IstanbulOldCityTV • Episode 16 • Kadıköy, Yeldeğirmeni • Mural İstanbul Sokak Sanatı Festivali – 2

Hello from Istanbul Old City TV I am Eda, and today we are in Yeldegirmeni. We were here again two weeks ago, we looked at the murals and gave you information about the mural festival Now we came back to Yeldegirmeni where the mural festival is happening. Because there are new murals, The first that we came across is this one. Actually, it was completed a week ago. And it is really beautiful. They do these murals on blind walls, because it makes sense, no windows opening, so it’s a complete composition. So, how did murals start and when? In 2012, Mural Istanbul CEKUL (Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage) and Kadikoy Municipality, came together, and started the Mural Festival They started with four walls in September 2012, they later invited very famous artists, and the streets of Kadikoy and Yeldegirmeni are still being colored with these murals. We were wondering about the differences between murals and graffitis. Graffitis compared to murals are smaller scale and based mostly on typographical style The first thing that comes to mind when you hear graffiti is writing, But mural art is larger scale and mostly based on pictorial style. At the same time, Another different feature of murals is that it is legal. Also, during the time that it is being done, that is 3 to 7 days, you can watch it being done. It is basically a live art show. When talking about murals, we can’t not talk about the famous muralists. If we start with the ones from foreign ones, there is OS-GEMEOS from Brazil, Sao Paolo, ARYZ from Barcelona, and ETAM CRU from Poland. Among famous Turkish muralists there is CINS, You can find CINS’s murals along the streets of Kadikoy. The 6th Mural Festival will continue until July 31st. You can see the incredibly beautiful murals in Kadikoy and Yeldegirmeni, and witness the making of murals at the same time. These are live performances. By the way, I am from the Asian side and I took the “dolmus” and came here easily, but if you live in the European side, You can come here by taking the ferry from Eminonu or Besiktas. I am ending your cries of saying there is nothing to do in July, or that you are extremely bored and that you never participate in an art event, because the Mural Festival is still on until the end of July. You can come here and both colorize your July, and also take a lot of pictures that would potentially be “liked” on Instagram. but… see you next week! Le Petit Palace presents

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