Lindenhurst NY Roofing & Siding Review – Alure Home Improvements

hi i’m Jean Kellerman – a couple years
ago a tree came to our house and we were
devastated and my husband Ed has a customer who works for Alure and I said
you gotta give this guy a call and they were here that day – the next day and they worked on our house and did a beautiful job and there’s a point program called partner points where you refer other people and you accumulate points to go on this wonderful trip
which is coming two days. For us it was so easy our house alone is just all we
need to refer people. people will actually drive to our house, ring our door and are like oh my god were stunned – who did the construction your house and i was like, it’s always Alure and referrals were easy for us – they were basically our neighbors. our neighbor down the road they did
everything their kitchen exterior windows their roof everything through
Alure and in fact when you guys calls about the trip and told how many points
we had – we were like how many referrals do we have our neighbors across the street they didn’t even say they gave Alure a call and they asked how did you hear about Alure, oh the Kellermans across the street – so the trip we’re going to Dominican Republic eight days seven nights Alure
has made us feel like a VIP from day one they’ve treated us with respect
dignity we have a Victorian home we had some things that we want to keep very
original they what.. they did everything they could to really make us happy and
we’re so pleased and maybe we’ll go again on another trip in two years

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