Interior Design Tips: Bedroom Design for your BEST SLEEP!

Interior Design Tips: Bedroom Design for your BEST SLEEP!

I think now more than ever in the
history of mankind do we understand the great importance of a good night’s sleep!
Sleep is no longer a waste of time. It’s scientifically proven to be vital to our
health and well-being and it all starts with a great bedroom. Here’s what you
need to get a good night’s sleep! Any designer will tell you that lighting
is such an important part of any successful interior but where most
lighting schemes are meant to give you a variety of lighting levels your bedroom
should be an oasis for darkness that’s not to say you need to eliminate all
lighting but you need the right kind of lighting and you need to control your
lighting daylight emitting light bulbs are super popular these days because
they recreate natural daylight however natural daylight has a lot of blue light
in it and that’s precisely the kind of light that disrupts our sleeping
patterns because it keeps us from producing melatonin melatonin is our
sleep inducing hormone so changing out the light bulbs in our bedroom lighting
to a softer glow like these from lighting science are a great choice to
soften the lighting in your bedroom before and after your restful sleep most
scientists agree that digital screens can also affect the production of
melatonin and they should also be kept out of your bedroom so put your phone to
rest in the room next door and finally controlling the artificial
lights from the city outside your window is also key having proper blackout
blinds and drapery to ensure a completely dark room is super important
for your best to sleep your bedroom should be the most calming
room in your home that means no vibrant colors our brain needs to rest and
restful colors start to signal your brain that is time to shut off so think
pale colors like beige pale blue pale green and pale gray these colors are
scientifically proven to help you shut off for the night and according to Feng
Shui experts the wall opposite your bed is the most important wall in your home
as you see it before you go to bed and after you wake up so it should
definitely be calming and organized speaking of organized you know that
saying a tidy desk means a tidy mind this is extremely helpful when you think
about your home office or your desk at work it will make you much more
productive if things are organized and clutter free but this is also true for a
productive night’s sleep making sure that your bedroom has a place for all
your stuff is important organizing your wardrobe in your closet keeping dirty
clothes in a hamper having the right storage for your ties and accessories
all of this makes for a calming effect when you walk into your bedroom once you
have the perfect bedroom setting for a great night’s sleep you can focus on
getting the perfect mattress the best sheets and duvet and that all-important
lavender oil diffuser you’ll be snoozing in no time so here’s your take away your
bedroom is your oasis for sleep make deliberate decisions on lighting paint
color and storage to effectively create the most calming and soothing
environment in your home your brain and your body will thank you for it thanks
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22 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Bedroom Design for your BEST SLEEP!

  1. I made the bed my focal point in bedroom, but I find that the opposite wall is fighting with the bed for attention witch made me confused.
    Any tips?

  2. Because I just bought this house my bedroom color is kind of cream yuck color🤢 I am very happy to see this video because I want to paint and change my room into a more comfortable relaxing oasis.😉 Thanks for this very informative video.

  3. My bedroom is white but I would love to have an accent wall in the header of the bed. I was thinking in a dark (marine deep) blue.

  4. Thanks for video it all makes good sense 🙂 my bedroom, believe it or not is dark chocolate ;brown with touches of gold and wall to ceiling bedhead in exotique paisley brown and pale gold;) must admit i sleep like a log in it 🙂

  5. My master bedroom is beige and it doesn’t look great for sure . I have this question since I am trying to redesign and decorate my daughters’ bedroom, my dilemma is that how to choose the size of art frame to place above the bed for a twin bed and what should be the distance between the top of headboard and bottom of the picture frame ? Please advice

  6. I love your videos! I don’t know if I just didn’t see it, but can you make a video about what to think about when making a wardrobe? And have you heard about a “walkthrough wardrobe” because I think I have the space to make one, but cannot find information about it anywhere 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Thank you so much for great video tips, We're moving into a new house and it's a blank canvas for me to decorate and feels overwhelmed with all the choices I have to make. however, I will be watching you for more information before I jump into a major projects around the house.
    I am grateful for your knowledge and clear explanation. happy to subscribe and best of wishes!

  8. I enjoy your videos and learn a lot from them. I'm painting my house a very light pale grey, but I'm thinking of painting a wall of my bedroom a violet in the grey tones. Would this color disrupt my sleep? Suggestions will be appreciated.

  9. Hello! New sub from India. Stumbled upon your channel while researching for our new home. I don't understand how you don't have more subscribers and views. Wish you keep on creating more relevant and crisp contents. A question – our bedroom already has less natural light than one should but we thought it would be fine for sleeping. The focal point is the bed while entering so I am thinking of a lighter shade of green (Mint or Olive am not sure) behind the headboard. And opposite wall complimentary grey or off white? Any suggestion is appreciated. ☺️

  10. We have a tv in our bedroom…hubby is hooked on it. Many nights I wake up to turn it off because he has fallen asleep and it is still running. The tv light is annoying and of course the sound. Very discouraging.

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