Interior Design Tips: Baby Room Do’s & Don’ts!

Today’s topic is all about do’s and
don’ts for baby room decor! One of the most relaxing places in your home should
be your baby’s nursery especially if you’re expecting a baby. Duh! I mean if
you’re not expecting then focus on your bedroom that should be very relaxing but
otherwise your baby’s first room should be relaxing and comfortable and most
importantly happy you’ll be spending lots of precious time in there so you
want it to be rather special so here is a list of do’s and don’ts for decorating
your baby’s nursery safety first no matter how you want your baby’s room to
look and feel you must take into consideration your baby’s safety first
and foremost so the number one thing you need to do
is research then baby proof I’ve linked to a great website below called make
safe happen where the focus is on children’s safety and they’ve got great
safety checklists for all the rooms in your home they even have an app so do
make sure to learn all about the best ways to keep your baby safe at home this
is much more important than the style of your baby’s room storage is a key part
of any successful room decor and a baby’s nursery is no exception
don’t underestimate how much storage you’ll need for the little one it’s not
just their tiny cute wardrobe you’ll need lots of other things like baby
toiletries baby toys and gear a hamper linens diapers extra linens extra
diapers you get the picture make sure you have everything you need at arm’s
reach especially when it comes to changing your baby focus on investing in
baby furniture that will grow as they grow there are many types of baby cribs
that will convert to bigger beds or into larger playpens as they get older
consider the style and color of the bed in your overall color scheme as the bed
is such a key focus area of the room choose classic finishes like white grey
or woods so that when you do convert these pieces over the next few months
and/or years you won’t be tired of it don’t place your baby’s crib near or
under a window or near hanging cords this is mostly about safety and comfort
but also the layout of the room is important to in fact try to place the
crib as close to the door as possible so that you can peek inside the room and
check on baby with minimal disruption also having the crib close by the door
minimizes you tripping on something in the dark for those late night check-ins do consider lighting for the room with a
variety of different types of light throughout ceiling lights should be on
dimmer switches when you need more general lighting but you’ll want a soft
glow and not a bright glare remember baby sleeps on his or her back so that
soft glow is key a table lamp is another great option that should be dimmable for
those late night feedings and soothing sessions never hang anything heavy over
top of the baby crib or the change table consider instead soft wall hangings are
changing the wall color near these areas as a design feature instead of actual
items hanging on the wall accent walls with wallpaper or painted color blocking
is a great way to add warmth and interest without the fear of anything
coming off the wall and injuring or even startling your baby when selecting a
theme for the rooms overall decor do consider your own taste and your own
personal design aesthetic the room isn’t just for baby you’ll be spending lots of
time in there as well and you should feel comfortable and enjoy the room more
than even your little one consider colors that make you feel relaxed
nurtured and at ease in addition to the room’s decor don’t forget you’ll need
your own adult size furniture as well a glider chair maybe an ottoman and a side
table will be key items in the room and you’ll want to make sure you allow for
all of them in the layout of the baby’s room all of these should reflect the
room decor but also be super comfortable and functional for you and finally do consider having proper
blackout blinds along with soft sheers for maximum flexibility of privacy and
sleep you’ll want a soft glow of natural daylight to keep things welcoming and
fresh but when it comes to napping and sleep you’ll want to be able to close
out all that daylight whenever possible by drawing the drapes and making the
room as dark as possible your baby’s best sleep and your own
depends on it so here’s your take away your baby’s nursery decor should be
focused first and foremost on safety not only do you need to baby-proof the room
make sure heavy artwork or shelves are not placed overtop of the crib or
changing table you’ll need practical and ample storage to keep you organized and
don’t forget to place the crib strategically look for furniture that
will grow and change with you and your baby’s needs consider lighting and
dimmer switches as well as drapery and blackout blinds for maximum flexibility
of light in the room and finally the room is not just for baby consider your
own personal needs and aesthetic so that you have a comfortable relaxed and
nurturing space for yourself and by extension for your baby thanks for
watching this little design tip we’ll have lots more design tips just like
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