Interior Design Templates? | Designing YOUR Airbnb Properties at Scale. | Hotels Vs Airbnb

Interior Design Templates? | Designing YOUR Airbnb Properties at Scale. | Hotels Vs Airbnb

welcome back Airbnb family so we’ve
been talking a lot about interior design and we’ve been talking a lot about
setting up multiple properties on this channel we’ve covered a bunch. And
there’s one question that a lot of you have asked over and over again which is
is it better to do what I do, and set up as many units as possible that look
identical, should I buy generic furniture to save money, or should I try to go for
these unique spaces or theme them right my answer to you is actually both. You
should do both but you should do them within reason so the point of the moral
the story here that I want to give you is it’s about novelty you want your
listings to be different than anyone elses so for example if you’ve got a
bunch of people who have made their listings look extremely feminine or
extremely masculine or very much corporate a lot of squares or whatever
you want to make sure that your listings look different because you want to get
more clicks on your listing and the clicks is what leads to SEO and you’re
gonna perform well also when you’re unique you’ll get more
people that book you because you just kind of pop out of the crowd but on the
other side of that coin is if every single listing that you make is like
drastically different then if you ever have to move a person you’re gonna have
to convince them to like the look of your new space one and it is more
expensive to buy stuff to make sure absolutely everything looks unique right
you can’t buy to the same couch you can’t buy to the same pieces of artwork
so how do you blend both together how do you make them both work well you come up
with a unique idea for your space for example let’s look at my Richardson
properties that I just set up in North East Dallas and I themed the bedrooms
and as you can see in the photos I’m about to give you here that we’re using
Mediterranean style fishing nets and these white mosquito nets that come down
the top of the king beds and the browns in the blues by using this I’ve created
a look for this one bedroom that is unique compared to anybody else’s
bedroom it’s not a generic bedroom but all five units look the same so if I
ever need to move somebody from one to the other they look the same in the
bedroom so I don’t really have to convince somebody to move on there the
living rooms are almost identical as well but the space itself also looks
unique in Dallas though at other properties I
don’t have that same look right so at this one building I need to move
somebody I can do it at this one building but if you go to another one of
my properties and Trinity groves or the Medical Center those all have their own
unique look too so I’ll do four or five apartments that all look the same
because on a micro-level I can shuffle people around like a hotel
but I want every property to kind of have its own look because if somebody’s
looking at all of Dallas I don’t want somebody looking at the Medical Center
seeing my stuff and looking in Richardson and seeing the same stuff and
becoming uninterested I want as many clicks as I possibly can but I also want
to manage the duplication of my listings right the tip for you here is you can
lower your costs by buying a lot of the same stuff if you set up multiple units
like me and you can buy the same couches generally and get away with it you can
buy the same name pieces that are hardest to find and get away with it and
then when you do a new property kind of come up with a new thing and the bonus
of theming here is that you can actually complete a space for a little bit less
money than normal because the mediterranean-style fishing that I
showed you or the mosquito net for the bedroom this headboard they are
inexpensive but everything comes together in a way that looks good or
looks congruent and that’s how we come in at budget if you buy separate pieces
and try to make it look good without actually having an idea of your design
you’ll buy things that look good individually and those are expensive
right so your total budget to come into this one property is going to be too
much and then try to theme everything like that exact one unit and buy four or
five of all those everything is now suddenly inflated four or five x over
budget makes sense so look at the kits that I have for the bedroom and the
living room and you’ll see that a lot of the stuff that I’m looking at is not
expensive I don’t recommend you duplicate a mine per se but you can
definitely take the moral of the story here and start to come up with your own
themes I would recommend choosing one or two solid colors that you kind of stick
with for the bedroom or for the living room and you can create more continuity
by using similar colors and that’s where I would start
then go with the big pieces try to find the harder to find stuff that is going
to be more expensive because it’s a couch find stuff like that and then
Center your design designer those right and then from there just
trickle it on down because artwork and those embellishments
shouldn’t be too expensive but really pop and make his face so I hope this
helps thank you for watching air B&B automated
and I’ll see you on the other side

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  1. I'm sorry but the netting makes me think you might have a problem with mosquitos or bugs and might make me "pass" on your property

  2. Hi I ma an Airbnb host, first of all thanks a lot for sharing so much of information. I had a question ,is the interior supposed to be done by host or owner of the house ?

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