Jade Claremont Tiny House By Pratt Homes | Beautiful Small House Design

Jade Claremont Tiny House By Pratt Homes | Beautiful Small House Design


100 thoughts on “Jade Claremont Tiny House By Pratt Homes | Beautiful Small House Design

  1. I wish they would have more information on the size, where, base price and shown $$$. Would really help in what country we would be able to get or have one done.

  2. I Love The Design It's Awesome I think Big It has lots of Lovely and Unique qualities' Need more info contact info 540-414-3628 Peace Virginia'

  3. I absolutely love this how can I get one made of course I would need a extra room to turn into a big closet ๐Ÿค—

  4. WOW exactly what the husband was speaking on!nothing big no apts or townhouse a cozey little house just for us 2 thank you!!

  5. I understand that price does not include all the furnishings, but does it include everything else? I.E., the appliances the flooring, just as it appears in the video, and the pictures on your site? Thanks, Jay

  6. It is a nice little house, except for the fact that it was so brown. The exterior, the flooring, the cabinetry, the counter tops, the back splash and the wall were all brown. It was too much.

  7. Hi, who knows a home builder in my area in Stockton California. I would like to build the smallest home because I don't have a lot of money.

  8. The only thing I would change, exterior wise, is to eliminate the 2 side accesses to the porch, and put one right in the middle, between those 2 columns. Everything else is perfect, as is the price!!!

  9. This is exactly what I'm looking for, love the floor plan and even the staging is gorgeous, so beautifully done โค

  10. Thanks for sharing this video. Grove Homes is a family own and operated business with 40 years experience in the New Zealand building industry. It builds stylish, comfortable and small homes for New Zealanders. Visit: http://www.grovehomes.co.nz/lifestyle-home-series.html

  11. Tiny house done in a simple yet classy way! Itโ€™s fit for a king and queen ๐Ÿ‘ธ I love the hardwood floor in the kitchen!

  12. My husband and I are retired. Our son has offered us an area behind his house that has a pond. We don't have room for a big home but we don't want a small one. I have see large single wide mobile homes that are nice but the law won't allow a mobile home behind an existing home with less than 2 acres land. He has a little over 1 acre. I would like to find someone that builds prefabs. that would fit our needs.

  13. When rich people live there they call them tiny houses, but if poor people live there it's called a mobile home. There's even a place near Dallas that has lots you can rent to put your tiny house on and it's called a "tiny-house village". Doesn't sound anything at all like a "trailer park"! lol ffs

  14. Obviously, this is a display model, a ramp to front porch. The day will come when you are thankful that it is there. sissy20088 does it allow outbuildings/ guest cabins/ more and more properties are WANTING to host a second domicile. In some cases, it is to house family in their own space BUILT for needs of elderly/ disabled/ handicap so home space FUNCTIONS FOR NEEDS OF CARE/ Disabled independence. This could be older family, Grandparents or parents, could be for a sibling or child with disabilities. Most people WANT TO FUNCTION AS INDEPENDENT AND AUTONOMOUSLY as can be. The โ€œNIMBYโ€ zone supporters often change their tune once their needs alter! This home looks well laid out. High end kitchen seems bit over the top, likely to seem dated quickly. Otherwise, heck yeah! Nice cottage style mobile home! ( Now days they are built to standard house specs- todayโ€™s mobile homes CAN be quite well built.)

  15. I im on a fixed income in southern Kentucky . Will you help me get one . and on my site๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿ‘ƒ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿšช

  16. Nicely proportioned. I'm not much keen on the camper van style built in furniture though. And what's going on with the sliding door runner going straight across the dressing table area – lazy and badly thought out. The colours and finishes are good and the outside is nice too.

  17. the cost of building a mobile home has not gone up all that much in 25 years .yet the retail price has gone up many times what it should be.

  18. Looks like it's made with a lot of cheap materials. Cheap vinyl, fake countertops and cheap looking fake-wood cabinets. What a shame companies build a nice design then cheapen it with cheap materials.

  19. I absolutely love this design. This is the best tiny house I've seen so far.. it really looks like a home instead of those long narrow floorplans

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  23. AGREE. A tiny home. Being able to stand up in the bedroom. Please can you make it with a Walk in Tub. I'm at the age where I need to have one.

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