Launching Murals of Tibet

Launching Murals of Tibet

We are very happy that you are all here
for this special first moment for us to present this project MURALS OF TIBET When I saw these murals, I wanted to share them with you. I wanted to bring them to the world. This painting is a philosophical statement: What are you going to do
with this precious human life? It’s not about belief. It’s about education of the heart. Every picture tells a story. You see the ears? Why are they long like that? The buddha was raised in a palace. He had heavy gold earrings. When he left his palace because he was aware of impermanence, he took out the gold earrings. But still, his earlobes were stretched. All that is in volume two, where you can see all these lovely commentaries by tons of great scholars who have worked with us. When Benedikt asked me what I wanted to with this, I said: “I want a SUMO.” It’s the only way to convey the material from a thousand years of Tibetan murals – with a SUMO. “You’re the only publisher who can do this.
If you’re not doing it, I’m not doing it.” I already store many books of TASCHEN
but this is a very overwhelming book. It’s much more than a book. I think Thomas Laird – he is a translator from the East to the West. The print – it’s wonderful. It’s also bringing it to the world because the Tibetan heritage is now heritage of everybody. When you see this image day after day in your life, it has a direct impact on you. Don’t be afraid of the journey. Begin!

3 thoughts on “Launching Murals of Tibet

  1. 'its about education of the heart' – not the money$$$, wankers; Thomas Laird, you're a turd of the highest order

  2. Will there ever be a second, more affordable book in the future? I don't mean to sound rude or disrespectful, I fully understand whythis costs so much. But I wish so much to view own these images too…

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