Interior Design Tips: Area Rugs for your Entryway

Interior Design Tips: Area Rugs for your Entryway

Today I’m talking about rug sizes for
your entryway! I have several videos on this channel
that relate to rugs and rug sizing and one of the key spaces in your home where
rugs are super important is the entryway or the foyer or the foyer so let’s
tackle this sometimes tricky room area rugs can really affect the way the room
looks and feels aside from adding comfort texture color and pattern an
area rug in an entryway can also be super practical as we transition from
outside to inside in a standard entryway like this one where the door is on one
wall with room to one side for a console or a bench I would try to match the
shape of the rug to the shape of the room as much as possible and Center the
rug in the middle of the room if your room is more square and find a rug that
is square or close to square even a circular rug is a good shape for this
shape of room the key here is the rug should fill the space as much as
possible without feeling crowded if you have furniture in the foyer to one side
of the room keep the furniture off the rug while still keeping the rug in the
center of the room if you’ve watched my previous rug videos there’s an
all-important rule for living room rugs at the very least furniture legs should
be on the rug but in this case that rule does not apply so look for a rug that
allows approximately 18 inches of wall space all the way around that gives you
enough room for a console or a bench on the one side to clear the furniture the
rugs should be centered that’s the key to the look if your FOIA is quite small then you can
break the rule and have a rug where the console or bench can sit on top but do
make sure to always Center the rug in the room so that it acts as the
foundation for the whole room if your entry hall is very much like a hallway
or literally opens into a long narrow hallway then in most cases you’ll want a
long runner most standard runners are approximately thirty inches wide and
range between six and eight feet look for a runner that extends almost as long
as your hallway also if you have a console or hallway table to one side
Center the middle of the rug on that console table first and then make sure
that the space on either side of the runner is equal again always Center the
rug on the floor if you have a grand entrance where you may have room for a
center hall table in the middle of the room like this then you’ll want to find
an area rug that can sit comfortably in the space and will allow for guests to
travel across the foyer and around the table without ever leaving the area rug
if you have a grand spiral staircase I love the idea of using a round area rug
to follow the curve of the stairs if you have a large square or rectangular for
you find an area rug that sits comfortably in the middle with equal
floor space all around a good rule of thumb in this case is at least eighteen
to twenty-four inches all around but this really depends on the overall size
of your entry and here’s one more tip before you buy your rug measure the
space you have after you’ve purchased and placed your furniture in the
entryway this will help you avoid having a rug that hits the furniture legs and
will fit the open floor space so here’s your takeaway area rugs define your
space and hint at the style of your home inside but a rug in your entryway or
FOIA is therefore the most practical of reasons as well it’s a transition from
outside to inside and should be positioned in the center of the room and
placed so that you comfortably walk from the door through to the interior of your
home with ease having a rug mirror the shape of your room will create a
foundation for this space and keeping some floor space all around the rug
is a great way to match the proper rug size to your room size thanks for
watching this little design tip we’ll have lots more design tips just like
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8 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Area Rugs for your Entryway

  1. Thanks so much for breaking this all down. What would you suggest if you have a door that leads to the garage and a front door about 6 feet apart. It’s kind of a triangular shape because both walk ways lead to the living room. I’m having such a hard time figuring out which rugs to purchase. Should I purchase one for each door? One runner and one mat? I hope I am explaining this correctly lol. Thanks again for the great videos!

  2. I'll probably be in a small studio or 1-bedroom apartment next, so I can dream about having a grand entryway…

  3. The rugs showed in the pictures dont start in front of the door. What do you do about snowy, slushy boots when coming into the house. I need a rug to protect the hardwood floors when getting into the house. The pictures are all beautiful, but would people really walk with dirty boots on those? Thank you for any tips!

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