Lego Deadpool Wood Cutout Wall Art – Painting with Kids – sign painting

Lego Deadpool Wood Cutout Wall Art – Painting with Kids – sign painting

what’s going on everyone you’re watching the
Iron Gordon channel thank you for being here I received a special request from my favorite
5 year old to make a Lego Deadpool wood cutout and i said i would do it as long as he helped
me out and I’m going to show you how we made it lets get into the project Now the swords! I shot these with Rust-Oleum metallic silver as the base coat then Rust-Oleum flat black for the handles I just used a piece of scrap to block the over spray because I knew that later I would be outlining that area and shading it. in this shot my arms and hands shrink to child size and I become right handed all of a sudden oh good my hands switched back to adult scale… they shrunk again so I put this black wash on to darken the area and then blot it off its just a mineral spirits and 1shot mix I was really relying on the glossy black to make the contrast of the handle wrap later I added some white highlights to make it look more rounded off subscribe! please… I let him fill in the big blocks of color he stayed in side the lines pretty good I however did not It was funny, when he asked if we could make this together I said “Do you even know who Deadpool is?” His response was, ” yes he’s the cool looking one” idk… the boy likes himself an anti-hero you know people assume I like the super heroes because of my name… Iron Gordon and rightfully so, I understand there are cultural connection to Iron Man… If Marvel comes out with an Iron Flash Gordon… I’m screwed But until then here I am, Iron Gordon I paint signs and silly little lowbrow cartoon things. that’s not a very impressive super power the most disappointing super hero of them all… Well there was Skate Man…. he seems pretty lame no seriously google it… there was a superhero named Skate Man I personally thought Captain Planet was pretty lame Earth, fire, wind, water, and heart! Heart? I must have missed the heart section in the 5 basic elements of the planet. what about gravity or sense of reason. like, earth, fire, wind, and water would jump up and go “look guy we need to stop those people from polluting,” and sense of reason would chime in and say, ” I don’t know guys what if we focused our energy into starting a non profit company, whose goal is to educate the public on the importance of recycling and conservation, for the sake of future generations…” then Fire would interrupt mid sentence and say ” shut up sense of reason lets call upon our blue skinned super friend to kick some polluters ass!” yeah anyway…. super heroes, huh… I guess sense of reason is more of a metaphysical thing than it is an element… yeah we’ll just stick with Heart well this was a super random commentary, thanks for reading. If you read this because you you need captions to assist you, don’t worry I’m not really saying any of this… most people don’t know I put these closed captions on my videos… right now they are just hearing a hip hop style beat this will be our little secret, don’t tell anyone…. ok actually speaking in the video in 3, 2. 1. if you have a Facebook page or twitter account or any other social media and you enjoy my
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24 thoughts on “Lego Deadpool Wood Cutout Wall Art – Painting with Kids – sign painting

  1. Absolutely brilliant nice working with kids ,if my grandsons see this guess what I'll be doing with them next lol . Thanks again great video 👍

  2. Slightly disturbed that a 5 year old would know who Deadpool is..yet seeing him as a Lego character was oddly cute. Once again, you make this look so much easier than it really is. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great job (again!) Mr. Iron….yea….always loved workin in the shop with my kids. (would always let the fill-in the "big-parts)…thank-you for taking time to film/ edit and post…always enjoy your art.

  4. it s so beautiful! an amazing job also on those straight lines making it look so neat and clean man

  5. Hope you enjoied the video consider subscribing heres a link

  6. Just wow. This is seriously amazing, the way you made it from scratch. Also the paint work in itself is quite detailed. Big thumbs up. Liked and sub #353 I hope we can stay connected!

  7. Hey! I saw you featured on Larry William's channel. I've joined and look forward to following your work 🙂 If you'd like to check out my work too, I'd appreciate the support 😀

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