Lifecasting a Female Nude Model Using Body Double Silicone

Lifecasting a Female Nude Model Using Body Double Silicone

Step 1: Preparing the Stage and Model Decide model pose in advance. Body Double Release Cream is applied thoroughly to all areas that will contact the rubber. Release Cream is applied thoroughly to the skin and especially the hair. Body Double Release Cream can be removed later with make-up remover. Model is repositioned into a final pose. Step 2: Measure and Mix Body Double Dispense equal amounts of Part A & B. Dispense Part A & B into mixing container. Two capfuls of Silicone Thinner is added to the first batch only. This lowers the viscosity of the rubber for easier application. Mix rubber to a uniform color; eliminate all color streaks. Step 3: Apply to Model 1st Coat – Very Thin. Helps minimize bubble entrapment. Apply second layer. Additional batches are mixed without Silicone Thinner. Step 4: Build up mold thickness and fill in any undercuts by adding Thi-Vex thickener to Body Double silicone rubber. Dispense Part A & B into mixing container. Add 1/2 capful Thi-Vex to thicken Body Double rubber. Mix thoroughly. Fill in undercuts. Finished mold wall thickness is 3/8 inch (1 cm). Body Double rubber is allowed to cure for about 5 minutes. Mold Maker’s Tip: Create a Registration Key Using Body Double and Thi-Vex Thickener Add 1/2 capful Thi-Vex to thicken Body Double rubber. 9-inch pastry bags are available at most supermarkets. Dispense into a pastry bag. Purpose: to help the rubber mold and mother mold register together. Step 5: Making the Support Shell with Plaster Bandages Warning: Make sure your model can breathe. Mold Maker’s Tip: Embed Wooden Dowels on top of Support Shell for Better Handling Measure and cut smaller dowels for horizontal bracing. Let support shell dry for about 15 minutes before demolding. Step 6: Demold Support shell and rubber mold are carefully removed. Slowly peel rubber away from the skin surface. Perfect detail reproduction and unlike alginate, this mold will last for many castings. You’ll be amazed at the ultra-fine skin detail captured by Body Double. Time Factor Start to Finish * Applying Rubber * Applying Support Shell * Demold About 3 hours BONUS: Making a Cold Cast Bronze Casting with Smooth-Cast 325 Liquid Resin Dispense equal amounts of Part A & B. Add SO-Strong Black pigment. Dispense Bronze Powder. Mix a small batch and pour into mold. Resin gel coat is brushed over surface of the mold. Resin gel coat is then backed up with Foam-iT! 5 rigid foam. Provides strong, lightweight reinforcement. Let cure for 30 minutes and demold. Buff with steel wool. Apply black shoe polish. Buff with soft cloth. Time Factor – How long did it take to make the casting? About 45 minutes not including cure time.

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  1. The worst thing about lifecasting is the one time use of the mold. I wonder how many pulls you get out of this material.

  2. they forgot one of the most important steps,
    removeing it
    unless they want that poor woman to be stuck in that position for ages

  3. If she looked any less interested she might just fade out of reality LOL.. love love LOVE the artwork and company however 😀

  4. @EscapeDesignStudios We still use the mold on a regular basis! It is on display during out in-house seminar.

  5. @SmoothOnInc Thats great. I've been a smooth-on costumer for years, but never tried this product. Might just have to schedule a lifecast and try it out. THANKS

  6. Hi. Great video. I had a quick question. If I made the mold with BodyDouble, can you pour latex into it or dragon skin? I don't need a solid casting for the project I'm doing but rather material that is soft and can be cut into

  7. Latex doesn't perform well in a non porous mold like silicone, but you can cast a platinum silicone into the Body Double mold as long as Ease Release 200 is applied to the mold. You could also bush a urethane rubber – like our Brush On Series – into the Body Double mold.

  8. Thanks for the reply. I went to your website and came across Ecoflex Gel and Dragon Skin. Will any of those work in the BodyDouble mold? I just want to make sure this is the right stuff to use before ordering. If it helps, what I need to do for my project is make a body cast of the actress. In the scene, her stomach is going to be stabbed and cut open. I want it to look as real as possible, so that's why I want to make it out of a soft material. Again thank you for helping answer my questions

  9. This is a great idea. Our distributor in Denver had a full-body lifecasting seminar, and have posted a video at YouTube id v=bwpN0OHZsmA

  10. someone has asked me to complete a torso lifecast with a portion of the body draped as is typical of an old Roman bronze.  I'm not quite sure how to keep the fabric stiff enough to hold either alginate or silicone. Any product suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

  11. How thick is this stuff? Would it pull on skin and alter their natural shape? Also can the mold be used for clear resins?

  12. My wife and I have discussed doing one of these of her and I out of a sturdy lifelike silicone. how do I figure out how much material I need? is there a kit?

  13. Use a the recommend release agent and shave ALL the hair off. I used olive oil as a release agent and had not shaved the area of application- big mistake. it felt like my skin was being torn off- it was incredibly painful. Other than that it's great stuff!

  14. can you put plaster in the rubber cast to make the mold cuz I'm trying to make a cast that can be used with clay to create a latex costume?

  15. Watch more lifecasting videos here:

  16. how to make a full back and front like a like a mannequin that only goes to the waist wish this guys could make on of my gf but only that it will have back ans front to it in one piece

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