Interior Design Showcase 2017 | Lloyd Phillips | University of South Wales

I’ve designed a hostel. At the moment there
is nothing in the building at all. The building in Cardiff bay, Cory’s Building, is a 6 story
building – quite large! It used to be a ship broker, coal exchange building. My design
is to turn it into a hostel because there aren’t many hotels or places to stay in Cardiff
Bay. There is an increasing number of people visiting Cardiff Bay every year so i thought,
why not build a hostel? First of all I had to find the PDF plans on the council website,
then I had to draw over the PDF plans to create the CAD plans and from there I started to
design my concept and proposal. Then I had to create a 3D model, either on 3dx max – a
virtual tour, or a physical one using the laser cutter. I want to go into a design role.
I did a year out in industry, with a visualising company ‘Do Digital Realities’. Even though
it wasn’t design based, I still got to see a lot of the design process because that’s
the work that came in and then I designed them on 3dx max, it was really good. The year
out helped me a lot! I’ve had a good year, that’s it! It’s been stressful though!

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