[KR19S1] Dongpirang Wall Painting Village! Where to go in Tongyeong?

[KR19S1] Dongpirang Wall Painting Village! Where to go in Tongyeong?

Imagine having my bed here. My computer here. A BBQ pit. Two boxes of ice creams. Then maybe… Refrigerator here. Whoa, this is the best place. Hi guys, so right now we’re back in the car. After having our Lotteria. So right now we’re heading to the Dongpirang. Dongpirang in Tongyeong. – I was thinking about not wearing seat belts, but then f*** that s***. – No… I think I will wear it, you’re too dangerous! Temperature outside is 13 degrees. It’s still not that bad, and… Okay, let’s go! Okay, I’m going to ignore you now. Gonna leave you alone. Gonna sleep. Relax, relax, relax. What the hell is this? You didn’t release the brake man. Thank you. Don’t shift your gear stick to the end! – Don’t shift it to the + and – sign. – Oh… Okay? Hi guys, so after a long ass drive. – Almost two hours? – Yeah, almost two hours, one and a half to two hours drive. Of course, it’s just 30 minutes drive for him. Because half-way I took the wheel. Not because he is, you know, not familiar. It’s just I want to make things… I want to speed. Because we’re really running out of time. Yeah… – I’m serious. – I know. Right now we’re here at Dopirang. Is it Dopirang? Dongpirang. Tung tung. Sounds like dung. Don’t say it as tung, it’s wrong. – Dong. – Dongpirang. Dong is, the meaning is East. And then Pirang, is hill. Yeah. So we’re at the Eastern Hill in Tongyeong. This whole place is filled with art drawings at the walls. The actual full name is called the Dongpirang Wall Painting Village. Firstly, check out the view, just right in front of us. That is some port in Tongyeong. Whoa, you see the view here is super cool. Later we can Instagram photo here already. And here smells like toilet huh? I think beside here is just a toilet but then, yeah, so… Look at the view here. Come let’s take a shot. Cute right? – Let’s find a better spot ah. – Okay ah. Nevermind. – Let’s go. So as you can see, this is the first painting. And it’s ugly as f***. Next. This place is gorgeous. But one bad thing about this place is… It really smells like a f***ing toilet. Really, really. – Literally. – It’s really… so smelly, right? You see, so beautiful huh? Right? But then this place smells like s***. Literally smells like s*** man. Check out this one. This place feels like Gamcheon village. And look up there. Basically, there’s a cafe over there. Then you can see a lot of paintings over here. And this weird tree. It’s so beautiful here. Good for photoshoot. And there’s a fake guy playing a fake guitar. Just right in-front of me. I think this is where they filmed the movie. Padam Padam is the movie I think. This is where they filmed the movie. I’m actually at the set now. So, take a look at this. Is it this show? This is the place where they film one of the Korean tele… Sorry, got tangled. This is the place where they film one of the Korean television series. Check out the view from here, it’s really crazily awesome. Check out, check out, check it out. Imagine at night with all of them lighted up, having BBQ here. – Good right? – But the smell though. Without it would be good. This place f*** literally smells like a toilet. Really, really. Oh god. My weakest link. – Huh? – There’s ice cream here. My weakest link. Whoa, there is actually more up there! Souvenir shop, then this is the place where you can… Check out the place. Dongpirang. – There’s more up there. – Yeah, something beautiful. F***, we need to pay. F***. There is like a, one more pit stop. Whoa, this place is beautiful. Whoa, this place is just, **** in my pants. I don’t regret, I really don’t regret spending 2 hours driving here from Busan. This place is crazy man. Oversee the whole entire part of this town man, oh my god. The off the city kind of feel. The village vibe. Imagine having my bed here. My computer here. A BBQ pit. Two boxes of ice creams. Then maybe… Refrigerator here. Whoa, this is the best place. Is that a freaking fox? That’s a dog or a fox? Dog Fox. Hello. Hello… Hey enough man, come on. Don’t snap every painting you see. We’re running out of time! You said we’ve lots of time just now! We had the time just now, not right now! Oh my god… So right now we’re heading to the next station. Which is… Which is where? Where are we going next? I can’t remember. Donggang. Donggang port? And… Yeah, so we’ll see you there. Hey quick, enough snapping. There’s a real ship for you to snap later and you’re snapping a fake one. F*** man! How do you know when is the next time you’re coming here again? – Think again. – I will be living here. I will be living in Busan, anytime. Will snap it and send it back to you in Singapore. Thanks. Thank you so much!

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  1. Omg duuuude I was just musing today how come haven't seen any vids from you for soooo long. Haha! Ok Imma go watch it now!

  2. shooot the car point of view was super nice! i love the editing and the music. you definitely are one of the only 'vlog' channels i like to watch.

  3. haha…you're always scolding David;s driving. Is he a new driver? reminds me of my dad when i was learning to drive!

  4. Finally! I love your vlogs Bolin so I guess its definitely quality over quantity. Looking forward to the new series and all the other cool adventures you have in store. <3

  5. Omg I missed you guys , where have you been !!! I just got back from Busan last week. I loved it 😍. I got pictures if you wanna see. Awesome video. keep up with the videos I love them .

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