LET`S MAKE A VISION BOARD 2019 – DIY Wall Room Decor

LET`S MAKE A VISION BOARD 2019  – DIY Wall Room Decor

[Music] hey sweet that sounds neat to be honest I’m not a big fan of writing personal Diaries but I’m literally obsessed with taking and printing pictures that mean a lot to me capturing the best moments in photos and videos all those things makes me self sentimental and bit nostalgic comment down below by the way if it’s true to you one day I just came up with the idea that will be actually great if they create some things to collect all my bright memories in one place so that’s what happened I don’t wanna be the girl that I kind of made a word well I mean to you from all the magazines they’ve got I got out pictures words clothes everything that would look fascinating on my board [Music] and we don’t need the drama with under on your father [Music] pictures of me with my friends and family reminds me of the time when I felt wonderful there always makes me smile I want them to evoke that same feeling each time I look back at it [Music] and every time something wonderful happens I print it right away and as you can see I have plenty of an incredible memories I’ve had so much fun choosing all of these photos pictures with your friends your family the best movements when you are happy you’re laughing you are riding the roller coaster like Justin anything and you don’t have a real canary like me you can make your photos more stylish creating a white frame size of your photos using a thick white paper [Music] I feel like I’m about to fly [Music] [Applause] [Music] right as the personal dairies I always becoming secure that someone can read it one day and it actually it takes a lot of time so that’s why I started at video diary and a YouTube channel as a result I wanted just to collect all my bright memories and my ideas and to share it with every one of you [Music] [Applause] to personalise my board I’ve decided to create a golden letter banner of course you can go to the closest craft store and buy those letters but if you are anything like me and easy ways are not for you you can create the letter banner all by yourself using a letter templates and seek glowy paper then I can choose the keyword for my board there is no other way to combine except for my YouTube Nick that’s my number one inspiration of this it will always be right in front of me here’s a quick tip to secure your butter all you need is a hot glue gun and a little helper maybe [Music] we don’t need a drama with honor on your bus I only put on the board what feels true to me and what I want to attract to my life what makes me feel inspired and it seems like these photos feed each other so well [Music] [Music] [Music] right something like an Instagram page in real life right but amazing rampage those unforgettable memories actually appear earlier so you’re always welcome [Music] personal photo diary visual memory bird call whatever but the main goal remains the same in studies to live a life of adventure [Music] and if you’re anything like me and you are so inspired by the idea of creating best moments board you can subscribe to this channel and give this video a huge like if you want to see more videos appreciate moments and of course let’s rage with ABS neat to now oh you’re running on the right track [Music]

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