Interior Design Tips: 3 things you need to style your coffee table

Interior Design Tips: 3 things you need to style your coffee table

I love styling coffee tables and
bookshelves and fireplace mantles. I find myself arranging interesting objects
throughout my home constantly, playing with scale, texture, and color. I love it
and my clients always ask me to rearrange their shelves when I come over
which I love too. There’s lots of rules of thumb for this sort of thing and
there’s always the main elements of design to consider (scale, color, texture,
etc.) but I usually tell my clients you only need three things to get started. Something boxy! And by boxy i mean
square, flat and stackable. This is why coffee table books were invented! You’ll
need at least two but not more than five and stack them so that the largest is on
the bottom. If you’re not a book person, boxes are perfect so keep them similar
in color and style and then just stack them. Next up you’ll need something round.
It could be a beautiful bowl, a great round clear vase, a round tray or a big
round floral arrangement. The idea is to mix in something that is opposite to
boxy and square. It creates what we designers call balance. And finally
you’ll need something tall. An orchid is a beautiful tall feature on a coffee
table or cut flowers in a narrow tall vase. It could be a tall vase on its own
or a tall sculptural piece. Basically you need to add some visual height to your
coffee table landscape. And keep this item to one singular piece. You want one
tower not a cityscape of towers. And that’s it. That’s how simple it can be! As
you arrange your coffee table landscape make sure to move around the table and
look at it from various angles. Of course it can be much more involved and
complicated but this is a great starting point. As you get more comfortable with
these three things you can add the next thing that I always try to include:
something quirk! You’ll see it in some of the examples I’ve shown you. It’s
usually small and perhaps a little odd or out of place. It’s something your
guests will want the story behind. So here’s your take away: start with
three things – boxy, round, and tall. Arrange them as you move around your coffee
table. Then add a special quirk! Your coffee table will be so happy over all
the attention! Thanks for watching this little design tip. We’ll have lots more
design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe! And if
you like this video please give it a thumbs up. See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: 3 things you need to style your coffee table

  1. I enjoyed your tutorial and learned a lot. However, with a tall item, guests cannot view the tv or other guests. Shouldn't there be a limit to the height items?

  2. I love this…so much information in a short video… apart from adding 3 type…do we need to repeat the pattern like 1 tall ,1 round, 2 or3 boxy, instead of one boxy

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