Is Primer Really Necessary? | Ep03 S1 | At Home With UrbanClap

You’re back with Meghna and this is the third
episode of At Home With UrbanClap. Today’s question: Do Walls Really Need Primer? Well, primer may seem like an unnecessary
step or expenditure but, honestly, it’s totally worth it. Especially if you’re getting a new wall painted
or even painting over wallpaper. The thing is that walls are porous and tend
to absorb paint. So without a primer, the paint won’t stick
well to the surface and you’ll be applying multiple coats of paint. And more paint means more money. So what the primer really does is that it
provides a consistent base for your top coats of paint. So it comes after the putty and before the
paint. So, if your painter was harping about the
primer and you thought, “Meh, I’ll skip it,” think again and don’t skip it. Adios from me, till I catch you in our next

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