Interior Design Trends 2017

Are you wondering what the interior design
trends are for 2017, and how to realistically incorporate them into your house? If so, stick with me. I’m going to break down some of the top 10
trends and how to incorporate them into your home. The first trend and probably one of my favorites
is there’s a real East African influence, and in mud cloth, and you’re seeing it now
in places like Restoration Hardware, and it’s sort of popping up at a lot of the big box
retailers, but I absolutely love it. The designs are blacks, and white, it has
this tribal influence. One of the best ways to incorporate it is
pillows, but I’ve also seen it in linens. I’ve also seen it in curtains, bedspreads,
all types of things. Trend number 2 is green is … I don’t know. The new grey, maybe? Green is huge. Pantone choose it as the 2017 Color Of The
Year. I have to admit, I wasn’t a green fan for
a long time, but I’m coming over to the other side. Where I actually like it is, I’ve seen some
really cool green furniture. So, some velvet green couches or chairs are
really fun, but if you don’t want to go there, again, just bring it in in your accessories
or just greenery, in general. Having live plant or tropical plants in your
home is really a great thing to add. Trend number three, and this is sticking with
the color theme, is dark colors seems to be where it’s at, and I’m really loving it. So, whether it be like dark purples or black,
and painting your walls this color. I think it’s something we call all be a little
afraid of, but I think it’s something we can incorporate into our home, and it actually
makes a huge difference. One thing to think about though, is when you
do add black, if you do have black and white, contrast does make a room look smaller. Something to keep in mind, but that being
said, if you want to space that’s just warm and cozy, making it a dark color is a great
option. Painting your bookshelves this color, I think,
or your doors, is maybe a way to ease into it. Trend number four, and this is less a trend
than something I think actually that’s becoming just the way it is, is mixed metals. Mixed metals seem to be where it’s at and
they are not going away. People are afraid, just like they’re afraid
to wear mixed metals, to put them in their home. A little rule of thumb with it, is just mix
it a couple time. If you have gold, say with silver, just mix
it a couple times, and then you’ve got chrome. They all can go together. The black, it all goes together. It’s just maybe add it a couple different
times within your space. One of the metals that I predict maybe is
going out, is a little bit of the rose gold and coppers, but that doesn’t mean it won’t
be back in again, so mix your metals. Number five is cork. Yes, you heard that right. Cork. Like a corkboard, it’s back in. This is an interesting one, and I think the
safest way to do it is in cork boards. Maybe off your kitchen, or in your office,
or in a hallway, but I think you will see actually cork walls come back in, cork floors,
so this is an interesting trend. I think that it’s something, again, I think
from a functional point of view, we all have used cork for different reasons, but you’ll
see it coming in in 2017. Number six is going back to colors again,
is black. I love this one, so again, I was talking about
painting your walls black. Accessories in black. Black marble is beginning to be, I think,
more popular than the white marble. Also, black fixtures, so your faucet, or a
great way to incorporate it is your hardware on your kitchen. Maybe changing up your hardware, your door
handles, to a black door handle would look great, but you’re going to see this one for
a while, and I think it going to again, become one of those things that’s less of a trend
and more here to stay. Okay, trend number seven is velvet. Actually, I’m love a lot of these trends,
so every time I’m saying this, I’m saying, “I love it,” and I do love velvet. A lot of the trends we see in fashion come
into home, so we’re seeing a lot of velvet in fashion, and it’s definitely in home. I think, velvet couches, I love it. I think that it’s something that you’re safe
to do. A velvet chair, if that’s too much, again,
go for the cushions. Velvet cushion, you could not go wrong. Looks great on your bed, as well. Number eight. Pattern floors. Yes. Another trend to mix in with this is tiles. Tiles are really in, in really cool pattern
tiles, so you’re going to see this a lot in kitchens in the back splash, but where I really
love it and using it, is on floors. In particular, bathroom floors. I think this is a fun and a relatively safe
way to do it. Little bit of Moroccan influence. I love the black and white ones that are out
right now. Really, once you’ve got a pattern tile on
your floor of your bathroom, you don’t need much else. Just keep the rest of it black and white. Maybe add some wood tones, or a little bit
of greenery, and you’re good to go. This is a trend I’m loving seeing and I think
you’re going to see more and more of. Trend number nine, and I’m seeing how these
all relate to each other as I’m saying them here, but black windows. Again, this has been around for a little while
and is continuing to stay. One of my personal favorites. Black window frames. So it’s making your windows more of a focal
point, so it’s something that you want to make sure that you want to make a focal point
if you’re going with a black-framed window, but it really adds a lot of depth. A lot of character and a lot of interest to
your space. Trend number 10. I saved this one to the last, because it’s
kind of almost like a public service announcement. Statement lighting. I really want you to think of lighting as
the jewelry of your room and it really can make and break it. It’s like they say in an outfit, “If you have
a great outfit and then you have bad shoes, it doesn’t look good.” You can have a great house and great furniture,
and you got bad lighting. It doesn’t look good, so really think of lighting
as a place to splurge if you want to splurge, but you don’t always have to. There’s other great lighting choices, but
statement lighting, pendants above your kitchen, above your dining room, above your bedroom,
cool lamps, it’s just a really great way to update your space. I hope this helped, giving you a little glimpse
into the trends. To make things easier for you, I created a
little cheat sheet of all the trends and how I would personally, as a Designer, incorporate
them into a home, and you can link to it below. If you liked this video, I’d love it if you
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