Lincoln Elementary’s Mural

– In Dubuque, we had many
many different murals all over buildings and
popping up on the sides of the stores, so we decided
right here in our community, we have these murals coming through. Why not try to do that at Lincoln? – So we have a huge wall here. And I wanted to do something
huge, colorful, positive for the kids, I just hope
it decorates their space and inspires them and makes
the school more colorful and makes a difference in their day. – It’s beautiful, it’s
incredibly inspiring. Every single student picks
out different words each day, which is amazing. I think it’s a true inspiration to our community here at Lincoln. – DRA was able to come in with one grant, one application, and they saw the validity of having this project in
our schools and funded it. We’re able to do one large project funded from one source and get it all done in one week and just
really have a celebration. – So I’ve been in all
their art classes first I told them about my history as an artist and how I got to be where I am. And then I went through the
history of graffiti art, the history of murals, and kind of showed them
what’s going on today. – And I thought that this
was an amazing opportunity, especially for our students, because now they’re getting
two teachers instead of one, which is incredible. So it was really awesome just to see the kids open up and bring
their own imagination to it. – And so he got to really
feel like a part of the community rather than
an outsider coming in. – Chose culture, chose life. Art speaks to the world,
the world around us. Yeah, it sure beats a blank
wall, I’ll tell you that. – But I think it’s important
for the students to have this big piece of artwork, just to show that possibilities are endless. You don’t have to just work small scale. Think big, think large,
do what you wanna do. – I love it, it has
everything we wanna say about Lincoln elementary school. (upbeat music)

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