Kitchen Sink Drain Connection

Kitchen Sink Drain Connection

that like tailpiece you don’t want to
type 2 type because I told us with to the strip out pop okay now look at the
way they are p trap on there’s something about p-trap
that you need to know about most people see it up under the sink in it why does it look down and come up why do we have a need for P trap well
the purpose of the p-trap is when the water comes in here of course it goes out here but when the
water is done running you still have amount of water that’s
trapped in here that’s why it’s called Pete rabbit traps
the water ok so the water is trapped in here why
that water trapped in here so that the sewer gases they go out to this in will
come back in and come up through here it come out to your house the water stops the sewer gas before it
comes back up into your house and that eliminates any sewer gas or any smells
you might get your house as you know a constant smelled sewer gas can be
harmful to your help so it’s important that you have a p-trap
you can find P trap on your floor drain upon you which is up under your basement floor of
the floor and utility room you have me traps on your tub and with the toilet you have a built-in
trap that is called a strap which allows the when you flush the water allows the
water to create a section which sucks all the the water most of the water out
of the toilet so that your ways to be washed away now that’s the important thing about a
p-trap is very important that you have a p-trap to wear sewer gases won’t come to
your house and every now did you do get any kind of smelling your house you
might want to check your p traps are you might want to check the P traps in the
floor drains and just a flashlight down if you don’t see any water shining back
at you what you need to do is just get you a
cup of water off and just pour some water on that p trap and refill that p
travel is nice and wet so it’s you again don’t come up in there
ok now with that let’s go ahead and put the P trampling all right that was my draping inside
feeling line it up with the trip yeah did not have to have included and line
it up and says the place i usually like taking a lot of a dab of glue and just
kind of popped off the outside is to make sure we have that nice and secure so I want a house that ever hit you

32 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Drain Connection

  1. I had no idea what the pea trap did… thank you. However, i am in the middle of fixing my drain right now and I'm thinking I tightened the thread too much? It's leaking there now. I think i'll take it apart again and rethread it. I am 45 years old and a woman and I've never done this. So far so good, just have to re-adjust this part.

  2. @bozomahoney 🙂 Thank you for the comment. I wish you luck and I hope my videos has help you. Happy New Years again thanks.

  3. @repaintsupply Thank you very much for the nice comment . Yes GOD has already bless me many times over, I told God that you said you will see me in Heavan and he told me to tell you to bring the chips 🙂 Have a great day my freind again thanks.

  4. you sir, are a great person.
    This happens on all means of service, plumbing, cars, renovations and PC repair. I was a apprentice plumber for 7 years and worked for a plumber that took pride in his work I would say an artist. Amazing how clean he leaves it to be covered up by drywall. I took that knowledge and same work ethic over to the IT field and now been in IT for over 13years. I see people get ripped off with computer work as well. I fixed simple problems that was overcharged as well

  5. That was a nice thing to do for that little old lady. There should be more people like you doing this kind of work. I notice auto mechanics trying to rip off women too and repair things that don't even need fixing. I think this is wrong and a bad business practice. The lord will remember people like this on judgement day.

  6. Doing it myself. This is the Best Video out there. Thanks for the solid info and instructions. I did not know the reason for the "P-trap". Patti

  7. Hi.  We have encountered complications in installing our kitchen plumbing.  The drain outlet is higher than the rest of the pipes.  We just installed a double sink, with the shorter/smaller of the two sinks closest to the drainage outlet.  the drains in the sink are approximately two feet from the drainage.  The water from the drains doesn't flow; it accumulates in the pipes and then starts to leak.  Anything we can do to be able to use our new sink?

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