Learn to paint a dripping Candle Easy Beginner Acrylic painting Tutorial

Learn to paint a dripping Candle Easy Beginner Acrylic painting Tutorial

[opening theme] *Cinnamon: Hey everybody. I’m Cinnamon Cooney, the art sherpa. On the mic today is my husband, John. *John: Hey, guys! *Cinnamon: I am so excited. Today I’m gonna be showing you how to take a simple photograph, and turn it into an easy painting. I’m gonna show you some different ideas you might not of thought of. Different ways to think about what goes first. How that process happens. How do you take a photograph and make it a painting? I’m gonna do that with a candle. Cause that’s leading up to the fireman this Saturday, which I’m really excited about. This is also an Angelooney collab. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Angelooney collabs are kind of paint alongs that I did with my friend, Angela Anderson. We sort of plan things that match or go together in some synergistic way. So you can art for the whole day and if you have something you love, you have more of it. You might have seen it with the mermaids, or with the Paris. This is like that, and at six o’clock this evening, she’s gonna have a live video as well. Information is in the description to her channel. Also in the iCard. And you can always follow along on Angelooney dot com in facebook if you wanna participate in future collabs, or what’s happening, but of course you’re here right now. You’re collabing! How are you doing today, John? *John: I’m doing pretty good. *Cinnamon: Been kind of a day. *John: It’s been a crazy, crazy day. I’m still, like, catching up on my button pushing cause I can’t… *Cinnamon: It’s been a button pushing day. We’ve had some stuff. I just wanted to say, give a shout out and love to everybody here in live. The mods, the community. You guys really worked to keep this a positive place today. *John: Oh yes! So thank you guys. Now while you tell us- I’m gonna get the picture from over here. *Cinnamon: In picture? *John: I- For picture in picture. *Cinnamon: It’s already sent to you in skype. *John: Nope. I didn’t make it. So I’m gonna go resend it here. So while that’s going on maybe you could tell them what materials we got. *Cinnamon: Today we’re gonna be painting on a pre-gessoed, eleven by fourteen, black canvas board. I like using the black canvas board because it’s inexpensive. They’re easy to store. It’s not such a big project to take on when when you’re learning how to paint. And I find sometimes making you know, big work into smaller bites makes some of these art challenges a lot less challenging. We’re going to be covering stuff like how to figure out where the lighting goes. How to use a photograph to give you information you need to translate. And also, the kind of colors that you’re going to pick and why you might pick them All things you guys have been asking me about. A whole bunch On the palette today… I’ll hold it up here. Ok. He’s got the palette cam. On the palette today, let’s talk about that. I have several types of yellow. I have a blue. A brown. A black. Glazing medium and white. This is titanium white. I like this cause this is a clear bright white. And because of the glazing liquid, I don’t really need to use a mixing white, or zinc white. Cause I can get a transparent kind of glow or glaze with that. I have here… This is a really nice color. You can exchange with any sort of… Really cool- This is naphthol red medium. Right? There’s a link in the description. But you could use any crimson here. Cause this is a cool red. I also have here a very warm red. This is cad red light. Cad red medium would work here too. I just want a warm red. So cool red, a warm red. And I have kind of comparatively a cool yellow and a warm yellow. This is something you wanna so when you’re working fire. You’re gonna want these cool colors and warm colors. This yellow, right, is a pretty warm yellow but compared to the indian, uh, yellow hue, this is really warm. And I say warm, like closer to the red. On the color wheel. I’ve got mars black here. The burnt sienna, also warm. And then I have the phthalo blue. And this is sort of the formulation for creating the candle that I’m gonna show you. It’s gonna be pretty realistic. It’s gonna be pretty realistic, but it’s gonna be really easy. I think you’re gonna be surprised at what you can do. You’re gonna- It’s kind of a show off piece, and I’m gonna even show you how to take the boring part of the photograph, and make it a little more interesting and arty. *John: Now, can I ask you something? *Cinnamon: You can ask me anything! *John: Look at your monitor real quick Is, uh… That. Is that what? *Cinnamon: That- That, yeah. *John: That’s the reference? Can we show that to everybody? *Cinnamon: Yeah! You show that to everybody but it should be vertical. I don’t know it ended up being horizontal. *John: Ok. Well, that’s just- *Cinnamon: I think you grabbed my thumbnail. *John: Oh, yeah it is. I see here. Watch. Watch as I push the button. *Cinnamon: Oh. Perfect! Yes. So that’s what we’re gonna be working from today. This nice, drippy candle. I think we’re all familiar with this, the drippy-ness. But this candle pictures teaches us a lot. About how we paint, and also It’s gonna go nice with those fireplaces you guys have already done. It’s gonna go really good with that fireman. It’s gonna do really good with Angela’s lantern. And it’s gonna make all of those fire paintings super easy. And that’s what we want for you guys is just for it to be super easy. *John: Mmm, that’s awesome *Cinnamon: Can we get started? *John: Yes! Absolutely. *Cinnamon: We usually put in wishes. But I have my black canvas and then I’ll have some black gesso here. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And I’ll paint that back out. What kind of wishes do we have today? I know I want one. A wish for peace in people’s hearts. *John: Yeah. That’s a good wish. *Cinnamon: A wish… For peace in people’s hearts who are feeling restless. *John: Cindy had a wish. For her daughter to find a good job. And I’d like to put a wish out there for ALL kids looking for jobs. May they find steady, reliable income. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Good work for people is important. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: I like to- You have another one? *John: Oh yeah. I got several. So, uhhh, so…. Luke would like a wish for a stop to bullying. He’s having some bullying at school. *Cinnamon: Wow, Luke! I kind of feel your feels today, Luke. I wish… For just…. The world just stops bullying. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You know. I wish that deeply and just talks, and makes plans, and is reasonable. *John: We have a wish for Vicky’s mom’s knee. *Cinnamon: Healing of a knee. *John: And dad’s kidney. *Cinnamon: That’s some healing. Let’s see if I can spell knee today. [both chuckle] *John: It begins with a K…. *Cinnamon: I got it there. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Later, they’ll be like, “This girl was crazy!” *John: Yeah. We are. But that’s ok. And then the last one I think is great cause one of our own, Frisky Kristi, got it for us and she goes peace, love and happiness and that every troll finds their unicorn. *Cinnamon: Aww! Yeah. That was such a- You guys were so brave, you fine fine troll hunters, you. Oh. The best laid plans of mice and men. Think they’re getting even, huh? *John: So what do we have here today? What are we doing? *Cinnamon: Today, the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna paint out these wishes. *John: Oh, well you’re gonna… *Cinnamon: I’m gonna put these into the paint, cause I gotta sketch over them. *John: You’re gonna blend these into the canvas so that the wishes can… *Cinnamon: I am, so that they go right into the universe, and I really hope that those are wishes that come true. You know. Luke, I’m really sorry you’re going through bullying. I can tell you as a YouTuber, that’s something that we experience. *John: Yeah! *Cinnamon: Quite a lot. And what I want to say is it’s about you. And how you act. It’s not about them. They’ve already gotten lost. You don’t have to buy into their weird world view. *John: Oh my goodness! *Cinnamon: What? *John: We are 390 strong today! *Cinnamon: 390! I’m loving it! *John: We are already Sherpa! Look at that! You turn around for a moment. We get some wishes in there, and…. *Cinnamon: I could dance and blow bubbles and dry this dryer. *John: Could you do that? [techno music plays] And I’ll let you guys look at the- We’ll get full Sherpa silly there! [John laughs] See! Now this becomes a game. [John continues laughing] So thank you guys for coming and hanging out with us today. Oh my goodness! We’re at 400 already! So thank you, thank you, thank you, for coming and hanging out. Being part of our tribe and our community. We love you guys. It’s just nice to have you guys all with us here, all the time. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And I just wanna make it clear, cause I realize that I might have been misunderstood. Luke, what I’m saying is you’re good heart is what matters. What they’re going through, It’s not a reflection of you. People that need to attack you, that’s a reflection of them. It’s not a reflection of you. And every YouTuber that you watch, goes through what you go through, and we all know. We feel your feels. *John: And now I’m just gonna put… *Cinnamon: Bubble me up? *John: More bubbles on your canvas. You gonna protect your canvas from the bubbles? *Cinnamon: No! I’m gonna draw something in, you… nut job! [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Alright. So if you guys look at the picture, the photograph reference, that we have here, It’s- Or if I get my reference back. *John: Oh! Ok. Sorry. Hold on. [Cinnamon giggles] *John: Button push, button push! *Cinnamon: And my ruler is full of bubbles! Ok, there we go So let’s look at how that’s laid out in this space, right? You know, where’s the halfway point? In the picture plane you can kind of see that the little candle that we’re looking at is a little bit, just a smidge below the halfway point. And it takes up most of the space. So we can make what’s called a foreshortened…. And of course I’ll include a traceable later, guys. I’ll make a traceable from this, cause I don’t think drawing is the only way that we accomplish art. Right? So we’ve got a foreshortened circle that we did here. And you’re gonna need a base of vertical lines. Because candle makers…. Are pretty darn good at their straight lines. I’ve gonna use a ruler. *John: Gravity works. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Gravity is really helpful with that. I’m gonna switch to a triangle because I’m struggling with my ruler today. [sings]Struggling with my ruler…. Switching to my triangle. Triangles are a fun tool. You can find these inexpensively at the craft store. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Um… If you’re straight line challenged. Like me. [John laughs] *John: Straight line challenged. I like that. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: Then this is a good way to go. And you can kind of see now we have sort of a pillar shape. *John: I’m circle challenged. *Cinnamon: So foreshortened circle, in art we’re just talking about a circle that we’re seeing in an ellipse. And is sort of squished. And that’s something you can do anytime. You can foreshorten your circles, right? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Now, we have a little wick. Sort of coming out the center. That we’re dealing with. And here’s something I’m gonna say right now. If you observe this candle, one of the things I don’t think is great about this candle, is I don’t think it’s flame is very interesting at all. *John: No? *Cinnamon: No! I don’t think it’s worthy of us! Do you think it’s worthy of us? I say we deny it! *John: What? *Cinnamon: We deny the flame! But we’re gonna use it as a reference. But to think about what I’m doing there, one of the things I’d like to do- *John: You’re talking fire smack. *Cinnamon: I’m talking fire- I’m going to make this interesting kind of arabesque line. Do you see that right there? *John: I see it. *Cinnamon: So that when I make my candle shape, which is gonna- My flame shape, which is gonna be wider at the bottom. And taper. It’s not just up. It has been impacted by wind and will feel more artful. Oh now we’re playing. Now we can even have some smoke. Right? That might- If we did the wolf… We kind of know how some smoke might go. *John: Oooohhh. *Cinnamon: These little curly, wandery lines. *John: Tammy says, “Flame it up!’ *Cinnamon: Flame it up. *John: And of course Lisa’s a fan of that. She’s like, “No! More fire! More fire!” *Cinnamon: More fire… Right. *John: You can just hear her chanting like Beavis in the background. *Cinnamon: So we know that we’ve got this flame here, but it’s a little more interesting and already our painting, our plan, is a little more interesting than the photograph gave us information for. But because we have this photograph, we’re gonna know how to put blue here, and how to shade this flame, and where to put reflections. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Now another thing that we’ve got going, if you look, is interesting dripples. Say dripples. *John: Dripples? *Cinnamon: Dripples!!
[John laughs] *John: Lisa says don’t deny me my flame! *Cinnamon: I will never deny anyone their flame. And listen, if you just like the flame the way it is, and you’re like, Oh, I just… I like her as a teacher but I just, I think she’s wrong…. Guess what. That’s ok. It’s alright. You just flame it up your way. Because on a canvas it’s your world. At the end of the day, I’m just guiding you through what you’re painting. But you still have to make decisions about what’s right for you, in your world. I’m gonna add another little kind of dripple bobble here, that I know that I want. And there’s some interesting dripples which are coming around. So what I’m doing when I’m breaking this down is I’m breaking it down into small bits. And I’m not trying to take it in as a whole. I think that’s what’s hard for new painters. Is they’re trying to take an image in as a whole. See, I see a little dripple coming down here. By the way you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to do it like the best anyone ever did it. You just have to do it in a way that makes you feel good. Ok. So we have some dripples. That we see. We know where our reflections are. You know. Some nice dripples. That are happening here on the sides. And now we’re gonna look at our photograph and go what is our darkest color? And start putting that in as our base. And so when I’m looking at that, and I’m wanting it to be the darkest color, I’m gonna want it to be a little cooler so that the areas that are light are really popping forward and really feeling like they’re aglow. This is why Thomas Kinkade used cadmium. This is why Bob Ross used cadmium. This is kinda why I use cadmium. My mom used cadmium. A lot of artists use cadmium. Cause it does this power play with cool and warm reds that allow for a glow like nobody’s business. I lost my picture in picture. *John: Oh! Well, I was fixing some things that- Cause everytime I turn the- *Cinnamon: I’m just letting you know cause- *John: Everytime I turn the, um…. The…. Bubble blower on, it messes with my thing. But you know what? Lisa just sent me over some really cool stuff that I wanted to share. But we do a little quick…. We do our…. Super-dee duper call to action thingy. *Cinnamon: Oh yeah? *John: Because, check this out. Let me see if I can get it. *Cinnamon: Are you guys having fun today? Taking care of yourselves? [Cinnamon gasps] *John: You see that? *Cinnamon: Oooohhh!!! *John: Look at that! That’s… You know- *Cinnamon: Follow your dreams. Judgement Eagle is watching! [Cinnamon laughs] *John: And then she got a shirt done, too. So…. *Cinnamon: So if you guys were there for our 100k yesterday, thank you so much for the live, thank you so much for the fun. We certainly got our post 100K surprise today, didn’t we? *John: Yeah. *John: But we just wanted to say thank you to all you guys for coming. Go out and check us out at, uh… TheArtSherpa dot com, or you can find the shirts at shop- *Cinnamon: We’re there. Live chat goes on. *John: Yeah. Shop dot theartsherpa dot com. *Cinnamon: Shopping! *John: So, I just wanted get my plug in there. Thank you guys for coming here. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share. Go click all of the buttons. *Cinnamon: Judgement Eagle says follow your dream. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Alright. So, back! To your regularly scheduled… *Cinnamon: You guys have been saying judgement squirrel with me. Crack me up. So right here I have one of my favorite kinds of brushes. I love a number ten bright. And I love a number ten bright that has synthetic filaments, and is firm, and that is what this is. I’m going to dip this in my water. Make sure I have off my excess water, cause I don’t want it to be too… Uh… Wet! Right? I’m gonna have a little brown with my red. Right? I might even add a scoach…. Just a smidge, and you can see it doesn’t take much to deepen this color. I’m cooling it and deepening it. Because the core of this candle wax is not gonna be very lit up, is it? And I’m gonna come here and start laying in and isn’t that gorgeous over the black? Those of you that did the fireplace with me have probably had some fun doing these kind of red tones over the black, and aren’t you glad you have use for that red past the fireplace? And you’re gonna have use for this again for the fireman. The fireman painting I think is gonna really blow y’all’s mind. Think you’re gonna love it. Hopefully you will love your whole day of painting today. *John: I love how that- You’re using kind of an orangey color here. *Cinnamon: Well, this is actually the cool red. You will see the orange when the cad gets involved. And it will seem like it is aglow. What’s really nice, is in low light, right, that orange glow… Ooh! Got a little dark there, didn’t I? It’s ok. I’ll just wipe that off. If that ever happens, you get too much of something, wipe it off. And you just go back and get a handle on it. Don’t try to mix it out with big amounts of paint. Cause that will just get away from you. But see how I managed to get it back? And now I have some blue over there. Now on this lip here, I definitely have a dark shadow I’ve gotta think about, and block in. That’s going around. And I have some darkness right along here. You know. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Where the candle- And it’ll have some highlight. It goes up into the… To the drip. These are areas where the wax is thick. And we’re gonna be playing this….. Against a brighter, warmer red. So whenever you’re painting something from a photograph, try to break down where- I like to break down where the shadows are first. Sometimes people like to break down where the highlights are first. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: It’s just, you know, who they are. Where they’re at. And I say, hey. Gotta be you. But I think it’s very important for me when I’m working, I like to work my shadows. A good bit, and I might even put a lot of shadow here, cause I’m gonna come back with a lot of highlight. *John: Oh no! They put up a painting poll in chat. *Cinnamon: What’s the painting poll? *John: I’m not sure. It’s on- Lisa put it up on the… I think it’s on the website for colors. *Cinnamon: Oh! *John: We have- Up on, uhh…… theartsherpa dot com we have a bunch of polls that are going on for different colors and different projects that are going on. And so Lisa was posting up a link there and there, so…. If you guys join us out there, we have chat and all sorts of fun sherpette activities that are going on, and we’re doing more and more everyday to try to expand all of the fun that we have in our virtual theme park. *Cinnamon: It’s so true. Are we kind of seeing how we’re finding these dark red first? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna rinse this out a little bit. Right? And I’m gonna do something interesting. I’m gonna take this kind of cool red and mix it into my light red. Not only does this create a unifying factor. But you’re gonna see it creates a mid range. *John: Whoa! That popped up! *Cinnamon: Between the two. That we’re really really gonna need. I’m gonna bring my little highlight down here. On the edge of my brush. I think what happens to people is when they’re trying to break down a photograph, they’re just not sure where the layers are at. If you’ve never never painted before, this would be a lot to take on. Your first time, your first project. I would recommend doing some tutorials and just getting familiar with how acrylic paint layers. But if you’ve done a few paintings and you’re feeling pretty comfortable with that, I would say this is a really good starting place to start thinking about how I do my photographs. The other thing I think y’all do is get really complicated photographs. That would not make- They wouldn’t be an easy painting for me. Sometimes somebody’ll send me a photograph and I’m like Oh wow! There’s, like, perspective stuff happening here and so many interesting things going on… I’m painting this warmer red. Above up here. I’m coming around this outer edge, on the edges of my bristles. I’m painting it above here. Above this. Around the outer edge, on the edges of my bristles. If you paint out too much of your shadow, and I’m even gonna go across my wick, cause I can put it back, and I want continuity. You can always come and put a shadow or a highlight back. You just wanna know where things are as you’re laying in your object. It’s called blocking it. And the fact that we had the underpainting in black is just really helpful, because it creates some depth and richness we need for the drama. In this piece that we’re trying to create. *John: Ooh. Well, I’m gonna- There’s a little bit of- There’s a thread going on here in chat. *Cinnamon: Ok, I’d love the thread. *John: Yeah, ok. So Amber came in and was asking, uh….. Does anyone know where to purchase some brushes? That there’s not any place around her that has anything but hardware stores. And so the entire community was like, “Go talk to the brush guys!” So I was just gonna go ahead and reiterate that, that yeah. go check out the brush guys dot com. We’re friends with those guys. They got a discount code set up for you guys. If you go over there and say artsherpa, you get five percent off there. And they ship anywhere around the world. They’re friends of ours. We are working with them more and more. So… *Cinnamon: While John’s talking I’m just letting you know what I’m doing, is I’m smoothing out my lines and blending. I don’t want to interrupt him. *John: No no. Not at all. *Cinnamon: But I have to do this before my paint dries. *John: Don’t let me get in your way, sherpa! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: No! No, no. I’m sorry, sweetie. *John: No, no. It’s your show. *Cinnamon: I’m just like, trying to make sure I can do it before the paint dries. I’m using my glazing medium to get the blend. And I will let you go right back to explaining everything about The Brush Guys. I just want to make sure that they see how I’m softening the candle. *John: Oh no. Of course. *Cinnamon: Cause I’m gonna want this to feel like smooth wax, right? *John: Oh no. That’s what I mean is that’s what we’re here for, so please. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Just… I’m not trying to mess with you though, babe. *John: Oh, I know you’re not. *Cinnamon: Alright, I’m gonna come back with the shadow and just make sure I put some of this back. *John: Ok, but I’m supposed to tell something. Let me read my…. *Cinnamon: Ok. *John: Oh! Do we have a link where we got the candle photo from? *Cinnamon: Um, no. So what this is, is I licensed this. *John: Yeah. These are licensed images. So we actually purchased these images so that we could use them. *Cinnamon: But I haven’t purchased them to give them to anybody else. I don’t have those… *John: We can’t reshare it. We can only use it as a reference. *Cinnamon: But I will put up the finished painting for you guys to work from, and you’re welcome to do that. If that makes sense. It’s not paint my photo, so. Don’t have the same sharing properties. *John: Mm-hmm. Now, if, you know- And people at home painting along with us shouldn’t- Shouldn’t be trying to paint along with you at the same speed, should they? *Cinnamon: Unless you’ve been painting with me a bunch, and I know there’s a group of people that have like a personal sort of like, we’re painting along with Angela and Cinnamon and Lindsay, right, you guys I understand you’re on some sort of art journey there of speed painting. *John: But this is really… This is designed for first time painters to be able to hit pause anytime you need to. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Just pause. Rewind. Look at it again. So I have a number four bright here. I’ve come and I’ve taken a little more orange. And red. A little more orange and red. And I’m just coming to the outside of the drip. Coming around the outside, on the edge of my bristles, to create a sharp edge, tracing the outline here. Tracing this outline. I don’t want to take away all the shadow that I put in though, cause that’s what’s gonna give my candle implied shape. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I’m using a soft brush pressure. Soft soft soft brush pressure. *John: Try to get that focus back in here. *Cinnamon: And I’m coming back up. Right, and then I might- Looks like I could use maybe a little bit here, so I’m talking about this drip coming over. I’m gonna add a little of this to the outside edge. So what I’m doing is I’m looking at my photograph, and I’m like, where do I see a highlight? Where do I see it be lighter, and darker, and that helps me plan it out. I’m gonna get back into my cad red. And mixing these two reds together, right, it gives me that third red. If we done the big art quest with mixing, then we’d be like, Oh! I know what we’re doing! Right? *John: Now, you seem to be going both directions with the strokes. *Cinnamon: I am following the line. Of the objects as much as I can. I’m adding a highlight here. On the inside. Which I will be…. Defining and defining and defining and defining. I’m making sure I’m keeping that ellipse going. *John: You’re using the brush strokes to sort of imply the shape? *Cinnamon: I’m following the shape, yeah. And I follow the shape with my brush strokes and that helps imply the line. Shape, structure of the object. Don’t have to do it that way. You know, if you’re painting this in palette knife, just the tip of the knife, you might just be doing this in dabs. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: The big important thing that I need to be paying attention to is where are my shadows? And where are my highlights? That’s the biggest thing that you as a new painter trying to talk about a photograph. And paint. Where are my shadows? Where are my highlights? Beause to the degree that you capture those you will capture your painting. You can even be really wrong in the color if you get the value correct. *John: Now, are you gonna put together a traceable for this? *Cinnamon: Yes, I am for sure gonna put together a traceable for this. And you know, you guys, you just trace- If you print out a photograph and just trace it’s your traceable. Like we talked about in the pet quest and the big art quest. *John: Yeah. And I’m gonna say Happy Birthday to Gigi. *Cinnamon: Happy Birthday Gigi! *John: And really guys, if you’re- If this is your first time painting with us live, don’t worry about trying to keep up. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: The sherpa is a VERY fast painter. And, you know, we try to teach a lesson here in about an hour. So she has to keep the pace up on some of her painting. Where you at home can take the time to really work out some of these things. *Cinnamon: Yeah, you can take four or five hours on a painting I do in an hour and that’s okay. *John: And that’s totally acceptable. You know. Cinnamon has… *Cinnamon: Not for me! *John: Cinnamon has years and years and years of time. *Cinnamon: Well, and also YouTube says, like, Man, what are you doing?!? *John: Yeah! And really, this is a great painting for someone who’s wanting to try out painting a candle for the first time. *Cinnamon: It’s a very good painting for trying to paint a candle for the very first time. *John: You know, Cinnamon put a lot of time into thinking about how to make you guys be successful at this. So… You know. *Cinnamon: I’m adding a little highlight right here. Up here in the upper right corner. See that? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I’m just highlighting this wax a little bit. So see how we’re starting to get some shapey shape to the wax already? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: We’ve said very little. I’m gonna get some darkness back in my brush. And this glazing medium. Here’s the thing on this. The straight scoop. I really like it. It’s very useful, and people get it, they’re always like [gasps] “I wish I’d had it in my life my whole life!” But also, water works. So nothing ruins art than feeling like you’ve got to disrespect your own personal budget. You know. So if your budget says, “Hey. I’m not like, I’m not ready for a glaze right now,” just know water works. *John: Yeah! And it’s ok if you get a different result. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: Because all results can be great. It’s just how you express them. *Cinnamon: Exactly!!! *John: Now how many hoots would you say this is? *Cinnamon: I would say this is two hoot. I would expect a two hoot artist to be doing this. And when we’re talking about hoots, we’re saying one hoot is somebody who hasn’t picked up a brush since forever. Not even sure they ever liked art. And two hoots is somebody who’s done a few paintings and kinda understands the process that paint layers. A little color mixing. Just a little bit of what we’re doing. I’m going to put my candle back a little bit. *John: And three hoot is when you painted a couple. *Cinnamon: WIth three hoot, we are bringing it on three hoot. When you do a three hoot painting with me, what you’re really doing is testing all those art skills that you’ve been doing. But maybe you’re not ready to go completely solo. Or maybe the art skills are way more challenging than you might typically want to see in a beginner thing. One of the things that makes me kind of- I’m gonna add a little shadow here. Crazy- See this little circle that I go on the edge here. Number four bright. That’s what I’m using. And I am going to also while I’m at this, pick up a little white. And I’ve got it just on the tip of my brush here. And I’m gonna come to the end, and I’m gonna do an interesting thing. I’m going to just dab the corner of my brush. Just dabbing the corner. *John: Hold on, hold on. Let me get the focus. There. I had to manually grab the focus. *Cinnamon: Ok. *John: Go for it. *Cinnamon: Just dabbing, and the dabs are the ash that’s being formed from the burn. And the weave of the candle wick here. It’s important. See that happening just a little bit? Makes a difference! You’re gonna want that, [sings] You’re gonna want that, yes you are. How is it now in the room? Are we doing ok? *John: Oh, it’s looking really good! Everyone’s having a great time. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna not totally take off my black , my white. I’m gonna get some red here. And maybe some of this bright red. You can see, and I’m going to just make sure that I’ve got some of this red coming up, because the wick might still have some wax on it, huh? *John: Oh yeah. Now Randy asks a really good question. Is there a chart that lists warm colors and cool colors? *Cinnamon: Yeah. Your color wheel talks about that. And there’s a lot of videos on it. I’ve made some, everybody’s made some. Basically the color wheel is divided into…. the regular orange range, and then the, uh… Green- blue-purple ranges, if you’re on the green-blue-purple side you’re cooler than if you’re on the red-yellow-orange side. *John: Now, I know that this is gonna, you know, have you go on, so I’m gonna ask this- *Cinnamon: Ok. I’m gonna- You’re gonna get me going now! *John: Yeah, but you’re gonna have to keep on- *Cinnamon: Alright, I’m gonna take some of this indian yellow *John: Load your brush, then I’ll ask. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna take some of my indian yellow. If you don’t have indian yellow, just use cad yellow. Or perfect exchange is cad yellow deep. Or australian sienna. Right. And if you can get some, get some. But if you don’t, use what you have. And I’m going to come and start creating this reflective warmish lake. That is here. *John: Oh. The little pool of hot wax! *Cinnamon: I’m adding a little white to it. Yeah. Pool of hot wax has to be painted, right? It’s a little bit milky, isn’t it? *John: So Jamie is asking….. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna just paint that around the center here. *John: Is it okay to not have professional knowledge like schooling? You know, I taught myself. *Cinnamon: Yes. It is super okay! If you can go to school, if you can afford art school, you have the support for art school, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s wonderful to go. If you don’t, if your creativity comes from some other aspect of your life, self training, it is as valid in every way as art school. Not kidding. Not pandering. That’s the truth. *John: And I can say honestly, as someone who’s had the opportunity to do both, you know, cause I’ve had the opportunity to go to sculpture and foundry school. And do art history, in a university setting. *Cinnamon: Oh, see, you added yourself now, Mr Cooney. *John: Well, I did. But then, at the same time I’ve never painted and I just watched you do this. For like, ever now. And I can say that I’ve gained a lot of knowledge through the nontraditional schooling of just watching you do your thing. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: So… You know. I think that they’re all just as valid. *Cinnamon: They really are. It’s what you do with it. I’ve known people that were super trained. I…. Was really questioning their art journey, and… I’ve known people that were so untrained that- But what they did just sung to me. And they are just so beautiful as artists, and you…. Good artists respect other good artists and don’t care about where their papers are. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Right? Petty, small artists will complain about that. In every instance I go in their studio, and I’m like, you need to stop complaining and start working. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: You got- You don’t have free time to be complaining to other people. You have skills to work on. Really great artists, they are not gonna care about where you come from. They’re just gonna look at the work and talk to you as a peer and be respectful to you. *John: Yes! *Cinnamon: Just straight up. And don’t put up with less. *John: So you know, you’ve got four hundred and forty people out here, hanging out with you. Having a great time. I’m gonna remember to say hey guys. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, share. Go check out our website at www dot theartsherpa dot com. I’ll put up a graphic later for it. I just have to say this. Like, otherwise… *Cinnamon: He’ll forget. We get so busy teaching the painting we’re like go go go go go! Oh yeah, hope they subscribe! *John: Check us out, and do our, you know, our places. *Cinnamon: I’ve got this indian yellow and this cad red light and I’ve taken a smidge of white to it. And I’m gonna come start working my highlights out my drippy drip. What do you think of that, Mr. Cooney? *John: I like it! *Cinnamon: I like it too. *John: I like candles. *Cinnamon: I do too. *John: You know, I think…. *Cinnamon: Originally I was gonna try to do a candle and a wine glass with the reflection in it, and some d&d dice, and then, you know, I was like, Ok. Well, then we will just be busy all day. *John: This is a really good starting class, that we can add that later. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Midway in the drip, I’m gonna add a highlight here to create a second bobble in the drip. Whaddaya think of that? *John: More bobbles?!? *Cinnamon: That highlight will start to create that. Second bobble. In our drip. *John: I like it. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And then we’ll add it’s little friend over here. We have this second little bobble. And it’s got a little bit of warmth to it. And then we’re gonna come down. And we really really need to make sure we blend this out along this outer edge but leaving some of that red. We’ll have to come back possibly and even put some of that red back in. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So this is what it is, is like oh, I’ve gotta find this outer edge and put this highlight. Don’t forget your- Highlights are where this is all gonna come together. Now I have one I’m gonna start rolling out here. It’s a very vertical highlight so I’m gonna try to draw straight of a line as I can, even though I’m line challenged. [sings] Line challenged people are painting too. *John: I’m gonna tell you, we’re double sherpa up here. *Cinnamon: I can’t believe we’re double sherpa! *John: We’ve got four hundred and fifty people and over three hundred likes. *Cinnamon: Thank you guys. *John: And- And… *Cinnamon: It was a rocky start, but we hung in. *John: They are totally here to celebrate with the Cinnamon and the sherpaness. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: Wooh! *John: You are, guys, are awesome! So… *Cinnamon: Take a minute and dance. If you want something in your life, if you feel really good right now, if you made a new friend, if something worked, turn away from the stuff that’s bugging you and celebrate the thing that works. I’ll tell you what. That’s the only stuff that’ll get you through. *John: Yeah. And you know we love having you guys here with us. We really do. Thank you for coming and hanging out. You know, I’m not gonna bomb Cinnamon with too many bubbles here but I’ll just give her a little bit more. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Well, we’re testing out if glycerin is a…. Has an impact on paint today. And also my picture in picture went bananas. Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! So I’m just trying to make this highlight right here on my candle. [both laugh] *John: I’m just messing with you with the bubbles. Look at that! *Cinnamon: You really are. But I love bubbles. They help me feel better on a hard day. And they help me feel better on a good day. I haven’t really come up with a day when I was like, “Oh, darn! Bubbles…” *John: Bubbles. *Cinnamon: Gosh darn those bubbles! *John: I need to aim the bubble laser a little different. *Cinnamon: Possibly, cause it’s really hitting the canvas. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: I’m coming back and applying that little drippy drop. And then his little drippy drop friend. Little drippy drop friend out here. He’s a friend, right? *John: Yeah, and you know- *Cinnamon: Ooh! Little bumple bumple. Let’s hit the bumple bumple right there. Gotta outline the bumple bumple. And the outlined bumple bumple bumple bumple. Uh. I’m gonna give John a minute, I swear. I just try to get stuff in while we can get it in. *John: Yeah. I know. It’s ok. *Cinnamon: Just bumple bumples. Bumbple bumples. Bumples. Hey! A little bumple here. A little bumple there. You know…. Ooh! You know what? There’s a faint little bumple. Right there. You’re just kinda looking for those, right? And then maybe… On this outer…. Rim there’s a highlight. And we’ll go back and put our shadow back but we need our highlight, don’t we? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Bumple, bumple, bumple. Where’s that at? Oh goodness! So we’re starting to get some… Some candle, I feel. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s, you know, starting to be talked about. I’m going to do something interesting, though. *John: What’s that? *Cinnamon: I feel like I need to get back into my cad red in a pure pigment. And just work some of this a little bit. *John: And while you’re doing that, I’m gonna give a big art hug to some of our community members out there because I know how it can be difficult to find a….. Positive message that you can connect with and resonate with and we’re happy when you’re here with us. We love being here with you and if there’s, you know… Our lightkeepers are always here to help bring that to you and if you ever need a bubble storm, come in with us, and and just let us know. *Cinnamon: We got a bubble for ya. Come in, say it’s a bad day. I need some bubbles. *John: And celebrate and give art hugs and… *Cinnamon: John’ll just hit me with them. *John: Yeah. Just on general principal, I will just get some bubbles all up in there so that she can…
[both laugh] *Cinnamon: Alright. So we’re working the outer edge. Of this thing. The prerecorded lessons do not have as many shenanigans going on. [laughs] Cause it’s just my boring old self painting. Alright. So I’m just pulling this along this edge. And what I’m trying to do is I’m just trying to create value. And also space that pops. That shows as warm. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So that’s what I’m looking for. I’m even gonna take some of this just red here. Just a little bit of this. I’m gonna just pull this in. So that there’s just a little bit of this along the straight edge of this. Just making it a little warmer. Like the candle has some light going on. Right? Cause that’s what we want. And then we’re gonna need to have some of that up top. Definitely have some of that up top. Which is a faint sort of glow down the candle. Because the light actually glows into the wax. Wax is pretty see through. If you’ve worked encaustic and if you don’t know what encaustic is, encaustic is painting with wax. Colored wax. You’ll be very familiar with the transparency. *John: Could you review these different reds? And which one you’ve applied and where? *Cinnamon: Well… Some yes, some no. [both chuckle] *John: Well, cause some of the folks are having trouble seeing the different reds and the differences there. *Cinnamon: Oh! *John: So, if you could go back over to your palette and sort of review which reds you’ve got there. *Cinnamon: So, I have a naphthol red. No- Yeah. Naphthol Red Medium. And I have a Cad Red Light. This is a cool red. It’s more like a crimson. This is a warm red. It’s more like an orange. I have a Cad Yellow Medium. It’s a bright yellow with a slight green cast, believe it or not. And then I have an indian yellow, which is a very orangey warm red. I have phthalo blue. Titanium white. A little black gesso. You can use mars black. And burnt sienna. And I’m using the pool of cool and black colors to create the values on the candle. So where it needs to be glowing, I’m pulling into the warmer and warmer colors. That’s how I’m gonna create that feeling of glow. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Does that help? *John: Yes. I think that does very much. *Cinnamon: Ok. If it doesn’t, I- Listen, guys, I don’t mind… When John asks questions like that, that does not- that’s why we’re here. That’s why we do it live. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: It’s like the whole purpose. I’m using some glazing medium. To create a little blend, and a glaze. *John: It’s when I go off the rails and talk about other stuff. *Cinnamon: No no. That’s also good. It’s all good. It’s all good. *John: I get chatty. *Cinnamon: It’s what the live’s for. Hmm? *John: I get chatty. *Cinnamon: We all get chatty. We are chatty Cathy’s. This is not the quite class. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: I think a friend would share with me a meme about like, it doesn’t matter where you move me, teacher. I’m still talking to whoever’s there. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: And I’m gonna give big art hugs and a high five to Jamie, and I hope you’re husband does find some bubbles for his… *Cinnamon: Ooh! Look at that glowing! So one of the things I think that I’m seeing here, I don’t know if it’s showing on your monitor, is my red is not as bright on your monitor as it is for my eyes. I’m gonna brighten this up just so y’all can see it. I’m gonna take some just naphthol red. Because sometimes our camera’s not adjusted great. Just cause of life. And it doesn’t always show, and so I’m just taking this naphthol red here. So you can see how red we’re talking. Right? Is it showing up now, babe? *John: Oh, it’s definitely- It’s, you know, there’s some red there. I’m gonna see if- Yeah, that’s more- *Cinnamon: Let’s pull the red so that this is warmer and this is redder. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So this is a glaze. So I’ve got the color I mixed earlier. Something you might not know. One of the powers of this glazing medium is that you can glaze, and a glaze is a powerful thing. See how transparent it is right there? *John: Yeah. That’s bringing it to a much redder value. *Cinnamon: Right? So if you’re like, oh hey… Because it might be really red to your eye, but the camera doesn’t see my world the same way. Interestingly enough. That’s been an interesting thing to learn, is how the camera sees versus how I see. Now I’m gonna come back with my little cad here. I’m gonna just make sure that I’ve got that little pool. *John: Alright, I’m gonna see if I can- *Cinnamon: Make sure that you guys are seeing… *John: I’m gonna adjust robocam too, to see if I can dial in on that a little better. *Cinnamon: These are very reds. And we gotta learn to dial it in cause come fire day, we’re gonna be painting a guy in the act of rescuing in a fire. So we gotta really work out our fire stuff. You guys are gonna walk away from this week going, “Fire! Fire! Fire!” Sorry. That happened. It did. I acknowledge it. Ok. *John: So I darkened that up a little bit so that it… I think that it shows more values. But… *Cinnamon: I don’t know. It’s really off from the actual painting. *John: Gosh, it’s so tough because… *Cinnamon: Uh-huh. *John: I mean, like, the reds are… *Cinnamon: I’m taking a little burnt sienna and a little burnt- I mean burnt sienna and a little phthalo blue. I’m gonna add a little red to it and come back and work my shadow again. *John: And to be honest, the reason why the reds are so hard is because they, um, the lights that we have, in the studio, are not true full spectrum lights. And so, there’s a hole in the red and the blue areas where it’s difficult to get super color balanced around them. So… *Cinnamon: I’m just making sure my shadow are showing up as shadows. *John: Yeah. Oh! So- *Cinnamon: And my highlights are showing up as highlights. *John: What is glazing? *Cinnamon: Huh? *John: What is glazing medium used for? *Cinnamon: Glazing medium is used to slow down the drying time of my paint. This glazing medium by Golden. Which is calle Acrylic Glazing Liquid. I’ll show you the bottle. Acrylic Glazing Liquid, Gloss. Slows down the drying time of the paint. AND glazes. Doesn’t get sticky. It’s very nice. I like it a lot. Let’s add some highlights here. Let’s pull in some of the stuff that’s gonna make this really pop. So I’m gonna take a little of my cad red light over to my cad yellow. And I’m gonna move the- I’ve still have my number four bright. And I’m gonna create the bright highlight that you see here, the first part of it. It’s gonna have a…. A finish, but we’re just gonna make sure that when we’re on the edge of the candle, we’re highlighting this. I’m gonna get some more yellow. Need this to really pop. We’ll come back with some white in a minute to make it really pop, but we just gotta get this on here so you can see it. See that one little highlight? *John: Oh, I do. *Cinnamon: That’s a very important highlight. You’re gonna also… Come here and add a little of this yellow here. Here. Find a couple places. I’m gonna add some here. The outside. Just there. I’m picking the highlights of where the wax would be dealing with the light above it. Even here. *John: Ah. *Cinnamon: And then, interestingly enough, there’s a crescent. Right here. *John: Oh, I see it. Yeah. The reflection in the… *Cinnamon: There’s a line. Sometimes the, uh…. And then there’s a little dusting of yellow. But you want it to just be a dusting. The photograph is a map for you. If you follow the map, you’ll generally do ok. *John: Alright. *Cinnamon: Alright. Now, we’re gonna get the white highlight. Right. Which we’re not gonna have true white. We’re gonna take a little of our yellow. Over to our titanium white. And we’re gonna come in even in the center of this. It will feel like white but we don’t want it to be such a bright white. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Otherwise it’ll pop just a little too much. And subtle things matter. One here, one here. Definitely right down the center here. Of the reflection that I kinda painted in. And I’m dry brushing. So you can see I don’t have a lot of water on the brush. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And I’m just lightly dusting the white to create the highlight. Right? And the way I can lighten up my brush allows it to sort of fade off, like, the way the light would. The drop off point of the light. So it’s got a high focus, and then a drop off point. And then I can come along the top of all this, very much on the edge of my brush. Even right here, a little bit, where I see the highlight. Just follow what you’re seeing and, you know, you go with that. Like, there’s one here on the inside of where the wax is. You wanna just follow that a little bit. Oop! Got one on the other side! Right here. Something right there. [sings] I’m just traveling along, following what I see…. Every time you look at a painting, you’ll see more. You’ll see more. And you’ll see more. And you’ll see more. Trust that. Right. You’ll be like, “Oh! There’s this whole section I didn’t see!” That’s ok. That’s normal. Being tired impacts that. All kinds of things impact that. Stress impacts that. I’m gonna do another little highlight here. One right on the crescent. Can we see this candle starting to pop? *John: Oh, yeah. *Cinnamon: It’s a hyper, you know, know you’re kind of in that place where some people might be feeling like they’re doing some realism here. Just because we’re paying attention. To where we feel like we’ve got some highlight going, right? Just looking where I’ve got it. And paying attention. Alright. The flame. *John: Oooh! *Cinnamon: The flame! Now the first part of the flame, I’m gonna pull out my phthalo blue. Right? *John: Uh-huh. *Cinnamon: And in this case I’m gonna use my glazing liquid. If you don’t have glazing liquid, you’re just gonna wanna use very thin paint. And I’m going to come on the outside edge here. I’m gonna paint a crescent around my wick. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Just a crescent. Not gonna take it very far up. Just a crescent. *John: And because you use that chalk pencil, it just kind of….? *Cinnamon: I’m gonna actually, though, I’m gonna have to get in there with some white. And make sure…. That I’ve got this part of the highlight. See that there? *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Very subtle. Super important. To what you’re doing. I may need to come back with a little of my black cause I got that little sketch there. Sketch that out. *John: Oh, I see. Yeah. *Cinnamon: Right? But that’s ok cause look, I’m just following my thing, so if there’s any pigment, it blends, doesn’t it? *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: Just perfect! Now. The big thing that I’ve got going on right now, and I’m gonna get into my indian yellow, and a little of my glaze. I’m going to… Come along here, and create the glow around… The flame. So, it’s transparent. I’m seeing the black behind it. If this were brown I would have that effect. So that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to acknowledge the effect. Behind it. And I want it to be even more orange than it is. So I’m gonna come over and add a little of my cad red. And still my glizing. The center of fire… Let’s…. Dry brush up here. See? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: We’re just following this. Alright. Now, let that dry for a second. I’m gonna give myself a little bit of smoke. And I’m gonna get one of my scratchier brushes that I like. These are natural bristles. You just want a really dry brush though, for this part. And I’m going to take a little of my black on my brush. A little of my blue. I want it to be a little more blue than black, but not much. And I’m gonna kinda just rough off the pigment, here like you see. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Get my dry, white paint. And I’m gonna come along my drawing lines, and…. Follow my “S’ curves. Ess-ing around! See how I curve that over? And then taper it off. Smoke wanders. Just highlighting that end. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You just did the wolf howl for me, this is gonna be another place that skill is super useful. I’ll go pick up a little more of my white. I’m gonna come and I’m gonna add a highlight, maybe over here, on the left hand side, carrying it down inside. How’s everybody doing? *John: They’re doing great! This is awesome! *Cinnamon: You guys doing ok? You feel ok? You’re painting ok? *John: This- Everyone is really just enjoying how you’re putting together the smoke and the flames here. You’ve really put, you know, they like how the transparency is come on there. That’s just really neat. *Cinnamon: That’s awesome. *John: So we were just letting you finish up your… *Cinnamon: Well, we’re almost there, believe it or not, guys. *John: Yeah, I know. *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna rinse this out. My issue with bristle brushes is when they get wet, they get a little soft. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna get back into my number four. And I’m going to take my yellow over to my white. And I’m gonna want a very very very light… Light, light, light… Center of this flame. Look at this. *John: Hold on, hold on. *Cinnamon: We’re gonna just…. *John: And the little speckles that you guys see there on the black canvas is from our bubbles. *Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s John’s bubbles. *John: That’s my bubble machine, so… *Cinnamon: I gotta go back and gesso those if I want those to go away. [chuckles] *John: Well, we’ll do that later. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Don’t- Don’t make those! And then I’m gonna come out. Following my little flicker. With this hot center. *John: Ooohhhh! *Cinnamon: Right? That’s what I’m trying to do. Blending that in. And then if you need to, come over to this. Pull in your indian yellow. Or your warm yellow. See? *John: Oh!! That’s nice! *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna blend that out. To make sure that I have those two values in the flame. My very warm core. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And the cooling, radiating light. *John: Oh, that’s nice. *Cinnamon: And that… Pull this down, just a titch. *John: Oh, I like that blending. That’s nice. *Cinnamon: Alright. So whadda we got there? We have… That… Dude! The stuff that’s hard to paint is the stuff that you see through, right? The stuff that’s hard to do is the stuff that you see through. *John: Where’s the sherpa signature though? *Cinnamon: Oh! Dude, that’s right. Gotta sign it. *John: We gotta celebrate our sherpa signatures. *Cinnamon: Let’s celebrate our signature. Alright, what are we gonna do today? Friends, we’re gonna pick a small detail- No, that isn’t it. *John: We’re gonna leave some bubble marks on there. *Cinnamon: I need more bubbles? [sings] I need more bubbles *John: Look at that! *Cinnamon: [sings] You give me bubbles. *John: We got awesome bubbles on there. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: I’m going to take some of this. I’m gonna get into my indian yellow. I’m gonna take this over to the side. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: And I’m going to just down here along this… Do a signature that kinda feels like the painting. So it’s part of it. You sign how you want to. Or don’t It’s art. Don’t take it too seriously. Take your life seriously. Don’t take your art too seriously. Unless it’s your life. And then, by all means, do what you need to do. But all I’m saying is, is these are simple things to do. This is- You look at the candle and you think to yourself, how would I paint that? That’s how you’d paint that. That’s how you’d paint that flame, around the wick, that you can see through. That’s how you’d paint that hotness. That’s how you’d paint the glow. That’s how you’d paint that pillar. You do that, you can do anything, really. In your life. Probably. I don’t know. Have you challenged yourself lately? *John: You know, I think, you know, I wanna say thank you to everybody because we’ve had like four hundred and fifty people here this entire time. It’s been so fantastic chatting with you guys. *Cinnamon: Need to see some candles, guys. Drop them in the feeds. *John: We love hanging with you guys. *Cinnamon: On our facebook and everywhere. *John: You know. We love you. We will, uh…. *Cinnamon: We wanna see you for the fireman. Show up for the fireman. It’s gonna be…. It’s gonna be like on fleek, like my eagle. But it’s like for fireman. For rescue responders. For first responders. For every first responder in our community. This painting is gonna celebrate you! *John: And go check out Angela! Angela Anderson. Check out Angela Anderson. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Tonight at six. iCard. Information in the description. Also, just search Angela Anderson. Wander on over there and everybody here knows where she is. *John: Yes! *Cinnamon: She’s- I have to tell you, if you just had a day, she’s gonna chill you. You’re gonna be like so relaxed then you’re gonna be like, I just feel better about life in general. It’s like everything’s ok. Art is ok. Everything’s alright. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: You guys are alright. Thank you for the help earlier today. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. *John: You just don’t. *Cinnamon: You’re beautiful and you make painting worthwhile, and I can not wait to see you until Saturday. There probably will be a quest dropped on hair for those of you that are going through all the goddesses and mermaids. And girls in the rain and everything that you’re trying to… Customize them up. We’re gonna start doing some of that. *John: Yep! We love you guys. *Cinnamon: See you really soon. Buh-bye. *John: Buh-bye. [closing credits begin]

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  1. I love that you chat so much. Gives me time to catch up with you, haha. Ánd I love what you have to say of course.

    And by the way… It's really as if you can read my mind. First I wanted to paint eyeballs on rocks, and then you did it. Then you did a galaxy eagle, which was also two things I wanted to do, and now a dripping candle! This should freak me out, but I'm happy that I share the same mindset with such a wonderful and talented person 😀
    Love you so much sherpa and john <3

  2. Cinnamon, I love to watch you paint. There is no doubt you have a gift for art, but I think an even greater gift you possess is the gift of encouragement. That is such a wonderful thing in today's society! Your shining spirit is such a blessing during your videos.  Thank you.  <3

  3. Thank you so much for sending so much JOY out into the world. I appreciate you (and YOU includes the Art Sherpa and everyone who helps film you and get your work online). <3

  4. Luke! – you give them power. You are strong! Don't let them bullie you! YOU ARE STRONG! Don't live your life through other people eyes!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!

  5. Love your paintings and I also saw the Angela Anderson both are very pretty! I love to both of you and Ginger to, very awesome…

  6. Thank you for bringing the fire into my life, just a little bit more. looking forward to trying a red candle & seeing more flaming hotness in the future. ♡

  7. Just a awesome painting. Can't just wait to try this . Thanks to all your tutorials. You inspire me to do some good works

  8. love this painting Cinnamon!!!! Just a question, did you work on 2 different paintings during this one? I just kept thinking I was actually seeing two different candles, one flat across the top and one on an angle. Love the painting for sure!!!!!

  9. Cheri Smith here- WiFi was out all day so I missed the live. I'm watching now though! I love candles! <3 as soon as I black gesso one of my canvas, I'm doing this one!! I LOVE IT!! <3

  10. Great video! John, you are so cute each and every time (about a 100x per video! Lol!) you address the audience members and thank them for watching in such a drippy, heart-felt and compassionate manner. You two are the greatest and my favorite power couple on YouTube to watch! We love and appreciate you too, John and Cinnamon!

  11. Your amazing!!! I love watching your videos! I would love it if you did a Winnie The Pooh theme painting maybe with piglet in it or something.

  12. +theartsherpa I talked to you a few months back about paint toxicity and I said I was going to do a mythbusting video on it – I finally did: https://youtu.be/FjkSGzxAthk

  13. Art Sherpa we love you, but we sure do need to know how to do a fully lit flame. LOVE this candle! I used to own a candle shop, we poured up to a thousand candles per day. But now I can't wait to make this one!

  14. Hi Cinnamon! Thanks for this video… Where did you get the photo you used for a reference? I looked, couldn't find it on PMP, or Pixabay. I'd really like to have it for reference while I paint this.

  15. Oooh, I like this. I have a question, what level of a beginning painting would you rate this? 1 hoot, 2 hoot, or 3 hoot?

  16. this is so lovely .. i have been wanting for a long time to learn how to do a candle .. i love candle paintings and you make it so doable for us all .. thank you Cinnamon for sharing your gift with us and helping us get 'our art on' too ..

  17. you have made me love painting. i use to like to paint but i got frustrated with how it turned out in the end but now i paint to help me calm down. painting has become a lot of fun thanks to you

  18. Hello , your every painting and your valued conversation I always like . You are a mind blowing Artist.God always bless you and bring happiness in your life and your wishes always comes true .Aameen !!!

  19. I've never been to art school. I'm somewhat a self taught artist, but I will say that the Sherpa is basically my art school…and I am very thankful for that.

  20. I love this! I love your humorous and motivating self! I like how you keep encouraging yourself to paint on- that is what makes you such a great artist. Keep painting!

  21. missed the live video: (.this would be the only candle I could have in my house as I am married to a retired firefighter:)!

  22. From one of my fav movies " Ah, bravo, Dauphin! It's far better to paint fires than to set them, isn't it ?"



  23. Cinnamon, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your tutorials but, you lift me up, you make me feel like I can really do it. you definitely have a gift, thank you so very much for sharing it!!!!

  24. Shut Up!! And get on the painting. Tell him to stay quiet. It was annoying watching this with all the freaking interruptions. Two thumbs way down. STFU!!!

  25. For you jerks on here saying they talk to much, I happen to like them talking…So I have a suggestion…Instead of you all being rude, if you do not like it do not watch it…She is doing you a favor by teaching you to paint for absolutely free and all you can do is be jerks.

  26. I can never made the live streams because they are at 6am or earlier Hawaii time…. so I've never been able to add a wish… but I do have one…. not sure if it'll go anywhere but I thought I'd put it here. I'm Disabled and am fighting 24/7/365 migraines, so I wanna wish for better days for those with chronic pain, for extra spoons in their pockets (if you have pain and don't know the Spoon Theory, it can change your life, google it!) and a cure for the millions of people out there who suffer from migraines!

  27. My first time watching your videos! This looks like fun! I need to get some cadmium Red because it seems that it’s the most popular among the reds.

  28. Eres muy simpática me, encantan tus pinturas y el arte que tienes para adornar tus sombreros, un saludo desde Granda , España

  29. another great one ,like that flocked beard John,hahahaaha , watch Angela;s videos a lot too ,love the large flower paintings she has done,happy painting,just finished a red poppy 18×24, amen on the wish list,as yesterday was the shooting in florida need to add these victims of cruel violence in a painting,and myself need good wishes as I am recovering from a major stroke that paralyzed my left side,as a lefty I am now training my right hand to draw/paint, thank god Iwas blessed with amtradexious.and have been artist for over 30 yr. but gave it up many years ago using it now for therapy….you are awesome to watch as you keep me smiling with your positive attitude and fun looks

  30. I'm only seeing this painting now … how could I miss this one ❣️… painting today !!! 🎨 … This is so beautiful !!!

  31. I did this painting and it came out awesome with your instructions!! I started a different one using blue tones for the candle this time. I'm watching your video again for the blue one..thanks Sherpa!!

  32. I've never went to anybody to learn painting as I'm kind of a self-learner, but I must confess that I am learning a lot by just watching your tutorials! Thank you for teaching us not only how to paint but also how we should enjoy painting!
    ❤️ from India 🇮🇳

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