Joey Jordison (of VIMIC, ex- Slipknot) – GEAR MASTERS Ep. 86

Joey Jordison (of VIMIC, ex- Slipknot) – GEAR MASTERS Ep. 86

Hello. My name is Joey Jordison from the [bands] Vinick also Rivera statham [creeper] Slipknot and also [guested] and Bands like Korn Rob Zombie Ministry among others And I’m here to give you a rundown of what I’m playing right now on the current Current limit tour so it got done with sound checks out a little sweaty excuse me But here’s where we’ll start right here right now you 18 by 22 Kicks right here. I’m using the Demon Demon drive pedal right here. I’m using a double kick pedal right now Just to keep the sound equal until I get it back out on the road I’ll probably switch back over to this, but it doesn’t matter so the double kicks are happening to happening right now I’m using the phone and uh Send in a quarter by a 14 there I got a 7 by 8 8 by 10 9 by 12 11 by 13 [he’s] a 16 by 16 18 by 18, and I have my off and on over here But I only is usually ignorance drum solos or sometimes for effect or a popular depending on like you know What’s going on with like that the end of like a chorus or like a verse or something sometimes? I throw that stuff in there And I have my 20 song from which is really good for [aspect] with like a lot of it riff it uh Dinna chasms I like the low [end] and stuff like that is religious crushes My drum technical arm like has this stuff like completely laid out for victim like a toned or [grades] You know all the guys a pearl and everything is treating me really well [I] started using them with [whatnot] on actually the [auto] for gondor and I use them because of the [drums] so I was doing but they [I] actually like to keep them here too because like certain Areas [that] are lead into like like a course or a verse or something like that Sometimes I’ll use them in bits of like a fill or something to make something like a an accent pop But it has to be [on] like to exit out like a guitar [rip] or something like that that’s what I haven’t here and Yeah, [they’re] a great accessory man. I really like use them I don’t even – much but uh wouldn’t you do like you definitely hear it like it makes all the difference I’ve been with Pearl now endorsed his 2004 and The thing is with pearl and why I’m so glad [to] be a part of [Turul] family is um my first drum kit that I ever wanted and I act my dad actually made me work for it was a Pearl export kid and I’ve worked all summer corn concrete And I was 14 years old like my whole summer vacation was spent just uh no Shoveling [contry] with all these like big burly dudes and like they’re like [kitchener] [and] porter you [know] putting up all that shit now I said I’m like but my dad made me work for it Which is really cool which made me really [appreciate] the meaning of hard work and everything so so I bought my first pro kit Which is a [perl] export which is a nine piece and luckily enough Man through all the hard work and stuff that I’ve done like throughout my career You know I’ve been able to be endorsed by in my opinion the best run company there is and it’s really so well It’s been really cool man screams great right the thing is I cooked up a change heads Differently it depends on the type of band the type [of] tuning That the band is in like ey and that’s [where] a lot of a lot of people don’t understand is like you can use like I [usually] [fight] a lot of [pinstriping] you can use coated but it depends on like [the] key that the band is in and like also like the action or what? you’re trying [to] do as far as like what type of feels, you’re playing or what the style of music you are playing but I’ve been sticking with this pretty much all of this even an influx of clear emperor on the top And an ambassador on the bottom pretty much all the way through not for long So that’s a you know pretty much one of [the] job tall salary Online share for the dot on the bottom right here, and on that you know, what using like control sound see down here on the kick and Then that’s pretty much it right there. I’ll be endorsed by [IC] for a while now and Then they treated me really well, so right now. I’m using a Fourteen over here. I’m going to talk high hat first, but a fourteen over here Like I found this I use all signatures And I have a thirteen over here for like writing on like certain parts. You can see right here That I have a 22, right? And I love this right because the [bell] on it is amazing and it like rings that like you know doing You know certain accents with stuff like that it really rings out right here as you can see have seventeen Here is my class section I’ve been using this computer Configuration for a while to do this so I have [here] six and I have a date and ten here On right now. I mean [again] for the 18th and here. I have a 19 like I said this is a 13 And I’m going to write them using a 22 instead like the bell And [have] these [two] tires that I go back and forth between Also over here. Have another 18. I’m using I like these on both sides They say cut you know Really big ass don’t like it sometimes like I use like a 23 special with the wrist glow type of music like this It can get washing so like you know since we’re tuned solo I like the higher cut and in in the China’s or anything So that’s why I’m using like a little bit smaller dimensions and plus [they] I mean they cut through anything [for] [S1] [sometimes] right now You know I’m just using like what’s the regular like pearl right here. You can see We’re here [roadster] And I like it because that is a back to it. [I] usually don’t use it back on because like You know just like I like using the back because it gives me more balance I didn’t usually use them but like now. I like it because I [could] lean back on like certain stretches It gives me a little bit more like push and like heaviness to certain parts and all that stuff But I’ve been using this for a while now. [it] is cool. Because like you know have a pack right on there and No one like [tectus]. It’s like for the years like right in it This is right there, and you control the sound sometimes we’re certain songs that I won’t even have like my juniors in And like certain times interview I know [I] different differentiate between like a lot right now I’m using the 777th, and I also use my techno sir bloodline sticks sometimes you know of course you know not pointless But not anyone not [really] but I’ve been using the seven seven seven probably since 1908 probably Very early 90s like 91 when [I] [seven] [playing] those stuff yeah, they’re a great stick and They feel right [I] put it seven four seven stew every once in a little bit I stick with the seven seven seven it’s pretty much all the time The best thing about pearl racks and what I like, you know not only about the company But about the rack system with icon rectum and the practices we have it you know like previous I like their square because they’re it gives me. You know once you get locked in There’s no, there’s no leeway for things like to slip That’s why I like when it’s locked in you got everything tightened and everything. You know correct if you’ve got everything lined up nothing That’s ripped. You know. I mean like sometimes things can slip it to get conversation on it you put on do whatever Sometimes we just slip so like that’s why I like about having like you know the icon if you noted square It is like steady and everything like stays in place like nothing move It is Joey Jordison, please check out the mix calm and be on the road soon. Thank you you

100 thoughts on “Joey Jordison (of VIMIC, ex- Slipknot) – GEAR MASTERS Ep. 86

  1. such a nice nice guy. for me, joey will always be slipknots drummer and now when i watch them with jay, i just see joey. hes a fucking beast!

  2. I have a similar story to Joey's. I wanted an SJC Custom kit, and I worked an entire summer vacation at a grocery store to get. I plan to go back again next year to buy some drum mics and new cymbals.

  3. I've got a feeling Joey was fired because of the type of music he wanted to create which if that is the case it sucks because it's such a low punch by the other guys

  4. Hey Joey if I were you I'd tell jesus you're really sorry for mocking his crown of thorns because if you don't you'll be wearing it forever in hell. No fuckin joke pal I'm deadly serious

  5. Man, if I had a quarter for every time Joey said 'like' in this video, I'd be able to buy this exact same setup! Please send your quarters to…

  6. Yesssiiirr I most def remember the Pearl Export series.. not my first( ludwig) but I loved how they looked

  7. Been waiting an eternity for the full Vimic album and it still ain’t out. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be by the end of the year but I can’t find anything more. Does anyone else know?

  8. A goat beard, yeah! More inspiration! Thank you! I always felt that pearl connection too. I love these massive hardware they make! Very interesting. The 4 Chinas. That`s makes this very unique accent slipknot sound. I always wondered about that when i was younger, but know i understand. Knowledge! So great!

  9. I talked to him on the Sinsaenum tour… well… I tried to talk to him. He‘s my absolute role model. I stood next to him after the show and couldn’t say anything, I was shaking like hell. Couldn’t even ask for a picture… at least I got some signatures from him. And the show was sooooo small… something about 20 people were there, I had the perfect opportunity, but couldn’t do anything 😩😢 But the memories are beautiful 🔥

    I really hope to see him once again in my life

  10. I saw Slipknot in London 10 years ago and Joey was literally lifted up and spun upside down whilst soloing. Fukking incredible show. Best metal drummer after Inferno.
    But can Inferno play drums upside down ;p

  11. I always enjoyed Jay Weinberg & his setup but the second I started watching this video I was instantly hooked on Joey’s setup, I’m not a big Slipknot fan & in no place to compare them, I think they are both fucking phenomenal at drumming & shit I’ll never be as good as them but I can definitely enjoy watching

  12. Awesome musician… It must sting a bit going from filling stadiums to barely filling clubs. Egos suck

  13. I know this is an old vid, but the guy doesnt look to be aging well. hope the legend that he is, is doing well.

  14. I can listen to joey jordison talk about drums for hours, but im not gonna ignore the fact that youtube just gave me a 1 minute unskipable ad

  15. When I was a kid I considered Joey like a hero. Now ten years later I think the same plus he's the nicest drummer I've ever heard

  16. People always wonder how he hasn't collaborated with other well known musicians to create some awesome All Star band, and I'm pretty sure it's because hes a control freak. Being a guitarist, producer, drummer etc; he has his hands in a lot of pots so that wouldn't really work and would clash with some All Star group. So hes waiting his talents in these shit bands in the meantime
    It's a shame

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