iPhone Tips – iPhone Printer and other Ways to Print Photos πŸ–¨ DIY in 5 Ep 55

iPhone Tips – iPhone Printer and other Ways to Print Photos πŸ–¨ DIY in 5 Ep 55

I just want to be able to hang some of these
great pics on the wall. I think the likeness is pretty spot on! Hey guys, Welcome back. I’m Trisha Hershberger and in this episode
of DIY in 5 we will explain everything you need to know about printing iPhone photos
– from small prints and photo books to canvas wall hangings. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out
our other smartphone photography videos so your pics are worthy of hanging! First off, how large can you print without
compromising the quality of the photo? This all depends on the quality you are trying
to achieve. The 8 megapixel cameras on the 4s to 6 iPhones
will have a smaller print size compared to the 12 megapixel cameras on the 6s and newer. To achieve the maximum print size for the
8 megapixel iPhones, 8 by 10 will give you excellent quality and 11 by 14 will give you
good quality. For the 12 megapixel iPhones, 11 by 14 will
give you excellent quality and 16 by 20 will give you good quality. The higher resolution the print, the smaller
it needs to be. And the larger you print your photos, the
poorer the image quality will become. The difference between the 8 megapixel and
12 megapixel is significant as the image is 50% larger! Now, if you want to print photos at home,
investing in a decent inkjet printer could be an option. Those will range from about a hundred to 300
dollars. If you want to print directly from your iPhone,
you will need a wireless printer that has Apple AirPrint capability. (womp womp) To print to an AirPrint printer
you open the image in the Photos app, tap the Share icon at the bottom left of the screen,
and then tap the Print option. Remember that printing at home can be more
costly (Cost of ink & photo paper) than using a printing service, but it gives you more
flexibility to print when you want. If you want to print your photos “on-the-go”you
can get a portable hand-held printer. This allows you to print wirelessly from your
iPhone in under a minute with prices around 150 dollars. Instant photo printing definitely does not
come with a cheap price tag! The film can cost around 50 cents a print! It’s a bit of a luxury gadget to have, but
if you’re going for that Pinterest-worthy party idea, this might be for you. And that’s that! Do you have any artwork hanging on your wall
that was taken on your phone? Let us know in the comments below. And if your iPhone is too full of all the
photos you’ve taken, check out this video here to learn how to free up some space on
that iDevice. My name’s Trisha Hershberger and you’ve
been watching DIY in 5 – catch ya next time!

12 thoughts on “iPhone Tips – iPhone Printer and other Ways to Print Photos πŸ–¨ DIY in 5 Ep 55

  1. please, please please, please do a video on how to transfer iphone edited photos into a PC!!!!
    Also. How to turn your home internet into a home network so you can watch videos on your laptop in your smart TV (i.e., how to use VLC network)

  2. I have a lot of fotos from my iphone, i use shutterfly when they offer the free 101 photos. Quality isnt that good, but affordable.

  3. You dont want to print photos from Iphone. It is because the photos are 72 dpi which is okay for computers and cell phones. However, if you print the photo with 72 dpi your image will not be sharp and will be dull. You need to change dpi before printing the photo. It should be at least 300 dpi.

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