Interior Design Show 2019 Trends & Recap!

Hey everyone I’m here at the Interior
Design Show and it’s a huge show this year that the Metro Toronto Convention
Center and there’s quite a bit of new product here like new pieces of
furniture as well as materials and new concepts. Design concepts especially.
They’re not necessarily in production but they’re just trying to push the
boundaries of design and trying to stretch the idea and your imagination. So
those are the most fun booths to enter into. Lots of great design concepts that kind
of need to be explored in greater detail. As for the show itself it seems very
moody in here not just the lighting but just generally the design direction
seems to be dark and moody and very luxurious in terms of finishes like a
lot of brass and gold but even the colors are dark and moody and very luxe! And then there’s the opposite which is
sort of a very Nordic and Scandinavian type of look where things are really
streamlined and modern and clean. So I think I’ve walked the floor at
least three or four times now. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things. It’s another
year at the Interior Design Show. I’m actually going to be here all day
tomorrow providing free design consultation and
I’ll be at the ARIDO booth which is the association that I belong to so I’m
looking forward to the consultations tomorrow but otherwise this show is done! you

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