Interior Design Tips: How to make your kitchen range hood a focal point.

Whenever I plan a new kitchen layout I
start by locating a focal point and in the kitchen there is no better
opportunity to create a focal point than the area around the stove. Especially the
range hood. There are so many ways to draw your attention to this area so
let’s take a look! One of the best ways is to highlight the range hoods with
a different material that will make it stand out from the rest of the
cabinetry. In a painted kitchen, I love the idea of using stained wood for the
range hood. It really adds warmth to the look of your kitchen. Another great way
to define the area around your stove and make it a focal point is by separating
it from the rest of the cabinetry. Adding glass to the cabinets on either side is
one idea. Or physically separating the hood from the upper cabinet is another
great way to emphasize the focal point. And finally, isolating the range hood
altogether is an amazing way to really emphasize its importance. Here are a
couple of examples. I love how there’s no other cabinetry on that wall. Tile can
bring extra attention but quite frankly, the hood on its own is a great
statement already. So here is your take away… Make your kitchen special by
emphasizing the area around your stove and make your range hood really stand
out. It’s a natural focal point! Thanks for watching this little design tip.
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