James Cameron’s Avatar All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360) [Marine]

James Cameron’s Avatar All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360) [Marine]

shut to live laughing talking pay nine Roger initiating final approach Hell’s
Gate taki behind every time I tell him stop sending grunts and every time more
grunts arrive signal specialist yeah same thing as far as I’m concerned but I
won’t be dealing with you on Pandora okay you’re dr. Harper’s problem you
disappoint him and that becomes my problem so I got three words for you
don’t screw up got it so file away fantasies of a tropical
vacation if you go cowboy like the rest of these jarheads you’ll be dead inside
two weeks I guarantee this planet is the most hostile world you’ve ever seen but
you keep an open mind and she’ll reward you in ways you can’t imagine it’s highly volatile welcome to your new home people hell’s
gate I’m officer Midori not luncheon formalities so you can call me Kendra
I’ll be in charge of your orientation now which one of you is writer that’s me
okay you stay put the rest of you climb on board and you’ll be shuttled to the
main complex if it isn’t the signal specialist about
time you showed up day one and you’re already behind schedule head over to the
link bed let’s put you into your avatar and see if you work the small fortune it
costs to send you chop-chop we’re not paying you by the hour nice to meet you
too senior science officer Victor Monroe at your service and just because your
DNA is a one-in-a-billion match doesn’t mean you can be a princess
get moving tiara into the lake bed Dorothy this will see me getting straight take
it slow you might feel a bit disoriented lookee good writer you doing well this
is trippy all’s normal your readings are solid whoa it’s ok writer this is normal
sit down and we’ll send you back you’re actually quite good at this with
my fine tuning you’ll be zipping about with the best you refine specimen now
run along offer some adorn he’s waiting for you writer hard to believe you’re finally
here seems like a lifetime ago I approved your commission papers
reporting for duty sir drop the formalities kid I’ve got a priority-one
situation someone in the avatar program is feeding classified RTA info to the
local Navi tribe if word gets out what we’re planning we gotta have a
full-scale native uprising on our hands what exactly are we planning you’ll see
soon enough it was me who fought to get you here your skills as a codebreaker
are highly underrated on this planet play your cards right and you’ll go far
screw up and this planet will spit you out like pogey bait I’ll do my best
right now your job is to find that mole gather your gear and thumb a lift to the
lagoon base time to hit the ground running welcome to the park the safest place to do it the planet
from inside offense seriously man you do not want to go beyond the fences okay I
heard about it two blunts deserve to a plan frickin plan like the clamp
Midori’s way degree near the main gate writer you’re just in time
we’ve got troops on the wire they’re reporting by the walls of abandon fiber
wolves you’ll love it you weren’t deterrent
right good climb the main gate lay down some covering fire
move it not bad for a signal specialist thanks
this isn’t over yet we still have a man deep in the wire grab a buggy and help
him out kids name is Dalton and he’s pretty spooked what spooked him guess
you’re gonna find out hurry up find Dalton we can’t afford to lose him thank
god you’re here the place is infested with those dogs I
just slip in here and try and lose him you gotta help me
I can’t leave to like DF a signal and I gotta fight for wolves everywhere this
missions priority one for commander Falco it’s the track Navi activity or
something I can’t get it working calm down what do you need I need a signal
and I ain’t never done this stuff before alright can you make it back to base
okay I’ll lock the signal for you for real oh man you’re saving my ass you
gotta had a couple of Mike’s northeast that’s the spot Kensington just radioed
he was pretty impressed with you back there and nothing impresses that guy
you’re pretty good in a firefight I need you to check in with Dalton we’ve got
even more problems along the fence line Dalton wasn’t he the guy stuck in the
wire that’s him get to the fence see what’s going down
hey rider seems like every time I see you there’s trouble we’ve got breaches
along the fence if there’s a breach it means one thing
Viper wolves you got it I’m checking the North fence I need you
on the South fence check the sonic pulses those things are meant to repel
animals except for some reason they’re attracting them you got to fix that all
the sonic pulses are fixed no more viral wolves great officer Midori said to find
her when you’re done hey listen I told Falco you helped set the scan on that
Navi village didn’t want to steal your thunder appreciated no problem
he said watch the skies he’s sending a dragon ship to activate the scan watch
for it huh that never fails to creep me out
look at you you’re tiny yeah whatever listen head over to meet dr. Harper and
his avatar team Harper’s the chief of the avatar program out here
he’s a smart guy you’ll like him dr. Harper I presume you must be Ryder
let’s get you up to speed straight to it huh my apologies it’s been one of those
days I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends or the worst of enemies I’m not
here to make enemies then we’ll get along just fine
now please go and assist my associates you listen newb I need you to grab me
some Flores samples you ain’t afraid of a few carnivorous plants are you
what’s a deadly flower among friends we aren’t friends and you need to learn
quick no one in the RDA is your friend figure that out and you might survive on
this rock alright then just grab me samples of a chalice and a scorpion
thistle and we won’t have any problems you’ve done well Ryder I had my doubts
but you seem to have a good head on you Thanks I am Tangela I have expected you go
there you must help clean infected hurts sky people bring disease to our beasts
where’d you learn English Rene hapa has taught us your words for
many summers he is good he says you helped go camping water air strike here commander Falco
what are you doing plan to change kid I need you to follow tangela
we’ve just learned he’s the link to the mole and I need that mole right now what
the hell’s going on I’m shutting down the Navi once and for all the only loose
end is that mold follow tangela and he’ll lead you straight to get down
there and don’t harbor get away it’s you you’re the mole is that what you’re here
for find the mole well you did it I’m the mole
great work Rider I smell promotion in the air do you realize what you’re doing
think about what you’re doing any of this look familiar
wait that’s yeah that’s where the Navi used to live before you stepped in me I
didn’t do this everyone’s hearing about it the new cig spec locked the target
what the hell did you think you were doing they told me it was they used you Ryder they’ll go in the RDA or finished it’s
just a matter of time I’ve joined with the Navi give it up Harper don’t make this
message the Navi could use you it’s now or never we’re two avatars
against these guys we can take them let’s do it right now
right now time’s up writer i order you this shoe
Harper you writer I knew we could count on you writer make
the right choice I’m not even here what choice I may not
know understand the opportunities for
everyone human and Kendra are you alright I think I’m okay
but the pilots banged up pretty bad radios fried – you’ve got to go for help
there’s an RDA mining camp a few Mike’s from here I’ll stay with the pilot and
do what I can don’t worry I’ll be fine I’ve got a full
clip any vultures I’m calling and they’ll get a little surprise who the hell are you my name is Ryder my
chopper went down over that Ridge and my team still back there I need a new bird
well you blend it in a bloody hell whole night man she’s been killing more men
science crew huddled in the bunker and HQ hours from sending backup you can
take the scorpion she’s filled up but a firing circuits are fried
means the missiles won’t work watch them buzzes bloody killers look around they
destroy my paper you don’t have to tell me that out worry
scorpions our best bet to get through keep the pedal down and you’ll be fine
I couldn’t save them there was nothing I could do
the Banshees are pretty hairy out there you’re gonna need the chopper missile
online and fast grab new firing circuits from the Samson wreckage all set all set
okay load up and take out those banshee net that should clear up the skies and
help the base I’ll meet you back there where are you going I saw an abandoned
camp I want to check out commander Falco’s ready for you all
right we don’t have much time I’m gonna hand
this over to dr. Monroe hello Randy I’m going to keep this simple we’re working
on a project that will allow the RDA to bring peace to the planet this project
starts with you our signal specials this is the second you’re currently in we
need you to go to these three Earth’s once there you must collect small shards
of unobtainium you will then take these three shards to this location
an old willow tree I’ll explain more once you get but right now just get
those three unobtainium shards don’t worry too much about the details lighter
we don’t have a lot of time any questions good bout go out you heard
the man you need to find those shards ah Ryder you’ve brought me the first
harmonic let’s get started you’ve still got some time before the emulator is up
and running the emulator ah you don’t know yet all in good time right now we
need to upload that harmonic pop it into the module and let’s see what we’ve got so what’s all this stuff for doc yes the
knee explain the knobby have a unique relationship with the planet using a
sacred site the tree of souls they’re able to link directly with the ecosystem
it’s how they communicate with the entire
but we’re searching for something different our research tells us that
there is another site that can help us sever the Navi communication we’re after
a site that has been dead for thousands of years a place the Navi call the Well
of Souls if we can find this old Gorman site and awaken it I believe we can use
it as a backdoor to a one we shut down the Navi bond with the planet then we
can take control this is where your harmonics come in Ryder we don’t know
where this dormant site is so the harmonic helps you find its location
precisely if you collect enough harmonics we can triangulate the precise
location of the dormant well of souls now let’s see what your first harmonic
shows us excellent did you notice the red dots
those are possible locations for the dormant site with each harmonic will
reduce the number of red dots do we have one and that one will be our well of
soldiers you came up with this plan indeed to be a genius time to check in
with commander Falco for your next mission I’ve got your next mission on debt
you’re heading to the FIBA Officer Midori will meet you at the drop zone he
met my crack pilot Rudy Chacon she’s your new escort t ain’t no plumber
you’ll be good with her until further notice Munro’s the oniy egghead you
trust around here we clear things a little dicey with the scientists those
tree huggers are crying foul over this emulator all worried about moral
implications Munroe mentioned that what is this emulator you stay focused on
your mission writer you start growing a conscience and you’ll end up on the dead
end of a navi spear dismissed watch yourself out there I’ll drop the
act of love in the door Herbies or fuel catch you on the other side
welcome to the fever you need to link up with our four units they’ve got orders
to secure your sharks be careful these guys are in the thick
of it it’s no joke writer
Madonna is a badass not a warrior and as men of made this a living hell for our
guys alright I hear ya there’s an old comm Shack here I’m
heading over to link up with HQ meet me there when you got the sharks sure wish
it came sooner those are Bahamas boys what’s the deal with me Dom oh the basic
nightmare looks like a tank fights like a tank
these men are killing my guys and I got enough of it we’ve been hanging here
waiting for you get your friggin rocks and in travel
eighty bazillion mics to die protecting rocks these aren’t just rocks call him
what you want it doesn’t bring my dead men back go grab your rocks thanks for your help you should know
that your men didn’t die for nothing I’m gonna make sure of that
yeah well then don’t get killed that’ll just piss me off more you must be the
damn six-pack who has my boys protecting Rox lost some men because of you we got
a hammerhead skull thumping grunts left and right you can’t grab any shard until
we take it down hammerhead that sounds friendly any
advice kill it and don’t die in the process it would
look real bad on my review okay hey thanks I owe you and your boys they
have straight you do listen did alright back there good luck watch out for them
blue boys nasty things all right think so
then they came out the jungle big and fast I couldn’t even move the cyclic
before this thing hit me you’re gonna have to call from in a chopper
you writer yeah I think you were my ride I’m fine but you’ll have to hoof it I
don’t know what the hell is out there that rock you want is right it’s kitchen
I’ll turn on the charm watch yourself this thing’s about as cuddly as a team find that creature piece of cake
nice work hop in and we’ll be line you too officer Midori we’re all set I got all three shards
that wasn’t so hard was it last step grab the harmonic from the willow tree I
made contact with HQ all’s good Trudy’s meeting us at the evac and stay
frosty word from Intel is that bade amo himself
is gunning for you good it’s about time we had a face-to-face no it’s not listen
to me if you run into him don’t waste time
just kill him the guy’s a monster now go get the harmonic and meet me at the evac I’m hearing radio chatter they’d almost
gone missing the Navi are pulling out you have anything to do with that I got
will be king okay nice work writer let’s get your data
back to Monroe we need to hurry tensions are starting to boil over at
Hell’s Gate let me guess some commander seems on the verge of declaring Martial
Law be starting to invite scientists for questioning I’m not sure what he’s
nervous about and we need to be careful if the time comes we may need to make
some tough choices all right upload the harmonic I’m behind
on my doomsday Diagnostics if one thing goes wrong with the emulator we could
have an ecological meltdown okay let’s hold up a sec what the hell is this
emulator yes the emulator we’re searching for dormant well of souls
right now once we find it we need to communicate with the Navi do this
through a unique being called a first voice he is the only person who can
awaken a well of souls we are creating a first floor simulator a machine that
will trick Abel into speaking to us once that’s done we can control the entire
ecosystem so back to that first thing you’re running a doomsday diagnostic
well everything has its risk come now upload that harm splendid we’re one step closer to
pinpointing the location of the dormant site you should check in with commander
Falco for your next destination I hear you took down bade amo nice work
that bastard’s been a thorn in my side for too long I got the intel on the next
harmonic you’re heading to graves bog yes sir
Monroe was telling me about this emulator talked about a doomsday
scenario don’t start growing a brain writer Harper has the Nobby searching
the whole region for the dormant site it’s a foot race now we lose and the
Navi will wipe us off the face of the planet that emulators our one hope if
you don’t have the lungs to do this I’ll find someone else dismissed has a villager recited in tears
the explosion I’ll keep my head down
I’m moving on to katsu we gotta update the commander
in conflict report to Commander holes and once you
have a sharp could work meat yep four more we got a
stern beast heard rumbling our way can’t won’t take it hop in the Swan tard and
lure those things away call in an airstrike to fry him go on it commander
link up with Midori when you’re done she’s out surveying for whatever it is
you’re after shards of rock really well the core think of next
get moving how about that strike stubby steaks all around okay the second sharks
right in this sector go grab it and report back to me and the third I’m
working on it radios are toast everything’s slower
here don’t worry I’ll have the location before you get the second mission
accomplished nice work two down one to go
there’s another Rd a camp nearby scientific they’re out here studying the
shards but they’ve gone silent could be the jamming maybe we can only assume the
worst move fast the shards may still be there the Indies jump this must have
been hiding all over the green can’t get to the target and I can’t get no air
support radios on the fritz you too huh how could these guys be jamming us
during the frickin Stone Age let’s get moving
take these Blues down nice work Ryder radio is still buggy but you should be
safe you’re heading for some willow tree that’s exactly where I’m headed
so you a high-tech bot mister something or something right
well happy garden good good you’re back
quickly let’s upload that harmonic and watch yourself right things are turning
nasty around here Falco said if the emulator didn’t work perfectly
he put a bullet in my brain I doubt he was serious he was holding a gun to my
head when he said it that’s serious enough for me hurry the
harmonic you’ve performed wonderfully my programs
workers need only one more harmonic and then we should have the location to the
doorman well of sorts what then then we deliver the emulator to the site now
listen to me as a signals expert you’re the perfect candidate to operate the
emulator me no thanks doc it’s not your choice if this gets in the wrong hands
the results could be catastrophic I’m going to bring my recommendation to
Falco speaking of which you should check with him for your next mission we got the harmonic sir listen to me
I want Harper shut down now if you’re too incompetent to stop his avatar then
destroy his goddamn Lync chamber you think you can handle it or do I need to
get a real jarhead to do it I got it sir recon shows link signals in the Hanging
Gardens that’s plural take them all out and don’t forget the harmonic disappoint
me again and I’ll throw you out the goddamn airlock
dismissed well our plan seems to have gone to the
Lavi we’re blind out here until we get the
old radar up and running I can fix it I’ll just need some gear right see
there’s the problem the gear missed its mark and landed on the other side of the
rocks here so we need to blast through them where’s boom boom Batista he’s gone
waste looking for powder I know supply camp as I thought the
place was overrun by B dose get the old repulsor working to drive
them away but Easter can rig up the explosives when you’re done that’s you Ryder still alive huh booyah
booyah let’s have a look at those closest Tammy the detonators are rusted
to hell you need new D T’s if we’re gonna make some noise
I saw a chopper crash southwest of here maybe you can salvage some of the
detonators from the Rockets get them back to Winslow he’ll know where to fire
them off got it success I got it but taste this bloody
death sometimes but it’s useful we can start clearing now knock those walls
down and please try not to blow yourself up Sam’s like we’ve got company great
and just open the door for them I don’t like the sentries too many Viper Wars
maybe some way to slow them down come on quick thinking out there I wish you’d
been here five years ago we lost too many good people in this jungle okay now
that we’ve got a pathway I need you to go Jimmy oh Jenny and get a running
Jimmy oh Jenny fix the generator the sector’s old school Rd a half this gear
is older than I am the Power Cells probably out of juice goes south to the
Supply Drop pick up a cell and then head north to fire up the radar do-right
radar self map for all these years you had doubts
I’ve add gas the moment I landed on this planet all right let’s get down to brass
tacks you’re getting quite the reputation around this planet
I reckon you’re here to eliminate dr. Harper just point the way my scan is
reading to link chambers it seems we’ve got more than one rogue avatar on our
hands guess Harper found company when he defected watch yourself out there these
avatars of packing state-of-the-art firepower
you can bet they using more than bows and arrows hey writer where you been I got held up
with Falco at Hell’s Gate something’s not right
I don’t think its orders are coming from RDA I think he’s running his own show
great what does that mean for us nothing yet let’s keep focused you need to grab
those shards report back when you’re done good news and bad news
both avatars are dead let me guess neither one of them was Harper how’d you
know that I’ve picked up faint flickers of 1/3
signal but it’s deeper in the forest it’s hard to pinpoint check with officer
Midori she might have an update three rock shards so where do I grab this
harmonic yeah good question it’s thick out there and that radar needs some
serious service but I got something I’m picking up a faint signal worth checking
he just might be our willow tree well that is something Candace picked up a signal way out there
it’s not much but it’s something exactly so follow that and maybe we’ll
get lucky with hopper in the process I’ll keep working on it from I in here
Kendra I found it the willow tree great no can do I can see it but I got no way
down it’s in a deep cavern I got to find another way in a lot of good that did
him it looks like a cork graveyard around here nice name leave it to grunts
to add some melodrama Harper sleep chamber could be somewhere down there I
was in these woods five years ago when the blue boys ambushed us some sort of
underground path never saw it coming now they have since sealed it up again why
are you telling you this because you’re gonna go return the favor but I’ll open
that path let’s knock on the door and see if anyone’s home you’ve done it in clean Harper’s clock
in the process great work writer we should have enough
harmonics now to find that dormant site hookup with Trudy and beeline back to
base I’ll meet you there sweet kill me maybe this is for us a
medal or two well teammates and all right
yeah right meet me back at Hell’s Gate this should be the last harmonic when
Rose gone missing things are going bad to worse you’ll have to upload the
harmonic without him what do you mean Monroe’s missing
he’s been rounding up the scientist and anyone else who questions his authority
we’re running out of time we need to find that dormant site and when we do it
has to be you who activates the emulator if you get control of the Well of Souls
you can put a stop to this madness it started I’m gonna go check from
Monroe did it we did it time to grab that emulator and get moving it’s gone
gone I went to the Avatar station and found Monroe he’s dead and the emulator
is gone it’s Falcom Reiter you’ve got to reach the plains of the lieth from there
you can get to the dormant site and stop Falcone
head to the chopper pad and grab Trudy I got to get moving where are you going
Falco’s gone rogue I got to reach HQ and alert them good luck Reiter writer we’re getting ready to move
taking the fight to the blues once and for all
we’ve got a new commander names Quora CH a real ass-kicking
check-in within the Central Command you must be Ryder I’ve heard good things I’m
Colonel Quaritch the assault is underway on the Navi strongholds but these guys
fight like animals so I need you to go in and take out their Navi commanders
break the morale and turn the tide in our favor with all due respect sir
commander Falco’s running on his own if I don’t stop them you think you’re
running their own show that was Falco’s mistake now listen to me we’re trying to
stop them but if we don’t take out the commander’s first those blue bastards
will be swarming over this sector like roaches
then you’ll never reach Tantalus that clear enough for you yes sir
you’re gonna rendezvous with my field commanders they’ve got your orders you
pull this off I’ll get you a dragon – tano’s dismissed
holy rider the new brass said they was sending me a problem-solver I should
have known it was you how’s your day been Batista painful I
got a whole list of demo points and no way to get to him the Blues keep sending
in their damn birds to turn us back how can I help
they ain’t moving until their leader tells him to those by the name of SWAT
ah you make SWAT I’ll go Tonto and I bet the rest of them will leave us alone
I’m game I knew you would be I have expected you I know why you are
here I know what you have done then destruction why to help our da they are
responsible for your Falco’s madness your can stop fuck oh and you can help
people at Andorra head Navi join us and stop our da hoo-wee you taught him a lesson Ryder
you should be clear to move your team now Rolling Thunder yeah just wait till
I get out of here before you start blasting I can’t make any promises
somehow I knew you’d end up right in the eye of the storm
feels like the storm is following me court said you needed some help right
I’ve hit a bit of a snag in my operation what kind of snag his name sakata
savage but a bloody skilled woman responsible for at least a dozen missing
men and he’s left the rest of them spooked I need you to put this animal
down I’ll try well Picaro won’t be bothering you anymore
yo the best we’ve got Ryder I’ll see you on the other side of this war if we win
it will win it take care of yourself wins them always
Ryder I’m guessing quarry sent you here’s the deal we’ve been stationed
smack in the middle of route towns huntin grounds he’s one of the Navi aces
a top-notch hunter fast too I had him locked dead in my sights and I swear the
bastard moved after I pulled the trigger nothing I can’t handle
big attitude Ryder I like it go get him good kill Rider my squad could use you
during this final push appreciate the offer but I’m reporting to quartz now
you get bored you let me know nice work kid you’re a sick speck you got a knack
the corner alright you’re cleared for a dragon get to Tantalus and stop pouting
I don’t care happen from what I’m hearing you screw up and we’ve all got
bigger problems than these blue boys so don’t screw up yes sir thank you
you can kiss my ass later grunt you so much as put a scratch on that dragon and
I’ll put you on latrine duty for a month move out writer we just got word that fuck was
gone bro damn it you like him right through hurry there’s still time to
catch up with a four o’clock we’re hoping you chew up I’m afraid
Bobby built the village high up onto the wall too dangerous for school
bring down that wall heavily never here Easter dropped off some charges often
my point anywhere the usual help get that walk down baby
air support will be honest that’s what I’m talking about now headed for the well of hope
Hey right got to stop oh stop get it right you’re gonna kill us all
listen to you the new recruit fresh from Earth I’ve been working on this for over
10 years this is my moment right now so if it doesn’t work I’ll see you on the
other side right you there turtle quarreling like a
baseball state what the hell did you do I’m not sure whatever you did it worked
the Navi are making a quick retreat I’m getting reports they lost control of
their band sheets that makes sense to you yeah it actually does Congrats Ryder
you’re gonna be a hero for this now get your butt down here and that dragon
better be spotless Ryder that you gross I heard we lost Kendra but you need to
know you did the right thing I hope it was all worth it this better bring me
you’ve stopped a catastrophe but this isn’t over
we can’t keep control of a war for long nor should we and we’ve got more
shipments of humans due to arrive so what was this all for they were needed
to see what we’re capable of and now she knows next time she’ll be ready you

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  1. At the point we are in, the avatar system like the game and movie, only thing close to the avatar is robots in my opinion. Does anyone scientifically agrees with me on this?

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