Interior Design Tips: Home Design Trends in 2018

Interior Design Tips: Home Design Trends in 2018

Hey everyone! It’s well into 2018 and I’m
loving the latest home design trends. Sometimes trends are gone in a flash but
I’ve got six of my favorites right here and I predict they are here to stay for
a while. So let’s count them down! Open closets are a huge trend in home design
and it’s not just because we’re living in smaller spaces. Even if you have a
full walk-in closet, having it open and visible to you gives you many advantages. The idea of shopping your closet is so much easier when you can easily see
what’s in your closet! Plus it forces you to keep things organized. And if you’re
tight on space, an open closet is a great way to maximize your storage. Be creative
and use space wherever you can. Make it a double duty kind of space like this! Having your laundry machines in your
kitchen may seem odd at first but it’s been quite popular in Europe for years.
Again maybe it’s because we need to combine rooms because space is limited
or maybe we just want to dedicate the traditional laundry room space for some
other purpose. Look for ways to incorporate your washer and dryer into
your kitchen… maybe tuck them away? Or celebrate your new forward-thinking ways
by showing them off like this. Either way it brings a whole new level of fresh and
clean to your kitchen! Last year pastels were all the rage but
this year we’re turning to deep blue and hunter green. Dark colors are cozy and
rich. They’re dramatic and warm. You’ll see them in living rooms and bedrooms
the like. Even kitchens are warming up! They’re great paired with brass and gold
and mixed with contemporary furniture and artwork.
If the walls are too daunting look for ways to incorporate either of these two
colors into smaller pieces like this vanity instead. One of my favorite areas
to design are reading nooks but these days it’s not just reading that takes
place in these spaces. With the popularity of meditation and yoga, a hot
new trend is to create your very own mindfulness corner. From meditation
pillows on the floor to cozy comforts that remind you to breathe, even the
smallest of spaces can be turned into something inviting and appealing. Think
about lighting and aromatherapy to enhance your peaceful little corner. Patterned cement tiles have been a thing
for some time now. With endless patterns this trend doesn’t
seem to be going anywhere but what is new are cement floors. Maybe it’s the cooling
sensation underfoot or the no fuss, no fancy kind of look but polished concrete
is a hot new trend. Look for it in kitchens and living rooms. Easy, casual
and sleek, pair the look with wood cabinetry and cozy rugs for today’s
modern touch. And finally the biggest home design trend for 2018 is the home
office. With the rise of side hustles and flexible work environments and work
hours the home office is making designers rethink the layout of our
homes. Either creating rooms specific to this task- this one is a room just off
the foyer or finding ways to incorporate some kind of desk and storage somewhere
in the home. Office life is unlike any other when it’s done at home. So here’s
your take away: the latest home design trend speak to our changing lifestyles
and how we allocate space. From open closets to combining kitchens and
laundry rooms, new colors and finishes, and even new spaces for work and
wellness, 2018 has us all rethinking how we live in our homes. Thanks for watching
this little design tip- I’ll have lots more design tips just like this one
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5 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Home Design Trends in 2018

  1. Hi! šŸ™‚ Iā€™m new here but I love your video and I have a question. I saw your video with kitchen backsplash, and I would love to have a white kitchen with murble backsplash with wooden elements, but Iā€™m not sure does wooden elements in kitchen should be the same colour as a wood on our floor? I have no idea how to decide of the right color of the wood floor šŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜©

  2. Hi. I was wondering if you had tips on how to transition colours from one area to another. I live in a very small 1 bed condo and am in love with deep slate blue and emerald green. We have a galley kitchen with L shaped living room dining room. I want it to look very chic but don't want it to look like I'm trying too hard….i.e. too glam for the modesty of the unit. We have neutral click wood floors except entry, kitchen and bath that are terracotta…which I love….help?

  3. I don't think it's so much that having our washing machines in the kitchen is 'popular', just that most homes don't have a dedicated laundry room (or mud room). Another great idea is having a washer/dryer, rather than two separate appliances, to save space.

  4. What do you think the 2019 home design trends will be? Maybe make a video about it?

    Also, I have a kitchen that has soffit on top of the kitchen cabinets. What do you think is the best way to camouflage a higher ceiling? Iā€™m thinking painting the soffit the same colour as the upper cabinets and add moulding around, with same colour too. What are your thoughts?

    Love ya

  5. Although I'm old enough 56 to know many of your design tips, its nice to have the refresher and love all things new and upcoming. I love this channel and hope it expands. By the way, love your blouse.

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