Isometric interior design by Planner 5D

Isometric interior design by Planner 5D

Two store house project. Isometric interior Creating First floor rooms Removing walls, since each wall in a room will be of different height Disabling/hiding ceiling in all rooms Creating Second floor rooms Ruler Tool allows to mark projected room’s position precisely Walls are created using Magic Cube tool, same as on the First floor Railings not only serve as a decor element, but also provide security option Placing paving/trinkets Creating a terrace, which will also include a pool Creating landscape 3D HD Snapshot

15 thoughts on “Isometric interior design by Planner 5D

  1. que poca tanto q me gusta la aplicacion y para q cobren todo 😟😳una q otra gratis pero nada interesant ojala y lo arreglen

  2. Hi I want to know how I move my project at corner because my space is limited and side area is empty and my project is complete but I don't know how to move up!

  3. Now draw the rest of the damn owl. This work is impressive, but useless as any sort of tutorial, as it's like watching Bob Ross create one of his masterpieces in high speed with no explanation.

  4. Great! But my eyes couldn't follow. Is this designed for cheetah users? can we have slow mo? last time I checked this app is designed for amateurs 🙂

  5. I need to see real colours. I choose white colour for my cabinets or walls and they are slightly gray, why? also, wth?

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