Just by taping once, JET TAPE eliminates the need of troublesome puttying prior to applying water-based paint on drywall. Applying water-based paint! They say if you have this you can apply water-based paint on drywall without applying mesh-tape and putty on joints. Indeed, is it possible to make drywall paintable just by taping them once? To answer this question, we invited paint and wallpaper master Dir.Shin. I heard if you use the tape that the CEO is holding, you can paint drywall with no hassle. Is this possible? Impossible! In order to apply paint on drywall, you have to go through a complex process that involves mesh-tape, 2-3 times of puttying and sanding. So we examined the CEO’s claim to see if it is true! The first runner is Dir.Shin, who starts puttying the joint! Meanwhile, the CEO Moon is taping the joint! After a little, the CEO Moon starts painting the wall! and gets the job done! It’s done! Dir.Shin looks embarrassed! He couldn’t even get started with paint! Let’s take a look at the CEO Moon’s finished wall! The paint is neatly applied as if puttying has been done. Director! how do you feel to validate the claim yourself? I thought it wouldn’t work. The finish is clean. I doubted if she would come out on top but she came through in the end! What a convenient method! Not only does the tape decrease construction period but also makes it possible to reduce the total cost. It also helps the nonprofessional to paint without difficulty! Isn’t it marvelous? So she’s painted a pair of drywall after applying JET TAPE. Seeing with the naked eye, we can’t see any flows here. It looks really clean and I am fascinated by the simple construction process of the product! What is the principle of JET TAPE? As you can see, this yellow part in the center is coated with a special solution whose job is to prevent the tape from wrinkling when water-based paint is applied above it As time goes on, the tape smoothes out the surface as it gains minute plasticity The representative of this company is a woman CEO with bright ideas that is difficult to find in construction industry. What’s more interesting is that she is a former employee of a large department store’s marketing team. I heard you’ve done quite a bit of work as a member of a department store marketing team. Do you believe such an experience contributes to your current position in construction industry? I believe I came to realization of the value of customer satisfaction. As people with youthful energy gather together to be the forerunners of tomorrow whose mission is to improve our living space, we are after the satisfaction of the both builders and residents A young company armed with new ideas whose mission is to create more comfortable and convenient living space! We hope they keep up the good work and anticipate seeing them contribute to job creation for young crowd! We are a company with a mission to provide solutions to enhance the value of living space and convenience of construction companies In construction and manufacturing industry, we won’t stop researching and creating innovation to be a global company.

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