Latest bedroom, wardrobe, drasing,tv cabinet design with price and interior design/ room makeover

Hello Friends Welcome to my channel “Marble Guru Ji Jitendra Sharma” In this video, I show you a high-class interior design room design this room’s size is 12 X 15 feet this background bed design continues to wall, wall to roof ceiling, ceiling to next wall (to TV Cabinet which is at the front of the bed its polishing is too good polycoat polish in this furniture the price of poly cot polish in the market with the material is 400 to 550 RS per sq.feet resin and hardener are also used in this polish LED TV Cabinet wooden flooring in this room 75 % wood and 25% Italian Marble are used at its side wardrobe design as you can see its reflection is is too high. just like as a mirror high-class interior design the glass door in this wardrobe Fan design The estimated price of this interior work is 2000 RS per sq.feet it is only an estimated price for your idea for example, room size is 200 feet then the designing cost is 4 lakh RS window side dressing thanks guys, for watching this video please like and subscribe to my channel

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