Leonardo DiCaprio | The Great Gatsby | Hair How To

Leonardo DiCaprio | The Great Gatsby | Hair How To

Hello, I’m Robin. This is my The Great Gatsby hair how to. I’ve taken inspiration from Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jay Gatsbty. The
film’s set in the 1920s. He’s got this great comb over, high side parting, volume at the front, into this cow lick wave. Everything’s perfectly in place. So what you’ll need for this how to is… styling paste or a wax. I’m using got2b iStylers hyper define wax, a comb, a hairdryer, a roller brush, and a hairspray. I’m using TRESemmé Ultimate Hold and Platinum Shine. It’s the shine that I want from this. To start, make sure that your hair is clean and dry. Now you need to decide which way you want your hair to go. In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair goes from left to right, but I’m going to go from right to left. I’m going in the opposite way that my hair grows because it will give it volume. It sits just across my face, but if I push it across the other way, I’ve got instant volume and I’m also going to be able to create this cow lick. Get your hair product, stick it in all the way through your hair – from root to tip. Get your comb to add in the parting. You’ll see that he’s got a really high parting, so I’m going to add mine in higher than I would normally go. Just pushing your hair away from where you want that parting. Don’t worry about any of these bits that are sticking up because we will sort them at the end. Now we need to add the volume into the front for this cow lick, which is going across my face. Get the curling brush and hairdryer. curl through and pull down across your face. See that I’ve got this curl coming down the side of my face. Up and over like a wave and down into a curl. Now that we’ve got the basic shape, you can add a little more product, to the back and to the sides. Don’t overload it, but use the product to keep it all in place and neat. Get your comb to make sure that your parting is still in place. Before you hairspray your hair, you need to sort out the fly-aways. Spray the hairspray directly onto your comb, not into your hair. You’re just stroking the top of your hair to catch those fly-aways. You can use the back of the comb for the sides. Do the same with the top. You can also hairspray your hand. When it’s all sitting as you want it, you’ve got all those fly-aways and you’ve set your parting, grab your hairspray. I’m using the hairspray to give it shine, rather than the product that I’ve initially used. This is my Leonardo DiCaprio – AKA Jay Gatsby – inspired hairstyle. We’ve got this high side parting, this volume ledge that comes straight up, and then this cow lick wave that comes straight across and down. And that’s it. It’s so easy!

70 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio | The Great Gatsby | Hair How To

  1. That was great! Thanks for posting the video, hopefully I will be able to do something similar to this with my slightly shorter, blonde hair.

  2. Hey – ask for a clippered back and sides. 1 around ears and above neck into a 2 higher up. Then blend into top. Keep top long and don't use thinning scissors. Keep it thick. Then it's all in the products and styling technique you use.
    Hope this helps?

  3. Ask for a clippered back and sides. 1 around ears and above neck into a 2 higher up. Then blend into top. Keep top long and don't use thinning scissors. Keep it thick. Then it's all in the products and styling technique you use.

  4. Hey Alex, thick hair is great. Embrace it! You can experiment with deep conditioning treatments (if your hair feels unmanageable or wiry). 🙂

  5. Hey robin within the next two days i will be goin to the barber shop an wanted to try this style but dont know how to tell him to cut it if you could say a more detailed version of what you told eatshredsleep87 it would help an be greatly aprecieated an one last thing what brand wax do you think holds up the best

  6. Hey Aero – hope I've got to you in time?
    Ask for them to keep your hair long on top and the back and sides nice and tight. Clippered from a one up to a blended 2. That's kind of the most detail I can give on this. Your hairdresser should be able to tell you the best cut for you to achieve this look. We all have very different hairlines and hair type. The cut will depend on this.
    I love Kevin Murphy waxes or the one I've used in this video is the Hyper-Wax (link in description).

  7. Thanks MrAbumulur. How about you send me a link to your video once you've done it correctly? That would be great. Thanks again. 🙂

  8. I have the same kind of hair and cut as well . I'm going to try this look cause as I believe it ll suit me. thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Just to let you know this was the first video I found of your channel and what made me subscribe, i tried it but really struggled with the roller brush bit, managed in the end but the wrong type of haircut made it look a little funny:') Looking forward to all your future videos:D

  10. Robin you do great videos, keep it up and what kind of haircut would I need for this style? Like what do I ask the hairdresser for?:)

  11. Awesome tutorial Robin I'm absolutely loving that hairstyle. I have one question though. I have curly hair. Can that Jay Gatsby hairstyle work out for a person with curly hair?

  12. This doesn't look like GG Leo's hair. The fringe curl is wrong – yours is shaped like a "C", Leo's is shaped like an "S". Hair lengths are different to attempt that hairstyle too – Leo's hair is longer with no signs of a shave.

  13. The curl in the bangs isn't falling really his hair is combed then the wave in his hair takes over the product and curls and comes forward like an s, but brilliant job

  14. Awesome! But unfortunately for us mere mortals, we can't possibly hope to attain Leo's face. No amount of hair can change that.

  15. I want to comb my hair towards the opposite way it grows, like here, but ok the front it doesn't go over like yours. It goes up, then down again. Do you think you know why? I have wavy and thick hair.

  16. +Robin James Hey Do you know how to explain it to someone on how to get the Hair Cut like his?? Because I already know how to style it I just don't how how to tell them how to cut it ?

  17. Nice explanation but I wish you cleaned your comb and hair brush.  You can use soap and toothbrush to clean out the comb.

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