Interior Design Tips: Bathroom sinks lead to great bathroom design

Interior Design Tips: Bathroom sinks lead to great bathroom design

If you’re looking to renovate your
bathroom, the bathroom sink is a great way to kick off your creative juices
because there are so many different types of things to choose from. Let’s
look at some of my favorite bathroom sinks and how they might influence your
bathroom design. The most common bathroom sink is an undermount sink. It’s a sink
that is mounted underneath your countertop so that the top edge of the
sink is not visible. Most commonly they’re rectangular or oval in shape and
white ceramic is a surefire classic. The look is also classic, clean and
uncluttered. One great tip… you may find some sinks are flat bottom sinks. While
the look is very modern I tend to look for curved or sloped bottom sinks so
that the water washes away any toothpaste residue straight down the
drain. I’s my pet peeve. Am I the only one? A vessel sink sits on top of the
countertop. It’s the opposite of an undermount sink because you can see the
top edge and sides of the sink above the countertop. The best part of a vessel
sink is that it can really make a statement. There are so many shapes and
designs like this beautiful traditional blue and white bowl… Or this very modern
concrete elongated bowl. Square, tapered bowls are always striking and sharp. And
I love the stainless steel hammered bowl. Basically if it can hold water and you
can cut a hole in the bottom you can make yourself a vessel sink! A trough sink is another one of my
favorite sink styles. It’s an elongated sink that serves two
or more sets of faucets. So instead of having two separate sinks in your
bathroom, you might want to consider one very long sink like these. They come in
all sorts of styles: undermount, vessel, recessed or standalone. Are your creative
juices flowing yet? If you want to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom look
for a stone sink. I love the look of a marble sink like this. Or this sink here…
It’s carved out of a large block of soapstone. And then there’s always this
more natural look. All of them really make a statement. And finally another one
of my favorites is an apron front sink with its distinct look because the front
facing side is exposed. Most often you’ll find these sinks in kitchens and
laundry rooms but there’s no reason they can’t be used in bathrooms too. They
offer up a casual relaxed feeling. So here’s your take away: If you’re stuck on
a design direction for your bathroom try focusing on the sink. From classic under
mounts to unconventional vessels and luxurious materials, there’s a sink for
everyone in every style. Thanks for watching this little design tip. We’ll
have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon, so don’t forget to
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3 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Bathroom sinks lead to great bathroom design

  1. I too hate flat bottom sinks, clean much!?! No matter what you do there is always something in the corner (s). My dearest friend has a natural stone vessels sink and although it is gorgeous, stunning; it has the unique and annoying problem of causing a water 'splash' onto the vanity. As long as you don't turn on the water it's great!

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