Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas / DIY On a Budget + Template

Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas / DIY On a Budget + Template

hi guys for today’s video I’m gonna
show you how to make this 2 DIYs holiday decorations also make sure to watch
until the end if you want to learn more about the giveaway to start we are gonna
need 4 frames remove the mirrors and the back pieces
then with the help of some wire cutter remove the hinges when you’re done
removing all the hinges it’s time to paint them I love a white Christmas
theme so I decided to paint them white but this is completely up to you when they are all dry it’s time to glue
the mirrors and then glue all the frames together making
a little box now lets measure the inside and cut three pieces of cardboard gluing them
together and painting them after they’re dry let’s
glue them on the inside now it’s time to decorate it for that I
decided to put some fake snow and a Christmas tree I really like how it was
looking but then I decided to put some fairy lights and I just love the final
result for the second DIY I use three frames
and again remove the mirrors and the back pieces to keep on with the white
Christmas theme I painted them white while they’re drying we’re gonna need
these elders craft bond and let’s spray it on the back of the frames then take a
piece of burlap fabric which needs to be the same measurements as the back pieces
of the frames and paste it on top of it repeat this process with the other two
frames and let them dry now I drew the letters on a paper and then cut them so
they work as templates you can download them down in the description just make
sure to use the same size of frames that I used use a sponge brush and start
painting the inside of the templates when they have dried let’s remove the
papers with the help of a little brush let’s
correct any mistakes and when they’re completely dry let’s put everything back
together and this is the final result these DIYs
are very easy to make and they for sure bring more of the holiday vibes I really
hope you try them for this holidays I’m giving away a $50 Amazon e-gift card so if you want to enter this giveaway you can go check the link down in the
description I really hope you have enjoyed this video and see you in the
next one bye

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  1. I love Christmas because we celebrate the birth of Jesus!! Also I love it because of peppermint/eggnog/tamales! 😍💕 I love your channel!! New sub!

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