Interior Design With RoomSketcher

Are you an Interior Designer or Decorator? With RoomSketcher, you can design beautiful
rooms and projects online. Create high-quality 3D photos or interactive
3D. Share, using your mobile device. And even allow clients to view projects at
home. Follow along to see how easy it is First, sketch up the floor plan. To add walls, doors and windows, just click,
drag, and click again. You can also import a blueprint, or have RoomSketcher
illustrators draw the project for you. Now add your Interior Design Customize with materials such as hardwood
floors, carpet, and paint. Just drag and drop them into your project. Next, add furniture. Choose from thousands of items — chairs,
tables, beds, even pillows and accessories. Drag and drop to place items, and double-click
to customize. Next, Visualize Click the camera to take a snapshot, and then convert it to a high-quality 3D photo
that brings your project to life. Click again to start a 3D Walk and experience
your design, either from above, or inside the room. Finally, Share with Clients Use your mobile device. Keep several design ideas in the same project
to let your client pick the one they like. Or allow clients to view and try out ideas,
right from their own computer. Print the final result as a high quality 2D
floor plan, and so much more. To explore more features and find out how
to get started, go to

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