Job Wouters’ HOME Mural

Job Wouters’ HOME Mural

There is still a lot of graffiti in my work,
which is part of my background. These specific letters, I think they refer
to a lot of things. Because of the weight on top and on the lower
parts, there is an immediate reference to cowboy lettering, so sort of American style
lettering. I think there is also references to Asian
calligraphy, because it’s so stroke orientated, it’s so much about the stroke. People should not be afraid of beauty and
I sense a fear of beauty amongst viewers of conceptual art. There is almost a sort of tendency that you
cannot really enjoy something visually, you have to be ashamed. I chose the word HOME because it is one of
those words that can change the meaning of a place, and I would like to bring some sort
of homey feel to a museum. I think a museum can be so much more than
a place where some well lit pieces hang and you feel scared and not at ease, and I think
it is very important to feel safe and comfortable in a museum, enjoying something beautiful
or weird or surprising.

4 thoughts on “Job Wouters’ HOME Mural

  1. jajaja Cool imma 150 like !
    This is an amazing big piece of art lettering and graffiti!!

    Il learn dude, i will 😉

    Paz a todos 🙂 !

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