Interior Design Tips: Paint sheen choices!

Interior Design Tips: Paint sheen choices!

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to talk
about paint sheen. once you decide on your paint color your
decision-making process is not over much like choosing a grout color after your
tile selection you have one more choice after you’ve selected your paint color
in fact I guarantee your painter or paint mixer will ask you what kind of
finish do you want for your paint in other words paint comes in a variety of
levels of shine most manufacturers offer at least four different levels of shine
from matte or flat paint which has no shine all the way through to a high
gloss finish which usually has a lot of shine the key thing to remember is this
matte finishes will absorb light and high gloss finishes will reflect light
the more Sheen the more durable and wipeable the paint is so let’s review
what sheen to use and where here I have Benjamin Moore’s sheen chart Sheen
levels apply to both interior paint as well as exterior paint and they work the
same way let’s focus on the interior paint category starting with the very
top which is called flat this finish has no shame whatsoever and is difficult to
clean because of it a little bit of dust or dirt or oil on your hands will mark
it up it will also absorb the most light in most cases flat ceiling paint is the
only place I would recommend using this Sheen level as a close second option the
next level on the chart is the matte finish I love using matte finishes on
walls especially for older homes where the wall surfaces may have some
imperfections the matte finishes will hide those imperfections it’s important
to note that matte finishes are still difficult to wipe down and clean so if
you’ve got little kids with sticky fingers if they hold on to the wall as
they walk up the stairs for instance or pets that like to shake their fur when
they come in from the rain Oscar you know who I’m talking about you may want
to level up the sheen so you can easily wipe these areas down on a side note
Benjamin Moore now has a washable matte finish it’s worth the extra cost just
saying next up on the sheen chart is eggshell
it’s my go-to usually for all the reasons Matt should not be used the
sheen is ever so slight but now we head into the categories where light starts
to reflect off the paint satin Sheen or in some cases it’s called pearl
definitely has a more visible shine to it I love using satin finishes on wood
finishes like kitchen cabinetry built-in cabinetry paneled walls and even
architectural details like trim baseboards and interior doors I love the
contrast of having a matte finish on the walls and a slightly shinier finish on
the trim especially if it’s a more modern setting it makes things like
cabinetry and doors easier to wipe clean too and now we get into the glossy er
side of things semi-gloss is my go-to when I have very detailed architectural
moldings with intricate profiles that I want to highlight the lighting in the
room will reflect off these various profiles and really showcase the
moldings I also love it on bathroom vanities for a little extra cleanability
and a little extra sparkle and finally we come to high gloss in this case
Benjamin Moore’s high gloss finish is both an interior paint as well as an
exterior paint and there’s no better place to use a high-gloss finish than on
your home’s front door because it’s open to the elements the high-gloss finish
will be much more durable and that extra shine will help make your entrance the
main focal point of your home I love a high-gloss black paneled front door
it’s classic one other thing to note the sheen level will change the color of
your paint slightly this can be seen here in the fan deck so these first few
pages here have all the different Sheen levels for three different colors and
the colors are the exact same color all the way through except that the Sheen
level changes so you can see that there’s a difference between the matte
finish of this paint color versus the high-gloss finish of this color the two
blacks are the exact same color the two Gray’s are the exact same color and the
two whites are exactly the same but the Sheen level will change the way you see
that color so just something keep in mind so here’s your takeaway the
basic rule of thumb for choosing paint chain is the higher the Sheen the higher
the shine and the more durable and wipeable the surface becomes choosing
the right Sheen will depend on the type of surface and how you want light to
reflect off that surface look for ways to mix various Sheen levels to enhance
or minimize details in your home thanks for watching this interior design tip
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12 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Paint sheen choices!

  1. I really enjoy your videos. We went to London recently and I was in awe of the high gloss front doors like you showed at 3:50 – classic indeed. Also like the higher gloss bath vanities you mentioned. Some folks do those in lacquer.  I almost always do matte or eggshell on walls depending on their condition. We typically paint the ceilings in the same color and sheen as the walls. It makes painting go by so much quicker without all that cutting in and switching products. Also, one would swear it is a different color on the ceiling because the light hits the ceiling differently than the walls.

  2. I love your channel it's so informative. I am having problems with choosing a vintage runner for my kitchen. Can you please do a video on that, please?

  3. Very informative! I have always just depended on the explanations of the painter when choosing. Your video makes everything more clear.

  4. very interesting. I often just get asked flat or sheen, didn't realize there are so many levels of sheen. Now, we are about the paint the front door, but I don't know whether to paint the inside of the door in the same color. What is your advice about painting doors.

  5. It's a real shame you don't show the different levels of sheen with a closeup insert, moving the different paints under a light source. Makes the otherwise great video worth so much less.

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