Interior Design| Shabby Chic/Master Bedroom Tour

Hey guys it’s Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates and today is decorating day. I have one of my assistants with me
guys this is Kayla she is so excited to decorate today- probably more than I am
because this client style is very French Country Cottage we are going to do a
bedroom makeover and a few other things so stay tuned. If I had to describe the style of this
client, I would say she was French country with a little mix of shabby chic.
Very soft palate, beautiful colors, newly built home- so we kind of had a pretty
blank palette. Now the biggest design area we focused on first was her master
bedroom and I’m gonna save that for last because we absolutely loved it. The other
areas we focused on or her entryway, a few things in her living room, and then
just a few little things in her master bathroom. Okay quick preview- look at this
absolutely beautiful set of front doors! I’m loving it!
It is so hot. It is so humid- best I’m gonna look all day. I’m gonna be a hot
mess in a couple hours but we are completely excited to do this job! The first thing we decorated when we got
there was her entryway. She had a wall when you first walk in it was to the
right and most entryways have this it’s a great spot to either put a console or
a closed cabinet. She had the room to put a closed cabinet. I found one that was
kind of a chippy white. It went with the shabby chic look. It was a little bit
taller and it was closed which is great for storage. Then I put a mirror on top
and a beautiful lamp and then one of my custom florals. So the next area in the entryway that I
focused on was the huge stairwell landing area. Just a huge wall and that’s
kind of a difficult area to decide how do you want to decorate that. You could
do a collage of family pictures but because her palette was so neutral I
chose these black-and-white prints that kind of looked like charcoal sketches.
They were 38 by 38 very large and I had them hung one on top of the other.
It really filled in that area and I thought it turned out wonderful. So the next area was in her eat-in
kitchen. Already beautiful didn’t really need a lot. I just added a table runner
and then another custom floral that I made. It is kind of in a very long black dough bowl with a bunch of hydrangeas. I made a quick and easy video on how you can
duplicate this floral. I like adding table runners on tables because it seems
to break up the wood from what the decor is you place on top. And really just kind
of softens the look. The next thing we worked on was we put a sweet little valance in her guest bathroom. I’m going to show you a
close-up of that. It was such a beautiful embroidered fabric. In her
master bathroom we just put a white linen valance above her tub and just
hung two little sweet pictures and that’s all we did in there. In the living room we really didn’t do a
lot. We put some wall decor up we added an end table with a lamp. Then we did a
few accessories on the bookshelves this client has two children under the age of
three so we did not need to complicate the issue in the living room. I love
decorating with mirrors I’m pretty particular about where I’m going to
place them because I always want them to reflect something beautiful. Sometimes
you can put a mirror above a mantel but if you only have a ceiling fan I don’t
really think that’s a beautiful reflection to see all the time.
I’d like to either use one large mirror or I like to choose three mirrors to
hang together and particularly three mirrors that have some character. These
are wood mirrors with an arch at the top and so what we did when we hung them the
middle mirror is hung a little bit higher than the other two and it creates an
arch in and of itself. Okay now for my very favorite part of
this design is her master bedroom. I’m gonna show you a before and after and
then I’m gonna chat about what I did in this room. For the design of this master bedroom,
it was neutral colors but it was more about texture that was about color. For
the master bed all of the linens were kept in neutral colors.
I loved the ruffle on the duvet, the ruffle on the shams, and the mohair
pillow in front again added a lot more texture to a whole bed. I think besides
the bed my other favorite part of this room was
the drapery panels. They were a lovely toile and as I was
thinking through the design of this room I thought I do not want a large drapery
rod going all the way across the top of the window. I felt like it would take
away from the look. What I did was, I ordered some gold drapery tie backs and
I did a paint finish on them, made them look distressed. I have made a video on
how we did this. It will be in the description below. But, not having that
rod all the way across and I felt like those drapery tie backs once they were
finished really had a unique shabby chic look and really just played off the
whole look in the room. Well I really hope you enjoyed this
video and that you found some inspiration that you can apply in your
own home. I usually get a lot of questions from you guys about the drapes
or the bedding. If there’s something you see in this video that maybe you would
like to purchase or maybe you need some drapes in a specific size for your room-
I’m going to leave my email in the description and you can just email me
directly and I’d be more than happy to help you. Be sure to subscribe to my
channel, because we’re gonna, have more videos out later and be sure you hit
that Bell because when you hit that Bell and let you know when I have a new video
out. Have a great day hey guys it’s Jennifer with Jennifer decorates and
today is decorating today

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