hi thank you for watching our channel
I’m Joi and I’m Leah I’m Ashley and we’re back to simple home and today
we’re in Ashley’s kitchen and we would like to help her organize and simplify
her space I’m excited I have a lot of problem areas in there so let’s go let’s
get started okay Ashley I thought today we need to
always start with the cabinets and the drawers so I’m gonna just be excited to
see what you have behind here let’s just go for it okay so these cabinets are my
best looking at this because it’s just our plates and bowls that’s all I keep
in there so it’s pretty easy to keep it organized and nice looking this is
awesome I mean everything this is perfect this
is what a cabinet with your dishes should look like I love white dishes I
mean I think your food what’s better with white dishes when you get out you
put out some Bolla prune or anything your food look so much better all my
dishes so perfectly amiable Instagram well and yes yes yes so it’s all looks
like this we have easy job but it does not here is are somewhere okay this
okay it’s pretty straightforward – I just yeah I love having it in a place
where you know even your kids could unload it yeah put it in a little chore
for you and your small yeah I think that’s good okay great great good job
this is kind of random okay this is this this guy with all these different kinds
of okay and then I have some mixing bowls okay on the merrier okay it’s so
random all the things in here okay well that is an area that we’re going to want
to work on because it is a touch rank them yes there are some things that
shouldn’t be located here that need to be in another area
okay under this thing now this is usually a huge problem for a lot of
people because everything that is not dishes usually goes right under here so
let’s see we have some bag paper bags plastic bags trash bags I have like dish
rags right here and then this little caddy it is functional but I will say a
lot of this we could get rid of and we can maybe condense it down and make it
look a little bit more aesthetically pleasing our tops look really good here
I mean minimal simple this is what you want – okay this glasses and then we
have okay okay this is right this is pretty cluttered okay here all kinds of
measuring cups and spoons and just ran little catches okay so this there’s no
organization with this just things get thrown in there and what we’ll do is
we’ll see what do you actually use and do we need to keep it or is this a good
place for you know each other if I collected a lot of plastic
containers okay and so that’s what all of this is okay some taters up here are
all kinds of coffee mugs this cabinets pretty cluttered we for sure want to
work on this cabinet personally I’m not a huge plastic container
yeah person yeah but I do like glass containers but you do have little ones I
think you have to take that into consideration okay you know plastic a
few plastic things just because you have little ones if you want to take a little
snack to the park I mean you’re not going to want to take glass yeah I know
you do have to be realistic on that so anyway but we do we could minimize this
yes let’s see what you got in here oh my four-year-old calls it the junk
drawer mm-hmm you can’t even open it actually well this is a junk drawer
under here it’s a griddle toaster and then I keep my crock pot up there so
that’s what I keep in there okay just a lot of big people like you do have a lot
of really good cabinet space yeah by blender I have some baking pans what the
right of things over here this I just keep kitchen towels in here
uh-huh these are the spices no that looks not very nice my oven mitts I
don’t keep much in there okay and if you talk with hands okay and a lot of times
it’s hard to get to anything in there cuz they just get stacked up just some
random black dishes I have just oh my quinoa going bad easy to reach when you
know it’s not okay yeah maybe no you get it down okay these are glasses that we
don’t use this much but I wanted to keep and okay and then bottles and cups for
the boys and then there’s my boys dishes we’re down here stuck four bottles I
don’t there’s a table runner dibs and under here is my mixer and yes Ilyn I
couldn’t think of a song here is a lot going on so I’ve been wanting to switch
over to plastic contains I mean glass containers all of my Mya plastic
containers are taken over is that other cabinet so these just got stuffed in
there with a whole lot of other stuff there’s a lot going on this one
coffee cups I have coffee and tea stirs rolling pin
I have cutting boards pizza pan I can hardly even get up there so I don’t
really know what’s up here I think I have some cookbooks on that side I don’t
go up there too much you know what the good thing is you have a lot of space
yeah some may not be quite as organized as we’d like to me that I know that you
would be you know like them to be a little bit more usable yeah especially
up here yeah you want to be able to use those spices they need to be in the
lower cabinet and there’s a few other things we need to tweak all overall this
looks great really good I’m excited to know out and your mom and I are gonna
have some great fun excited okay actually we have done a little bit of
work beforehand so we have cleaned off most of our counters and what we’re
going to do is Lee and I are going to actually unload the cabinets we’re going
to clean the cabinets we want to make sure we get back in those crevices
because a lot of times our cabinets don’t get cleaned so we want to for sure
do that but we’re going to put you on a project we’re going to open the junk
drawer we’re going to unload that junk drawer and you’re going to go through
thing in that drawer I am NOT a proponent of ghent doors I feel like
there’s a place for everything and we that’s what we’re working on okay so if
the Prudential matter people have lot larger Drent doors and they always fill
them up and a lot of times just like yours you can’t open the infant notes
even what’s in there so anyway you have to find something really exciting back
there let’s take that out let’s let her run that while Lee and I unload yeah we almost have all of Ashley’s kitchen
done her kitchen cabinets and her kitchen the drawers and I just wanted to
show you a few things when you are doing your own kitchen at home a few things to
think about what we did first on we did move her spices they were a little bit
tight in this drawer we moved them over here because she has a lot more spices
this way it gives her the ability to add more jar jar’s and to put more on spices
in this drawer I did alphabetize them just so that they were able to you can
easily see if you’re looking for salt go to the essence so I think that makes it
a little bit easier so we’ll have plenty of space to add more the more on spices
on that up here we put a lot of her baking dishes and serving dishes easy to
serve and then easy to get down for her baking so a lot of her baking needs are
right here with the utensils being right on the other side of her stove so she’ll
use this bird cooking on the stove and for we wanted that part to be like her
baking center she has a lot of great cabinet space now we did move the baby
bottles right here we organize them they work in this drawer down here
here up here they we’ve got them consolidated we put on all the bottles
that she didn’t need we organize them in these little containers makes it easy to
get to each piece as she is in need of that we did get rid of a lot of stuff in
this drawer or this cabinet actually this is a we kept to her put plates tans
or pink stands and we actually were going to use the other one out on the
counter I always think it’s nice to have some kind of fun baked goods especially
in the fall just sitting out on your counter so that you can easily reach out
and like grab a little snack during the day and your kids can grab maybe a
cookie or two this was where we got rid of a lot of stuff so we’re excited about
that I think it’ll be easier for this is a corner cabinet so it’s a little bit
not quite as accessible some of the other cabinets so that’s why we want to
just just put a few serving dishes back here she had all her pots and pans in
here with all the lids at the very back just in a peep a little little bit of a
pallet so we’ve moved a little out we’ve matched it up with the top so that it’s
easy to get to cuz usually you don’t want to have to scramble around because
there’s a lot of lid she didn’t have a pretty large step so we put her most of
her pots with lids here and then we did all of her skillets down here so that
they’re easy to get to the drawers here we’ve moved the oven mitts here it still
is still within reach I mean it would be nice to be right here handy but we felt
like these things were a little bit more essential right by the stove her next
one or just her plastic good we made two drawers for her wraps and then remember
that junk drawer remember we could hardly open the drawer but we did let
her keep a few writing pads and a pen in here to be able to jot down when she
needs to get something from the grocery store that she can have someplace to
quickly to jot down some items that are in her refrigerator or her pantry so we
are excited about what we’ve gotten done so far on this site we were bout to wrap
it all up Ashley I can’t believe it did take two
days yeah but we did amazing job I’m just so excited about what this looks
like you did a great job Leanne did a great job we all had so
much fun we go through cabinets done we got all the drawers done and we got rid
of a lot of some dead weight yeah yeah I’m just I’m really thrilled I think
this is going to be just such a help in your organization I’m making things
simpler for you to get meals on the table what was your favorite thing that
we did there are so many things the fact that y’all moved the boys dishes down to
where they can get to them so that they can set the table and then I was so
excited that I don’t have a jumped already yes yeah I didn’t want that
there but it just happens so it’s so surprising how so many people rely on a
junk drawer you do not need a junk drawer so my oldest student came down
today and was asking where the junk drawer was I really had fun doing that
together as a team I was surprised how fast we were able to do this project and
also we suggest to you that you do it with a friend because teamwork does
really it’s so helpful you really will enjoy doing it together
we thank you for joining us for our video if you like this kind of content
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will see you in the next video bye

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