Interior Design Q&A-No.1 – Celebrating our subscribers!

Interior Design Q&A-No.1 – Celebrating our subscribers!

hello hey everyone it’s me Olga Gomes aka
designchickee. I started this little design channel just over a year ago and
I can’t believe so many of you have joined me by subscribing to this channel,
hitting that like button and sharing my tips with your friends. And here we are
at a hundred plus subscribers. A few weeks ago I asked you to send me your
design questions for this very video and you came through. So let’s get to your
design dilemmas. Our first question comes from Stacy through YouTube: hey designchickee, my question is how high should I mount wall sconces on either side of my
mirror for my bathroom vanity. There are so many standard measurements, sizes and
heights that interior designers refer to when they’re designing a space. In this
case wall sconces for a bathroom vanity usually lie between 65 and 70 inches
measured from the finished floor. This is based on a typical person’s eye level
and lighting up their faces is rather important in a bathroom. As a designer, I
don’t want to say we complicate things but I also take into account other
factors like the size and shape of the mirror and the actual size and style of
wall sconce as well. For instance some sconces are very long so I prefer to
have this type of sconce sit somewhere close to the middle of the mirror like
this and the mirror needs to be a certain
length for this sconce too. Take into consideration the placement of the shade
in relation to the mirror. In this photo the sconces are definitely too high. They
look top-heavy and they certainly wouldn’t highlight the faces of the
people using this bathroom. Here are a few more examples of sconces that are
either too high or the mirrors are too short. So there you go… I hope that helps
Stacy. Next up we have a question from Colleen from Facebook: I live in a
suburban bungalow which is now 7 years old. My problem is the very “contractor
like” gas fireplace surround. I would love to hear any suggestions you
might have to make it more unique. Sometimes when you buy a home from a
builder they’ll include some great features but they’re usually pared down
and pretty basic. Many times gas fireplaces are left unadorned completely. This is actually a good thing because you can apply your own design taste and
style. I didn’t get a photo of Colleen’s fireplace but here’s an example of what
it might look like. In some cases the fireplace protrudes into the room. An
easy way to add interest is by adding a wood mantel. It can be painted or stained
either would be lovely and I love having furniture or built-ins on either side of
the fireplace. Another great opportunity for this kind of fireplace setup is to
add a mantel as well as an over mantel. With the addition of a wood mantel some
trim above the mantel, stone around the gas insert and paint, you can make that
discreet fireplace into a real focal point. If you have a fireplace that does
not protrude into the room then adding a mantel is still a great option. Here’s an
example of a more modern type of mantel. I love the small subway tile as a
fireplace surround. Overall this mantel is a very strong modern style. Our next
question is a color question and it comes from Jane a Facebook follower:
I want to change up my bedroom and would like to know what are the best colors to
use in a bedroom. I’m starting fresh so let me have it. I love that! OK Jane, the
most important thing about bedrooms is that it should promote healthy deep
sleep. There’s been lots of research in this area and most agree that colors
that promote a calm environment is best to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
Blue colors are the best for this. If you’re a follower of Feng Shui, light
pastels and neutral earth tones are best too. So here are some of my favorite
colors for bedrooms. Get ready to pause this video and take
note! Okay next up is at Lizzy Bell on Twitter. I’m redecorating my master
bedroom and have fallen in love, that part is in caps, with a fabric but I’m not sure
where to use it plus my husband is wary of a floral pattern. Is this even a
bedroom friendly fabric? Any suggestions? Here’s the fabric she’s loving and look
it’s got blue in it! Well I think this is a beautiful fabric and a great starting
point for redecorating your bedroom and I love the idea of having a floral
headboard. Yes, an upholstered floral headboard is elegant and inviting.
Picture this… I love the geometric wallpaper in behind
to balance the flowers and this night stand, lamp and the artwork just add to
the perfect level of sophistication for this room. If hubby is still not keen on
this look try this instead. I would take a strong blue color from the fabric and
use that as the headboard and then incorporate this fabric into pillow
shams for the bed. A little floral goes a long way when it’s paired with a bold
solid color. This is definitely more of a modern look. Okay we’ve got one more
question. This one came through our YouTube family!
Audrey sent us a photo – she writes: we just recently moved into our house and
although I was initially thrilled that the window treatments were left behind, this room, our living room, seems off. Some guests have said the drapes are too
skimpy. Others say they’re too low insisting that they should start at the
ceiling. Just wondering if you’ve got any suggestions for my row of French doors?
Well this is a beautiful room but if you said they are too low
I agree! When you have an 8 foot ceiling, I like drapery to start a few inches
away from the ceiling. In this case your ceiling looks to be higher than that so
taking the drapes all the way to the ceiling would leave too much of a gap
between the rod and the top of the French doors. So I would raise the rods
about 6 or 8 inches above the door trim to give the doors a little more
room to breathe. You may even be able to reuse these drapes by adding a full band
along the bottom to make up that additional length in the drapes. So there you
have it! Our very first interior design Q & A video. Tell us what you think of
the format and if you want us to do more of these videos where we take your real
life design problems and turn them into design possibilities. I’ve said this
before, I never thought I’d have 10 subscribers let alone 100 so I just
wanted to thank all of you for following me and for sharing my videos and
encouraging me to do more. I love design and I love sharing that love with you so
if you like this video please give it a thumbs up or leave us a comment in the
section below. You can reach us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for
subscribing and for tuning in every week! See you soon.

11 thoughts on “Interior Design Q&A-No.1 – Celebrating our subscribers!

  1. I love your video and the format. The music is a bit distracting but the advice is gold! I've just subscribed… Thanks.

  2. My goodness. The quality of your videos is absolutely superb! So so so glad I found you 😍 if you have a FB group where you can weigh in on ppl's design dilemmas and or have everyone help each other out, that would be amazing. I know a few youtubers who have started design groups (but they aren't active in them at all which really sucks and almost defeats the purpose). I know you're probably extremely busy but this could be worth doing or considering

    I'd be willing to be a moderator if necessary

  3. Hey Olga, what a great channel you have made of this. I am myself a fan of interior design and have taken a couple of courses, they call it styling here in the Netherlands. My house looks small compared to american standards and my issue has always been how to incorporate living and dining together in an L shaped great room. Accent walls are quite difficult to choose as they might not even be visible from all angles, so how can I play with shades of color on walls or ceiling in order to make it all look coherent and more spacious? I’d love to get your feedback. Thanks and again congratulations on your excellent work!

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