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(upbeat rock music) – Hi, I’m Miss Penny and
these are the KidVision kids, and we’re here today at Cushy Gigs to find out about wall art. – My name is Alex and
I’m the creative director of Cushy Gigs, and I’m gonna
show these kids my studio, and how to paint a mural today. – Excellent, are you ready? – [Kids] Yes – Woohoo, lets go. (chimes) (funky music) – Well today we’re gonna start planning a mural that we’re gonna paint, and we start with a
basic template like this, which will guide us to
paint the mural later. So we got some fun markers and
colors that we can use now, so we can come up with a plan
for what we’re gonna paint. – Great, I have some ideas,
do you have any ideas? Do you know what a mural is? – [Kids] No. – No, wait, would you explain
to us what a mural is? What are you gonna be drawing today? – Well in our case, a
mural for today is gonna be something that we paint
real big on a wall. – Terrific, so it’s like a big wall art, but we’re gonna do it cooperatively. So that means that we’re
all gonna contribute to the picture. You’re each gonna do individual things, but we’re all gonna be
part of the big picture, We’re gonna do it together. What would you like your
picture to look like when we would draw it on the wall? – Flowers. – Flowers!
– Good. – I love that idea. What would you like to add to your wall? – A hill. – A hill, and you’re gonna draw? – Bubble letters with clouds. – Bubble letters with
clouds, I can’t believe it, they’re gonna be beautiful clouds. And what are you donna draw? – Deer. – A deer, a deer is gonna
make the scene so beautiful. And we can add shapes, and colors, and make it all beautiful,
it’s gonna be great. How do we get started? – Well, we start by just digging in with some markers and some
colors, let’s do this. – Okay. (bright upbeat music) – This mural is just beautiful, and it took all of us to make it. I’m very proud of it, are you proud of it? – [Kids] Yes. – I am too, how do we get this mural, that’s on a piece of paper, to the wall? – Well Miss Penny, we’re
gonna take a picture of it and we’re gonna bring it into the computer and turn it into a map, so it’ll be easier for us to paint on the wall. – Wow, that sounds like fun. Would you guys like to do that? – [Kids] Yes! – Me too, let’s try it. Yeah, that’s amazing. (bright upbeat music) (chimes) – I see a picture of our
picture on the computer screen. – That’s right, we took
a picture of the drawing that we all worked on together, and we brought it into the computer, so that now we can create our map. So the first thing we do
is we turn it into a grid. What that means is, I’m
gonna pull out these guides in the very center of the
drawing, which is right there. And then we’re gonna break it down into quarters as well. Do you guys know what quarters means? – No, what’s that supposed to mean? – It means it’s turning it into fours, first it was one long picture,
then we cut it in half so there were two pictures, and now we’ve turned it into four. So there’s one, two, three, four. So we turned it into quarters. – Right, and now we’ll
pull one more line down through the middle here. – Now it’s eight? – Now it’s broken up into how many pieces? – [Kids] Eight! – Should we count them? – [Kids And Miss Penny]
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. – So we’ve divided our
picture into eight sections. – That’s right, so now it’s
basically like a big puzzle, and our job is gonna
be to, each one of us, work on one piece of the puzzle. And when the whole puzzle is
finished, what will we have? – The complete picture. – That’s right, we’ll have
a full, painted mural. – Oh my goodness, it’s gonna be exciting. – Yeah me too. Well let’s go ahead and print this, and then we’re gonna go to the
wall and start painting it. – Yes, are you ready? We print and then we paint. Let’s go, come on. (chimes) (bright upbeat music) – I’m gonna show you kids a little bit, how to use spray paint, okay? The number one thing is
we always use it outdoors, we don’t use it inside, okay? – [Kids] Okay! – Once we put the nozzle on top of it, then it’s ready to be sprayed,
and the closer you spray, the cleaner of a line
you’re gonna get, okay? The spray paint is not
gonna work very well when you get farther and farther away, and it’s gonna start to get into other peoples eyes and stuff, okay? So we wanna make sure that we’re spraying very, very close, and
very, very quickly, okay? – Close and quick. – That’s right. Now I want you guys to run and grab your favorite color and come right back. Alright kids, first things first, we need to make sure that we cover up our mouths and noses, okay, safety first. You put it over your head, and just pinch that right there, okay? – And that’s so you don’t
breathe in the paint. – That’s right. (bright upbeat music) – We’ve got one to go. No you did it, Olivia, you’re done. There you go. – Shake your cans. (paint can spraying) – We get to paint our
mural now, are you ready? (bright upbeat music) (chimes) (bright upbeat music) – We did our grid on the wall,
and we also did our sketch, and so, I think we’re ready
to begin coloring it in, are you guys ready to color this in? – [Kids] Yes! – Alright now remember
the rules, don’t spray towards anybody, and don’t
spray towards yourself. (bright upbeat music) – Well we created a
beautiful visual art mural. This is wall art, and it’s visual art because we use our eyes to look at it. – What do you think about it? How do you feel about your art work? – Proud. – I feel proud of it too,
you put all kinds of shapes. And we all did it together,
and you know I think usually visual artists sign their art. – That’s right.
– Yes. – That’s right Miss Penny,
we should sign this piece. And I think I’ll sign it right now, we’ll sign it Kid Vision, for
the Kid Vision crew, right? – [Kids and Miss Penny] Yes! – Alright, sounds good, you guys ready? – [Kids] Yes.
– He’s gonna sign his art. (bright upbeat music) – What’s your favorite part, Olivia? – The heart and the two flamingos. – I love that part too. What was your favorite part? – It’s this pyramid right here. – I love the pyramid too. What’s your favorite part? – The heart and the smiley star. – I like the smiley star too. And you had a very special
part of this wall mural, what’s your favorite
thing that you drew today? – I like that. – A rainbow egg, it is beautiful. Well I’m really proud
of our Kid Vision mural, we did a great job with
our wall art today. Don’t you think so? – [Kids] Yeah! – Give yourselves a thumbs up. – Alright.
– Good job. And it’s even signed Kid Vision. Thank you so much. – No problem, thank you. – And for that we deserve a double. – [Alex And Miss Penny]
A double thumbs up! – Good job! – Alright kids, thank you
for working with me on this, it was so much fun. (bright upbeat music)

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