Interior Design Tips: Where to use large scale lighting in your home

There are so many rules about selecting
the correct size light fixture, especially when you’re talking about
dining rooms and kitchen islands. But sometimes it’s nice just to break the
rules, especially with lighting! Oversized pendant lights really make a statement and I love that there are so many options out there to choose from.
I’m loving hanging basket lights like this… This Scandinavian basket light is
perfect for this very open dining room. It makes it warm and cozy. It really draws
your attention to that area and it can do the same for any dining room. It’s a
great way to add drama to your table setting. The kitchen island is another
great place for drama: an added bonus?
You need exceptional lighting for that
workspace. Even with a low ceiling you can have a great, big light fixture. And
this kids bedroom is just so cool with that large pendant light in the ceiling.
It’s the kind of fun and edgy that both parents and teens can get on board with.
So here’s your take away… Break the rules! Pick one thing, like a great pendant
light fixture, and make it big. Oversize It! It makes for a major statement that
is edgy and modern. Thanks for watching this little design tip. We’ll have lots
more design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe
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