Interior Design Tips: Inexpensive Bathroom Design! 3 Bathroom updates that are easy and cheap!

Interior Design Tips: Inexpensive Bathroom Design! 3 Bathroom updates that are easy and cheap!

Today I’m going to help you update a
plain bathroom easily and inexpensively. There are so many elements to a bathroom
that makes it difficult to update without renovating the whole room from
scratch from towels on the walls to plumbing fixtures and lighting all of it
may require some skilled labor and a hefty budget and although that might be
the ultimate goal there are ways to update a plain bathroom without breaking
the bank and without in fact breaking the bathroom let’s look at the easiest
ways to add personality to a boring plain bathroom one of the easiest ways
to add pizzazz to your bathroom is to change the shower curtain instead of
going with a safe pattern go all out and think of a shower curtain like drapery
use a shower liner on the inside but then look for actual fabric curtains to
add drama and interest to your bathroom I love this fringed option as it adds
texture and detail to an otherwise practical element in your bathroom or go
all out with bold color like this evergreen curtain and don’t forget to
add a new curtain rod while you’re at it these are things you’d normally focus on
around your windows why not bring the same attention to detail in your tub
shower combo find ways to incorporate art work in ways that makes you focus on
the art instead of the bath towels and that plain vanity it could be as simple
as hanging some framed photography find a spot like this keep it fresh and
simple and look to add an element of would like these wood frames to help
warm up the cold finishes of Chrome and white tile or go all out and create a
gallery wall take up all the free space to show off your art collection and make
the rest of the bathroom fade away into the bathroom and finally instead of
looking in the bathroom accessories department for bath mats why not add a
small area rug into your bathroom and have that be the focus of your attention
I love the look of a vintage or Persian rug like that
and it doesn’t have to be vintage at all you’ll be able to find lots of
affordable options for a colorful attention-grabbing area rug to suit
whatever style you love try to find a rug that fills the floor space without
it looking too crowded and the best part with all these ways of adding creativity
and style to your plain bathroom especially when you aren’t able to
renovate or alter your bathroom you can use any one of these elements as a
jumping-off point to go even further add accessories like baskets and trays that
match the new attention-grabbing concept or add potted plants or flowers to
enliven your bathrooms new colors so here’s your take away if you’re stuck
with a plain boring bathroom and can’t renovate easily add your own personality
by changing a few simple things shower curtains artwork and area rugs can
easily transform the look of any room but especially a room with hard surfaces
like tile countertops and practical but expensive features like plumbing
fixtures and lighting forgo the expensive labor and take things into
your own hands by adding color and style in three easy ways thanks for watching
this little design tip we’ll have lots more design tips just like this one
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14 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Inexpensive Bathroom Design! 3 Bathroom updates that are easy and cheap!

  1. I love the look of the Persian rug or similar in the bathroom..if only we could keep the men out 😉☺
    Great ideas ❤

  2. ONE tiny irritation – I don’t even want to waste 2 seconds on cute logo intros. Certainly not 15 seconds. It’s not necessary. I’m going to remember you not your cute intro.

  3. 1:00. How on earth could you take a shower in that bathtub? I don’t see that the gray curtain is doing everything except being beautiful and it does do a good job with that.

  4. What’s the best way to hide a square corner glass shower stall? It’s the area i dislike most in my bathroom.

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