Interior Home Decorating with Wall Art

Interior Home Decorating with Wall Art

Add style and personality to any room in your
home with these tips on how to decorate a wall with artwork. Before you start, keep
these arranging and hanging lessons in mind. Most people hang artwork too high. At the
right height, the center of your image should hang at eye level between 60 and 66 inches.
Size also matters when choosing how to hang your art. A large piece isn’t always the most
commanding visual. If you have smaller pieces, try grouping them into an arrangement that
will read as a large piece of art on the wall. With these tips in mind, plan your arrangement.
Start by arranging your items on the floor. This can be a bit of a puzzle, but keep trying
until you’re happy with how the items work as a group. Consider a symmetrical art arrangement
which looks orderly and as easy to achieve. Draw an imaginary vertical line in the center
and mirror the arrangement on each side of the line. A salon style arrangement is another
way to decorate your walls. Start by positioning the most prominent piece at eye level in the
center and work outward. A mix of dimensional pieces such as plates and frames in different
shapes and colors keep the arrangement lively and interesting. Once you’ve planned your
arrangement, cut out shapes of craft paper equal to the size of the items you want to
hang, then use painter’s tape to hang each paper shape on the wall in the same arrangement
you created on the floor. The tape won’t damage the wall and lets you double check your design
before you put nails on the wall. Mark each paper template at the place where your nail
will be needed to hang the corresponding item. Pound nails into the wall through the paper
templates at the marked spot, hang your artwork and enjoy.

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  1. Good but what would you suggest for people working with hanging strips instead of nails? You cant hang strip through paper.

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