamp placed on
top. For the other accessories, I made a floral and added photo frames.
The centerpiece was easy. A white bowl, some faux pears, and the placemat stack
underneath. These relaxed Romans completed the look beautifully. Next, we moved on to the living room. She
had two beautiful sofas facing each other in front of the fireplace but as
you can see the room needed again some softening and warmth. As you walk through
the foyer the first thing you see is this big large wall so I thought what we
needed was a very large piece to accommodate that wall and my client
found just the perfect piece. Take a look. We had draperies made and hung high
above the window. I’m telling you, draperies can make the
biggest difference in any room. Because we have an open concept, we chose
the same fabric that we used in the eat-in kitchen. I changed out her pillows
with some beautiful ones I found at Home Goods. I placed a console table behind
the sofa. This allows for a place to have a lamp, some accessories, and also for a
place for your guests to put their drinks. I really like the look of a
console behind a sofa. Whether it’s up against a window or a wall. Here is a
really easy floral arrangement. I just found a beautiful white pitcher, the
container makes all the difference, and then I just added some lambs ear and
some little white flowers. Here is one of my favorite things of the entire living
room and that is these two gorgeous chairs. I adore the fabric on these
chairs. They are timeless, they go with the entire design, and another fabulous
feature about these chairs- they look beautiful from the front as well as the
back. We do sell these chairs in our store and I will put a link below. I
placed a small table between the chairs with a mirrored top and then simple
greenery and a stack of books. There wasn’t a lot of room on the mantel for
decor but I found these perfect cast iron candlesticks. I placed a round rattan basket full of
beautiful throws not only was visually appealing but it kind of grounds the
couch. Space may be able to accommodate a small coffee table and even a rug. We
opted to do that at a later date because she has two small children. For this
console, I only changed a few things. I added a pretty picture that we hung on
the wall and a beautiful floral. Sometimes just the little things can
make a big difference. In her kitchen, we just did a little bit
of accessorizing. A new crock for her utensils. A round cutting board is the
perfect way to create a vignette. We replaced the smaller wreath with a larger
one and secured it with a command hook. A sweet sign that fit the space perfectly
was hung above her pantry door. Next, let’s take a peek into her dining room.
The biggest change were these drapes. They have such a beautiful, happy, floral
pattern. We hung a sign above her wainscoting as
well. I want to say thank you to my client for letting me share this video
with you. She is the sweetest thing on the planet and her two children, twins,
are the most precious things ever. Thank you guys for watching, be sure to
subscribe to my channel because you know I’m gonna have more videos coming out

94 thoughts on “Interior Design | Living Room Makeover and More Home Decor Ideas

  1. Jennifer I absolutely love how you show your followers the process of how you get to point a (the before) and transition into point b (the after) the…..the homeowner must be β€œover the moon” happy with the amazing job you did…..simply beautiful ❀️ Patty sending you blessings from Colorado πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™

  2. Fantastic video! You decorated her home beautifully. Susan from Susan’s Cozy Condo Life mentioned you on her last video. Well friend thanks for sharing and tell the Client thanks too. Your fur baby dreaming.🀣 have a blessed evening.

  3. Everything turned out beautiful. Can you tell me where the fabric for both the dining room and living room drapes came from? Thanks.

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    Another beautiful project well done Jennifer!

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  11. Jennifer, beautiful home and thanks for the "tour". Quick question, I will be moving to a condo soon, with high ceilings and crown molding. To hang the draperies like you did above the height of the windows, how do I measure? How many inches above the window or how many inches from the ceiling or molding? I think the ceilings will be approx 9 feet. Thanks if you can reply and have a blessed day.

  12. Beautifully decorated. Love how you added simple touches that made a great impact. (and always love the bloopers at the end!) Tfs!

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  17. Finally, something that's done mainly in b/w! I've used that in my home & I just love it. Have pops of color here & there(like pillows & other accessories) & it's so cozy. Sort of a French country, but not farm house. That lg black piece behind the sofa is perfect & just beautiful. Wish mine was that large! πŸ˜‰ Thxs for sharing

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  21. Beautiful! I have tables with tall lamps at either end of my couch. The couch is against a wall with a large painting above. Would you recommend a console table behind it or no? It would have to be skinny and the items on top would have to be short.

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  25. Hi Jennifer
    You have pretty home and decorated very well. I think you should add some rugs also like cowhides or sheepskins.

    We would like to offer our products for your home decor.

    Please Contact us if you are interested
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