79 thoughts on “LeBron James defaced in Miami Heat mural

  1. Just wondering how many heat fans would have acted this "cool" if LeBron was from Miami, and originally played for the Heat for years making it to the finals, only to lose, and then split to say … Cleveland, just curious if you would have acted bitterly as well.   Seems heat fans were all good considering everything James has done for you.

  2. Told you so. Idiots. lol. Been saying since day 1 lebron was leaving heat cause aint done shit.
    1 ring in 2012 when every team had injured players = they beat no one
    1 ring in 2013 through luck. Ray allan 3 point shot
    and…and……thats it?A lucky win and a win when everybody was injured. 2 rings they BARELY got and idiots were screaming dynasty. almost made me shit my pants. The heat didnt accomplish anything. they literally have 1 ring from 2012 and thats it,the 2013 should be handed over to the spurs because that was a disgrace. I can see a game 7 winning shot to win the series and get a ring,but a game 6 winning shot to extend the series because you're weak as fuc and cant dominate a team when you're the defending champs? lmao.

    Big 3? The celtics did it first YEARS ago with garnet,pierce and rondo. Heat didnt accomplish/achieve anything. Lebrons stats dropped because of the domination by the spurs.

  3. Lebron did everything for the heat and now they are acting like he wasn't there? Please… Without him they never won those trophys
    (And i am not a lebron fan)

  4. say what you want about the man but it is crazy how one man can affect so many others. We need to appreciate what we are seeing. A lot of us were too young to remember Jordan, Kobe's great but after the incident he had their will always be a black cloud surrounding him, and wade is a super star but Lebron has left his footprints in history and Im glad I am able to witness a great from our generation…. P.S. Ima still root against him when he steps on the court cuz im a die hard knicks fan but he is the face of basketball and Im glad that he went back home where he belongs…

  5. Why Miami fans so mad. What do u want from Lebron he gave the heat 2 championships already. He is going back to his home town to win more rings.

  6. After Lebron gave his all last championships and majority of Miami audience booed and ditched the game and didn't show support at the most crucial moments, are Miami fans expecting anything else? Why are they acting like they're so hurt when they themselves didn't give their team proper respect?

  7. It's a crappy mural anyway.  Dwyane Wade looks like Dizzy Gillespie, Spoelstra looks like an out of work porn actor and Bosh looks like he wants to kill someone.

  8. After they made fun of him said he wuz a coward his fans burnt his jersey mocked him.. Miami gave him a home 4 finals run & 2 championships shows they were right he is a coward.. 

  9. Why they have 2 annoying stupid ladies on to talk about SPORTS. Its like men talking about women make up!

  10. Miami fans are the biggest hypocrites. Cleveland was upset because Bron is from here. We were fans of his since his jr high school days. There was much more of a connection. He left HOME and won 2 titles for the heat. The pain Miami feels, pales in comparison to the pain Cleveland felt when we were ditched on t.v for the more "beautiful" Miami. That really hurt. so I don't understand how Miami can be anything but grateful

  11. You miami heat fans are a bunch of fags to disrespectful to the man that gave you guys 2 champions. You guys mocked the Cavaliers fans for burning his jersey but look now whiten are the little bitches. Lol miami is the worst nba fan base, just a bunch of fake ass fans.


  13. Fuck queen james watch in 2 years we will get KD and Dwight Howard and beat the shit out of the league HEAT 4 LIFE

  14. That lady said he might come back home…. Lol smh. Awwww boo Hoo pat riley lured him away and y'all got to experience some true greatness. Shut up already… 4 finals wasn't enough?

  15. He's chasing rings. He thinks Wade is done, and he doesn't believe in in Chris Bosh and the rest of those guys on the Heat, so he's quitting on them just like he did on Cleveland when he first left…  This has all to do with Lebron and Lebron only.. He is a selfish son of a bitch, and you can go hang yourself for all I give a fuck if you don't agree with that statement.. Once selfish always selfish, at least have some fucking loyalty though.. Stop running from place to place because all you care about Is yourself and your pathetic, worthless little legacy.. I cant believe some actually compare this selfish/Aries moon piece of shit, to MJ. Dwayne Wade always had 10000x the heart this fucking fraud has. Always. Once a quitter always a quitter.

  16. I'm a Heat fan & I'm honestly not angry at Lebron. I mean he gave us 2 championships before he left. Cleveland didn't get shit before he ditched them lol.

    Heat fans thinking process
    1.Burn Miami Jersey
    2.Buy New Cleveland Jersey
    3.Bye Miami
    4.Hello Cleveland #LetsGoCavs  
    – Lebrons bandwagon gets bigger by the minute

  18. I am a Miami heat fan but I believe this is un-called for I wish the best to lebron & the cavaliers 🏀

  19. not a fan but Miami fans orf bandwagon fans of whatever are ungrateful I can see why none of yall get respect he gave Miami 4 great years with 2 rings  

  20. Miami fans are already accused of being bandwagon supporters. This is only going to give everyone a lower opinion of Miami fans because no one feels sympathetic towards them considering how damn lucky they were the big 3 chose their team to play for. smh

  21. I really feel for you heat fans. If riley was smart, he would have done what Gilbert did when LeBron bolted and went into rebuilding mode. Instead he signs Bosh to a maxed deal and resigns a bunch of old talent and the fossil formerly known as wade, which insures that the heat will remain a middle level team, not good enough to win in the post season, but not bad enough to score a top 10 draft pick.
    Meanwhile in Cleveland, they're fully stacked with top 5 draft quality guys with tons of raw talent and potential, that now have LeBron to learn from. The next five years is going to SUCK for Miami, but it looks like Cleveland is set up to win multiple titles for years to come. Heat big 3 < Cleveland dynasty.

  22. BREAKING NEWS!!! Jay-Z, Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber heading to Cleveland Cavs under a two year deal, with the option of re-signing with the Cavs before the 2016-17 season!!! Pitbull says he is sad to see them leave the Miami Heat, and he supports them regardless; "I am sad to see my brothers leave to begin a new journey. In 2010, we decided to come together all for one goal — to see championships and we succeeded.."

  23. I'm amazed by the passion and hate of fans. The rapper Ice Cube once told a story about how he was going on and on about the Lakers and his dad asked him what was that all about.

    His dad said the Lakers didn't pay their bills and didn't put a roof over his head, the parents did!

    I hope the Heat fans enjoy their championships and the great run they had and move on to more immediate concerns.

     Some teams don't have any titles and some teams can't even get to the finals, much less win.

  24. IF Cleveland doesn't show growth and everything falls on Lebron to do the scoring, Lebron will leave. One thing i know is Lebron doesn't wan't to be the only scorer. Expect him to be in free agency if this happens. Look he even took a 2 year deal but he could leave next summer; he did this because he is prepared to leave again. 

  25. Brought you the best 4 years and 2 titles and this is how you treat him. Before lebron was there I was a heat fan and I still really like Miami and they were my team since the day they traded shaq. The cavs were my favorite team for the whole first go around. And I wanted for him to go back so bad and he did. I'm glad that someone put thanks lebron over it

  26. Fuck LeBron. Regardless of their past championships, they lost this year. They lost and now LeBron wants more money. That's why he became a free agent. His agent (and he) knows that Miami will pony up. It's this greed that's destroying America (and people's useless preoccupation with entertainment). San Antonio should pick him up.

  27. People from Miami don't even have the right to do shit like this, I'm from Cleveland and I can say that when he left his HOME TOWN, that shit was serious. Miami won 2 champs in a row, what more do they fucking want? Grow up like damn 

  28. Lebron didn't give us shit he fought for it with all the other teammates. Lets remember MIke Miller went nuts in the first Title Game and Ray Allen sealed the deal in the second. NOT Lebron and WADE got a ring without Lebron completely so I think Lebron ended Miami to get two rings WADE COUNTY Lets go Heat.

  29. You Miami heat fans are dicks lebrons home is a Cleveland and he won you 2 championships stop crying you should thank him

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  31. Lebron… i have 1 question. If the Spurs didn't kicked our team's ass last season, will u still leave us?? I bet u wont right?  =(

  32. Cleveland is so damn ungrateful and their fans are pieces of SHIT! Lebron brought them to the Finals in his FIRST YEAR. Bout they burnin jerseys and shit. Y'all know I still have my Lebron jersey

    My Message to D.
     Dam man i am sorry about Labron leaving Miami. Pressure aint no joke. The entire state of Cleveland hating on Labron and all. He being from Cleveland probably could not visit home without being hated upon. It is a dam shame when a man can not do what he wants with his talent. We 'll he can not win an NBA championship alone. He aint superman but he is close to it just like you are D. I mean that Dwayne because you aint no joke either. I fell you still have a good chance of having another NBA championship under your belt but you are going to need some real help also. That would be sweet you winning a championship without Labron. I hope Pat can reel in some real help for you. I hope Labron the best and of course yourself also. Labron know he could have not won those NBA championship without you D. So i hope the Caviler management can get him some real help. Labron we love you here in Miami regardless of the decision you made. Everybody talking about Labron return to Cleveland because he did not have any help in Miami. Hello!!! he won two NBA championships in Miami within 4 years. So lets keep it real about why he returned.

  34. That's sad,he gives you two rings and 4 conference titles,and this how y'all do him smh…fuck you south bitch florida

  35. Heat fans ain't loyal these the same ones that come to the game in the middle of the 2nd quarter then leave at the beginning of the 4th lol

  36. Heat fans ain't loyal these the same ones that come to the game in the middle of the 2nd quarter then leave at the beginning of the 4th lol

  37. Yet to this day there are still posters of Lebron in malls and other areas. Either some people are too lazy to take them down or they still can't let go of him. I'd probably be both #HeatLifer

  38. Honestly, no matter what lebron does it will make people mad, and at least when he left miami, there were already two nba stars so it didn't completely kill the team like it did 5 years ago and we won like 65 games combined in like 3-4 years

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