Leaking Water Supply Lines to Washer

Leaking Water Supply Lines to Washer

Water Supply Lines Water lines are under constant pressure and can leak if not firmly tightened. If you notice water dripping from your lines you can save time by tightening it
yourself. To complete this process you will need a pair of pliers or a pair of channel locks. Tightening Water Supply Lines Begin by shutting off the water valve on
the wall. Then using a set of pliers or channel locks turn the hose connector clockwise until
it’s snug. Turn the water valve back on and see if the washer still leaks. Checking The Rubber Washer If it’s still leaking, the rubber washer
may be missing or damaged. Begin by turning off the water valve on the wall. Then using a set of pliers or channel locks remove the hose by turning it connector counterclockwise. You may need a towel to help clean up spills. Check to see if the rubber washer inside the hose is missing or damaged. If the washer is missing or damaged, replace the rubber washer with a new one. Then reconnect the hose. Be sure to secure the connector firmly. Lastly, turn on the water valve and check for leaks . Please make sure to check both ends of the hoses. The end of the hose that
connects to the washer and also the end of the hose that
connects to the water valves.

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  1. it keeps leaking out of the nozzle that's close to the water valve . i try plumbers tape and tighting it and it still leaks out of the hose . i tried 2 sets of hoses and the same thing happens. what am i doing wrong?? could it be the valve?

  2. Hi, this is Sheree from GE. I apologize for the trouble you are experiencing with your GE washer. There is the possibility it might be the household valve. I would suggest before calling a plumber, that you watch our video on our GE appliance website, located under the support tab. It will show complete details in the installation of the hoses. I hope this helps!

  3. same here
    one leaks the other doesnt i, change hoses, nothing still leaking but i'll check the rubbers just in case

  4. Hi shkmru shk – We hope you are able to easily resolve your issue by checking the black rubber inserts. If service is needed, appointments may be scheduled on our GE Appliances website under the support tab.

  5. My rubber hose washer fell out and when the movers hooked it up it leaked all night and ruined my wood floors.

  6. Note that the rubber washers inside each end of a hose's threaded fittings might not have any obviously visible damage, but they might have flattened or shrunk to the point where they can no longer provide a water-tight seal. It's best to just replace the washers, no matter what they look like, if there's a leak from the threaded fittings. Some hose washers are better than others at creating a water-tight seal–Blue Hawk makes some good hose washers. They're kind of a light brown and somewhat stiff, rather than soft and rubbery.

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