Interior Design Tips: Where NOT to use pot lights!

Interior Design Tips: Where NOT to use pot lights!

Updating your home with recessed
lighting is pretty standard these days. Pot lights are great for general
lighting and if done right they can discreetly and evenly light a room. But
they’re not the only light you should consider. And they’re not for every room
in your house. Let’s discuss where NOT to use pot lights. Let’s start on the
outside. Soffit lighting are recessed pot lights that fit inside your soffits and
point downwards. They tend to be placed all around the
perimeter of your home and this is what you get…
It’s a scene right out of a Steven Spielberg movie. It looks like your home
is about to take off like a UFO. Instead, focus on lighting your home from the
ground up. Use floodlights in your garden to light up your home and always
consider landscaping and lighting up your pathways. Also, always light up your
home’s entrances with sconces and pendants Lighting should highlight your
entrances for practical reasons first and foremost as well as adding charm and
interest to these areas. These are all much more effective ways of lighting up
your home and creating great curb appeal. Unless you have a very large bedroom
where additional lighting is required I think bedroom should be pot light free
zones especially right around the actual bed. Even with a dimmer switch the
lighting is too bright for it to be comfortable. Always consider a ceiling
light or a pendant in a bedroom. This type of light will diffuse lighting
throughout the room lighting up the ceiling as well as the room below. Plus,
the design options are endless. They provide a real opportunity for something
special in your room. And finally, another place I refuse to
use pot lights are in vaulted ceilings. Pot lights are best when they illuminate
straight down or they’re located close to a wall and tilted to highlight a
piece of art on the wall. So if you have vaulted ceilings, pot lights don’t do
either of these things. The lighting tends to criss cross the
room. Instead look for ways to add a pendant light or a chandelier to light
up the entire room. The light should illuminate the ceiling giving you an
extra wow factor for your vaulted ceiling feature as well as illuminate
the room itself. In a kitchen, drop the pendant over top of the island. In the
living room, center the pendant over top of the coffee table.
If the pendant light isn’t enough lighting look for ways to add track
lights in the ceiling so you can direct the light in all directions. So here’s
your takeaway… Although recessed lighting is a great
way to update your home’s lighting always consider other types of lighting
first! Ceiling fixtures, pendants and wall sconces provide excellent sources of
light with the additional benefit of adding an interest and design element. Vaulted ceilings, bedrooms and your exterior lighting should be spared the
pot light treatment! Thanks for watching this little design tip. I’ll have lots
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3 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips: Where NOT to use pot lights!

  1. Fabulous tips! I have vaulted ceilings throughout and doing my kitchen I was thinking some track lighting actually on the wall but I was thinking it was out of style.

  2. Another great tip …I wonder where do you get so much interesting tips it really helps us to grow daily thanks for increasing our knowledge 😃

  3. How would you have flood lights in canada that wont get covered by snow and then useless? We get a lot of snow in my area. Thank you

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