Interior Design Tips: Drapery Panels – 3 easy rules!

Interior Design Tips: Drapery Panels – 3 easy rules!

After paint colors the most popular
questions I get are all about drapery so in an effort to help you with your
window covering Q’s, let’s start here these are three rules to remember for
drapery panels on either side of your window rule number one start by raising
the bar your drapery rod should be placed four to six inches above your
window trim now depending on the size of your window its location on the wall and
your overall ceiling height that might mean your rod is now too close to the
ceiling so if that’s true just leave a couple of inches of breathing room
between the rod and the ceiling the whole idea here is to make your
drapery as tall as possible and to trick your eye into thinking your window is as
tall as well rule number two on the opposite end of
things always make sure your drapery panels
extend all the way to the floor no matter where your window stops above the
floor your drapery must continue past the window straight down to the floor
you can even puddle your drapery on the floor like this if you like a billowy
romantic look for a classic tried-and-true look have your drapery
panels just skim the floor this will make your room and window look and feel
taller and rule number three always make sure your drapery rod extends four to
six inches beyond the window trim on either side this will make your window
seem wider and most importantly you’ll be able to maximize the light coming
through the window when the curtains are pulled back there’s nothing worse than
drapery panels that obstruct your view when you want to see it so here’s your takeaway top bottom sides
three easy rules for drapery panels make sure your drapery panels extend up down
and to the side this will enhance your window no matter what size it is and
will make your room look and feel larger thanks for watching this little design
tip I’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t
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14 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Drapery Panels – 3 easy rules!

  1. I have a question, if it’s not too much trouble to answer it 👏 : is it ok if the rug and drapery are of the same colors and pattern ? ( white with light grey trellis, not a small busy pattern) I ll greatly appreciate an advice ♥️

  2. I have a wall of tall windows in a condo on the 10th floor, people tell me that I dont need window drapes but won't it make the place look empty?

  3. Would love if you could do a video on flooring options when you have removed walls and hardwood won’t match you don’t have the budget to replace all the floors but the new floor won’t be contained in a certain room. Does that make sense. In my case we are removing kitchen walls that open a hallway so the boards are all straight cut and they tell me they can piece in new hardwood but will not look the same even if we sand and stain everything! Any advice would be soooooo appreciated !

  4. Thank you!!!! Very helpful. I have another window dilemma. I have buildings around me and. I don't want people looking in my window when I open the curtains. I'm not sure what type of Venetian blinds to buy. I live in an apartment and I don't want to invest a lot.

  5. I always put curtain rail hidden in the ceilings . I keep 20 cm space in ceiling for curtains rail so then it's look more good.

  6. I have vertical blinds on my sliding doors in my apartment. Can I add curtains above the doors? I hate vertical blinds and I am trying to dress them up. The sliding doors face the woods, so I was going to leave the blinds open to allow more natural light.

  7. What to do when you have big windows with diamond-shaped mulions and the hydronic baseboard heaters meet the trim?

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